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  2. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    no, wasn't a mistake. You should not have to do that. We found the bug. Fix will be in the next update.
  3. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Well looks like it works ok. Once past UTC0 the daily chart just needs to be refreshed/repainted then the last candle draws correctly. So sorry for my mistake
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  5. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    by default (if you have realtime updates for historical charts) the last candle is built by MT from intraday data. Will check.
  6. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    I am referring to the last candle on daily chart, using Poloniex (or other exchange). After UTC0 rollover (which is 8pm ET) you start a new day on intraday chart, and you have a new candle on daily chart, but this last daily candle looks to me is still using data before 8pmET. Between 8pmET and 11:59pmET, the last candle is the same as the second to last candle. After 12amET the last candle then uses the new day (i.e.,after UTC0 rollover) hi-low-open-close. Now I don't know if MT is calculating the last candle or get it from exchange, if the latter, then you can not do anything about it. I'll try to get a pic to you tonight. I agree with you that their using last 24hr change make it useless. Should be using UTC0 as a starting point on a day.
  7. Weekly Columns (Open, Close, High, Low)

    Those columns are calculated, so would require historical data and a bit of computation, which can get pretty heavy with large portfolios. We do not plan to add that. However, you can do a "Scan" that just sets the scan result to those values for every symbol and then just show the "Scan Result" column to see the data.
  8. Would it be possible in the future to have the Weekly open, close, high, low columns to choose from in the column chooser? My trading is based more on a per week period so it'd be great to have them as an option.
  9. Earnings Date

    we do not have the data needed for the earnings date. Version numbers: the 4 numbers are: Major, Minor, Build, Revision So would be: Major Version = 1 Minor Minor = 2 Build # = 123 Revision = 456 for us, the Major has not been updated yet though if we do a huge update, we could update. Minor has been updated once. Build is incremented every time we do an update and is the main one changing. Revision is just a number that changes every time to guarantee unique version. For us it is the time of the build (UTC). So in the current production version 1.1.5400.0249 - the most descriptive portion is the 5400.
  10. Google finance options data feed

    Google finance quotes do not have some fields that are needed as a minimum requirement - like volume
  11. Add google finance options data feed for options form
  12. Earnings Date

    Is it possible to add a column with the company's 'Earnings Date' ? What do the Ver numbers mean? Just curious.
  13. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    tedd: what site's data? Are you referring to all candles on the daily charts or just the last? Most candles are shown just as they are returned. Last candle is built from intraday Open, High, Low and Last, which should be done using the 247 timeframe - that is UTC0 to UTC0. Could you send a chart and point out the issue on it? A bit of a background: as I mentioned before every crypto exchange has the bizarre method of showing change and volume on a rolling 24-hr basis. That is, if they show change of -10, that's 10 less than the value 24 hours ago, not 10 less than at the beginning of a session. That's because they don't have a concept of "sessions". Again, as I wrote before, that makes the volume and change variables completely useless to a trader. If it is "-10" from 24 hours ago 5 minutes ago and "-5" now, that doesn't give you a sense of the movement of the price, because it may have gone up now because it has gone down in the same 5 minutes 24 hours ago. I really don't understand why they all adopted this weirdness, my only explanation really is that the first exchanges were founded by amateurs who had no idea how these things are supposed to operate and the later-comers just copied it. We noticed that with every exchange, if we asked for daily candles, the resulting data came aggregating the days on UTC0 boundaries. So we made a "247" timeframe that goes UTC0 to UTC0, 7 days a week, and jumped through hoops to set up sessions for those exchanges so that the change you see is from the UTC0 that day, and so is the volume.
  14. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Not sure if it is a bug, but noticed that intra-day chart for crypto instruments is using 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC as a day, but daily chart looks like still using local clock (in my case ET) 0:00 am to 0:00 am as a day.
  15. Last week
  16. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Support for GDAX quotes was added in the last beta release. As opposed to Bitfinex and Poloniex (which don't require login for data), for GDAX you have to enter your account login/pwd to get data.
  17. corrupted data message

    The ok button does work fine if there is someone there to click it. Sometimes I am away and can't get to vnc my pc.I have algos that run using the api and need Mt to be up and running. A time out on the message would be fine so Mt boots up completely. Thanks
  18. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Jerry did you ever hear anything back from GDAX/Coinbase or Gemini exchanges? The reason is Bitfinex data is different from Gemini and Gdax which are the main Crypto US exchanges. The prices on Bitfinex differ from these so its like looking at lagged data.
  19. Multi-leg order entry

    We plan to add multi-leg option orders in the future.
  20. Multi-leg order entry

    Multi-leg order entry would be useful for options spread traders. While single leg trade entry has similar results at times, other times it is materially worse. Spread-entries often benefit from price-improvent and/or margin relief, relative to the same position entered by one leg at a time. Some positions are even impossible to enter without spread order entry, due to account restrictions or market conditions. Three examples to illustrate: Example for price improvement--enter long in an SPX option(min tick size is $0.05): If the ask is $0.05 and the bid is $0.00 then the single leg trader must enter with a market order at $0.05 as it is not allowed to place a limit buy at $0.00. A spread trader, however, can buy the option as part of a multi-leg order and get filled on this option between $0.01 and 0.04. Example for margin relief--AMZN calendar spread ($988 stock): A calendar spreader can be smoothly enter a two-leg calender for $40.00/share. This requires $4k in buying power before doing the trade. However, the single-leg-order-entry trader, to get the same position, might have to first enter the long for $400/share, then enter short for $360/share. This requires that the account have $40k in buying power before starting the first leg. Example for price improvement: many two-leg spreads can get filled mid-way between the composite bid and ask, but the same trade, as a single leg, can't filled without a marketprder Despite all the above, I am happy to see that open option spread positions can currently be closed in Medved Trader.
  21. corrupted data message

    Got the data validation popup today. Clicked ok and no problems. Seems to update data fine. Could see where a time count down would be handy, but clicking ok solves the problem fast. LW
  22. Futures & FOREX with TD Ameritrade datafeed are now supported in the new beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta
  23. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Never mind. This works #,###,###,##0.00######
  24. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Very nice for adding crypo. Thanks Jerry. One problem about digits after decimal point. I have to change in settings Price #,###,###,##0.000 => #,###,###,##0.00000000 but that messed up displays for stocks.
  25. Email Kickback

    Amanda, did you try emailing from the email you use to login to MT? I can check with our hosting company - usually it is some spam filtering that would cause it. I just requested our hosting company to check on your email. You can send stuff to me here via Private Message: http://forums.medvedtrader.com/messenger/compose/?to=2 (that link is to send a message to me)
  26. Email Kickback

    Hello, I have tried emailing from two seperate accounts and everytime I do, it bounces back and says it cannot go through because sender is blocked. Why would I be blocked? I am just trying to figure out how to use the platform so I can be a paying customer.
  27. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    OK< I see. You have TICK Charts and those depend on volume being there. The is a problem in our stuff with BITFINEX where volume was retrieved on Backfill, but not updated with real-time data, so the result is the tick charts only showed up to the point that MT had changing volume. (will fix that) Also, Tick charts for now will not be that accurate with Crypto Currencies because volume is in decimals. Right now MT volume is an integer, so decimal trades like 0.02345 bitcoin are not recorded with volume in effect. We will be fixing that. I emailed you the fix for the first issue, but I suggest using a regular Candle chart instead of a tick chart for now.
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