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  2. Thanks Jerry, I made the mistake of thinking the simple paintbar conditions all made up a logical AND and realised they don't Ok thanks for the tip re adding the variables in simple editor first and then converting to advanced as it certainly makes things easier whilst I'm new to this app. I've created some paintbars using the advanced editor and they're behaving as expected. I'll try the triggers now - I assume the triggers are visible only within the scope of the current paintbar and not in another paintbar I create ? That would be ideal for me so I can code a buy paintbar which sets a trigger and check if it's true in my sell paintbar. I'll experiment now. Cheers
  3. no, thats not it. You can combine Multiple Paintbars within one the way you indicated only for the most simplistic ones, where each original paintbar consists of only one rule. For anything more complex, you would want to switch to Advanced Mode, were you can write expressions in simplified C# syntax. So using pseudo code, you could do something like: Boolean condition1Triggered = false; Boolean condition2Triggered = false; if (some condition 1) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... condition1Triggered = true; } if (some condition 2 and condition1Triggered == true) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... condition2Triggered = true; } if (some condition 3 and (condition1Triggered == true or condition2Triggered == true)) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... } In advanced mode, you can have variables, functions, complex conditions, etc. Also, if you set the color in each of the different situations to a different value, you could reference the current color or the painbar, or previous values. NOTE: the easiest thing to do is first define as much as you can in Simple mode, define each condition as a separate rule, even if they don't tie together. Specify all items to be set on true condition - Color, Shape, Alert, Scan result.... then when everything is defined, switch to Advanced mode. That way MT will generate all the code for you so you don't have to start from scratch. You can then just copy/paste to put the pieces, conditions, etc, together.
  4. Hi Jerry Do you mean something like TriggerAlert(String AlertName, String Message) ? So if I had a Buy indicator and my conditions evaluated to true I would code something like this: TriggerAlert('TradeAlert', 'BUY') and then in my SELL indicator - how would I reference that alert - if TradeAlert = 'BUY' { //set another alert} ?? Alternatively can i use in the Simple paintbar editor set the Alert, Name it and create a message like below ? And how can I reference that alert in another paintbar ? Sorry for all the Q's, I'm struggling with this at the moment. Crypto
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  6. you cannot link one paintbar to another. However, you can basically implement the functionality of all the paintbars in question in one, using the Advanced mode. Then you can do conditional triggering or triggering differently for different events. Can also track the result of the paintbar from one bar to another.
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  8. Backfill pre market not going back to 7 AM

    If i clear current days data and have auto backfill on then everything reloads back to normal with pre market back to 7 AM
  9. My MT started just showing pre market data at the time I opened the app. I have to manually backfill each symbol to get pre market data from 7A.M. When I open a new chart it is automatically backfilled for previous days data but the pre market data starts at the time I started the app. If I manually backfill the data comes back to 7AM. backfill source is AMTD. Is there a setting that changed somehow that I can fix this?
  10. Hi forum I'm new to Medved Trader (not new to trading). I'm experimenting with the Intraday charts and have created a number of paintbars which are appearing on the chart. I've looked at the YouTube tutorials and documentation and can't seem to find what I'd like to do. Is it possible to link the paintbars so they only fire/appear on the intraday chart if the other paintbar conditions equate to true. For example I have a buy paintbar called b_p and a sell paintbar called s_p. Can I set up the paintbars so 's_p' only appears after 'b_bp' appears and then once 's_p' appears 'b_bp' can trigger again ? Not sure if that's clear, currently on my intraday chart I have many consecutive 'buy' signal and 'sell' signals and I only want to see alternating signals buy sell buy sell buy sell etc Cheers
  11. Volume Indicator

    Hi, Could you make the volume indicator max width configurable as it was in QT? Thanks
  12. VWAP on Heiken Ashi charts

    amtd backfill. just noticed it on a twtr chart. changed value when i toggled back to normal candles. doesnt seem to happen all the time. maybe after charts been running for a while
  13. RSS Feeds

    do not currently support user specified RSS feeds
  14. RSS Feeds

    Hi, I have seen this topic talk about few years ago, is there a way to integrate RSS news feeds without iqfeed ? Stephane BTW IB can integrate RSS Feeds too but I m not sure IB news could be integrated in MT like IQFeed.
  15. Range candles QT Vs MT

    BTW I have thousands of screen shots from QT and this setting 1, 1.5, 2 RB worked for me for years I was too slow to realize and use Them now and only because you sold QT and I had to retrain my self with other platforms with out sucses and 3 years behind of good money now I am 100% using your charts..
  16. Range candles QT Vs MT

    ah, then all good
  17. Range candles QT Vs MT

    No the white candles are my paint bars still need the LOG?
  18. Data

    As I said - TOS uses a different datafeed
  19. Range candles QT Vs MT

    yes, should be the same. I am not sure about the white candle in your screenshot though. That might be a bug. Please send me the settings so I can check Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  20. Range candles QT Vs MT

    I guess what am asking you settings on MT are the same as QTrs only the market changed?
  21. Range candles QT Vs MT

    Iam referring to the amount of range bars in the same FREQ 1: Here is another comparison with thesame amount of bars but with different FREQs 1: Vs 3: setting.
  22. Data

    There both from TDA
  23. Earlier
  24. Range candles QT Vs MT

    ok not sure what you are comparing. The data is completely different. One is in the 1900 range, the other 7000. different symbols
  25. Data

    MT is just showing you whatever the datafeed is returning. if you are comparing to TOS, it is NOT the same datafeed. TOS uses a different one
  26. This is not a bug repost but it looks like a bug to me unless I have the wrong setings. The range candles on the new platform are not counted thesame. botth charts are set to 1 thanks
  27. Data

    Jerry can you shed some light on this? the data is not the same on the same chart different platform it seem that one is lagging. Thanks
  28. Data Permanence

    No. IB implemented the continuous symbols in TWS itself and does not support them via their API. IQFeed and Yahoo also have continuous contract symbols
  29. Data Permanence

    I saw the continuous MT symbols for Ameritrade. Are there symbols for IB as well?
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