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  2. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Thanks. NOTE: right now we are handling Crypto stuff in a more traditional market data manor. The VOLUME, CHANGE, HIGH and LOW are relative to midnight GMT. On the various websites however, they seem to use a rolling 24 hour timeframe. Some stuff is updated hourly, at least with Bitfinex. Seems very odd. We will need to make some core changes to handle it the way they do. Plus not sure how that would work with intraday charts where some indicators such as Pivots rely on having a consistent session and corresponding HIGH/LOW.
  3. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Wow! This is the Best! Excellent programing guys.. This is why we like this software so much. You are always adding new features and functions. Keep it up and thanks for the Bitcoin stuff.
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  5. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Just released new beta with support for Bitfinex source for #cryptocurrency market data - Level I, Level II, Backfill. We will be adding other sites as well as trading support in the future. https://www.medvedtrader.com/beta
  6. earnings minis

  7. Let MT know about your SHORT positions

    sorry for the late reply - missed the message. for short positions, there are actually 2 components - the short position on the stock, which is correctly entered with negative value. And the cash you received which is in your account, so if you want things to be properly accounted, enter $CASH symbol with the proper dollar value. note that the GAIN $ and GAIN % do show correctly for the short position. The current MT portfolio option is a simple line item tracking. It does not do complex position tracking. As for one position that is 5000 and anther -5000, that too is correct - they cancel each other out. Most brokers don't even allow you to short against the box,
  8. earnings minis

    I put in stuff to hopefully hide it when the window looses focus. will be in next beta.
  9. Freezing/failed log in

    Tried resetting to earlier date, and that worked.
  10. Freezing/failed log in

    Restore settings isn't working
  11. Freezing/failed log in

    MT does not prompt you to reset or change passwords. Ever. You are just seeing the login prompt. I checked our logs and the reason the password didn’t work when you tried it at first is because you entered a different password than what was entered previously. As for why it came up, I checked the log that you sent . MT was not shut down properly. Because of that, some settings got corrupted. Without those settings, MT starts as new, with the login prompt. We emailed you the instructions how to restore the settings if that happens, but in general, try not to kill MT or power off the machine before shutting MT down.
  12. Freezing/failed log in

    Same problem I had previously. Just sent log info as you suggested last time. The password issue is infuriating. Keeps prompting me to create new one, which takes me to your home page, but won't bring up the dashboard/portfolio. Finally got that after three tries, but data feed not working and restore not working. TD Ameritrade is source (their website fine). Kaspersky is security software. This issue is new. Haven't changed computers or security. Now it's back to prompting me to create new password again.
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  14. Freezing/failed log in

    It sounds like your security software is screwing things up - that would cause performance issues and connectivity issues, thus the login failure. Which security software are you using? What broker or datafeed is the login failure with? Can you send me the log? Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the email subject or the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes. If cannot send that way, you can do it manually: go to FILE / Export/Backup menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) Select “To share with others” export file protection option on top right Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE. Export, then email me the exported file please.
  15. Trader has been freezing up computer. After restart this morning, login failure. Tried resetting password; still can't log in. Please help ASAP
  16. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    Okay no problem that would be very handy. Looking forward to it in the future. Thank you for the quick reply Jerry.
  17. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    Right now - no. However, that will be added soon. Will have it as Limit + Bracket option for brokers that support it. (I think any that support current blacket order support the other option as well)
  18. Opening Trade Bracket Order

    I am evaluating Medved on the free trial now and I'm wondering if it is possible to initiate a trade with a bracket order. For example LMT buy to open, lower STP and higher LMT sell to close, all in one execution? I appreciate any assistance with this.
  19. free account restriction

    Yes I checked that. They definitely weren't minimized - nothing at all was open as depth or charts. However after Win10 updates and several restarts it's working again. Thanks Jerry.
  20. free account restriction

    the charts are there. you probably have them minimized or behind other windows. You can go to the dashboard and click on WINDOWS view on top, and that will show you all the MT windows that are open. You can double click on them to bring them up or right click on the listing and select close.
  21. Webroot

    Works as advertised now! Thanks Mike...Thanks Jerry
  22. Webroot

    Webroot tells us they whitelisted MT and everything should be ok now.
  23. Jerry, MT is telling me I'm not allowed to have more than 2 charts open, and I haven't got any open at all. Thanks.
  24. Earlier
  25. Webroot

    Upload reported good.
  26. Webroot

  27. Webroot

    Okay Jerry. Should this be with MT running and WR re-enabled ?
  28. Webroot

    I'll be back in about 2 hours. Take care of it then. Thanks.
  29. MT problems with IB paper trade mode -

    I believe that there is some step you have to take with IB to enable the same market data on the paper trading account as on the live account. Not sure what that is - you may want to check with IB tech support. I am sure they will know it off the top of their head.
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