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  2. Freezing/failed log in

    It sounds like your security software is screwing things up - that would cause performance issues and connectivity issues, thus the login failure. Which security software are you using? What broker or datafeed is the login failure with? Can you send me the log? Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the email subject or the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes. If cannot send that way, you can do it manually: go to FILE / Export/Backup menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) Select “To share with others” export file protection option on top right Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE. Export, then email me the exported file please.
  3. Trader has been freezing up computer. After restart this morning, login failure. Tried resetting password; still can't log in. Please help ASAP
  4. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    Okay no problem that would be very handy. Looking forward to it in the future. Thank you for the quick reply Jerry.
  5. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    Right now - no. However, that will be added soon. Will have it as Limit + Bracket option for brokers that support it. (I think any that support current blacket order support the other option as well)
  6. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    I am evaluating Medved on the free trial now and I'm wondering if it is possible to initiate a trade with a bracket order. For example LMT buy to open, lower STP and higher LMT sell to close, all in one execution? I appreciate any assistance with this.
  7. free account restriction

    Yes I checked that. They definitely weren't minimized - nothing at all was open as depth or charts. However after Win10 updates and several restarts it's working again. Thanks Jerry.
  8. free account restriction

    the charts are there. you probably have them minimized or behind other windows. You can go to the dashboard and click on WINDOWS view on top, and that will show you all the MT windows that are open. You can double click on them to bring them up or right click on the listing and select close.
  9. Webroot

    Works as advertised now! Thanks Mike...Thanks Jerry
  10. Webroot

    Webroot tells us they whitelisted MT and everything should be ok now.
  11. Jerry, MT is telling me I'm not allowed to have more than 2 charts open, and I haven't got any open at all. Thanks.
  12. Webroot

    Upload reported good.
  13. Webroot

  14. Webroot

    Okay Jerry. Should this be with MT running and WR re-enabled ?
  15. Webroot

    I'll be back in about 2 hours. Take care of it then. Thanks.
  16. MT problems with IB paper trade mode -

    I believe that there is some step you have to take with IB to enable the same market data on the paper trading account as on the live account. Not sure what that is - you may want to check with IB tech support. I am sure they will know it off the top of their head.
  17. Webroot

    I got the following instructions for Webroot: In order to better understand what is occurring, we would like to gather more information with our specialized log gathering utility, wsalogs, which will greatly expedite the diagnosis and repair of the problem. Once you have completed the following instructions, please let us know that the logs are available to review. Below are the steps to gather this data: 1. Download Webroot's log-gathering utility from the following link: http://download.webroot.com/wsalogs.exe 2. Save the file to your Desktop (or the preferred Download folder of your web browser). 3. Once it has finished downloading, double-click the wsalogs.exe file on your Desktop to run it. 4. In the box labeled "Email:", enter the same email address you used for this support site. NOTE: enter mike@medved.net 5. Click the "Go!" button to begin the log gathering process. Expect the utility to take between 1 to 10 minutes to gather the necessary information. The run time depends on various factors on your computer, including the size of the Webroot software logs and the compression speed of the computer. This utility is designed to gather extended logs from the Webroot software and basic system information. Your privacy is very important to us. All information gathered is in accordance with Webroot's Privacy Policy and will only be used to expedite the identification and resolution of the issue reported. You can view our Privacy Policy here: www.webroot.com/privacy. The utility will gather the necessary information and will attempt to return it automatically via a secure dropbox connection (please allow PSCP.exe through your firewall, if asked). A copy of the logs will also be present on your Desktop, named in the following fashion "wsalogs_email@you.set_date-time.7z". The utility will then attempt to return you to the WebRoot web page; PLEASE Let us know once you are done with that.
  18. Webroot

    Good morning Jerry. No love yet. Tried again about five minutes ago.
  19. MT problems with IB paper trade mode -

    I would like to train chart trading with MT using IB-TWS as data feed (in simulation) using my IB paper trade account. My problem is that I cannot get any data (Futures) using this setup. This problem does not appear with FOREX data. Likewise there no data problems in the "real" mode with my ordinary TWS account. I would be very grateful for someone's help. (I am using the most recent TWS and MTversions) Kind regards
  20. Hi Jerry! Is there any way (a flag maybe ?) to let MT explicitly know that a position in a portfolio is a SHORT (opposed to a LONG) other than resorting to the hack/trick of put a negative amount of shares? It seems that I am not able to find it. I am more than happy to use that trick but unfortunately, doing that, it screws up the total value of my portfolio. For instance, I am stupid investor with $10000, and I just created a new portfolio in MT with a long position on SPY of $5000 and a short position on SPY of $5000 as well. My money is fully invested and my two investments are worth globally $10000. As matter of fact, I can actually liquidate my two positions immediately and get $10000 in cash (no trading fees ;-). But MT portfolio shows a total of $0 on the column "Value" ( actually it shows a "-"); $5000 first line and -$5000 second line: Total $0. IMHO, the second line is wrong; it should report $5000 (not -$5000); that is the value of my SHORT position in case I liquidate it immediately. $5000 (first line) + $5000 (second line) = $10000 that is right the total value of my portfolio. And is not just an issue of minus signs. It is problem of numbers, too. If SPY goes up and the long position gains a dollar (conversely, lost $1 in the short position) it should be reported: $5001 (first line) + $4999 (second line) = $10000 but MT portfolio likely would report: $5001 (first line) - $5001 (second line) = - Also the column "T.Cost" is questionable; I paid $5000 to open the Short position not -$5000! And the Total cost of the two investments is $5000 (first line) + $5000 (second line)= $10000, not $0 (actually "-") as reported by MT Portfolio (Total on the "T.Cost" column). It could be a bug (grabbed unstable version last week) but I cannot believe nobody noticed this so far. So, I am assuming it is just me not understanding how to handle Shorts properly on the MT Portfolio or how to interpret the "Value" and "T. cost" columns. Help, what am I missing ? Fabrizio
  21. Webroot

    Great Thank you.
  22. Webroot

    Already submitted. Until then, disable the Webroot web scanning until Mt is started. Then re-enable
  23. earnings minis

    on minimize i get a few earnings icons/windows showing up behind some charts as per the jpg
  24. Webroot

    Hi Jerry. Could you please whitelist MT with Webroot Secure Anywhere again. Latest production version updates are not playing well together. Other than that all’s just right. Thank’s....Dave
  25. Cash accounts with Tradier Brokerage experience

    MT lets you mix datafeeds, so you can use one for Level I and another (like TDA ) for Level II.
  26. aleert log

    no, Alert edit is a different thing entirely. If we make all windows disregard that setting, then it defeats the purpose of having that On Top setting.
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