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  2. Intraday Caption Style

    Is there anyway you can add an Intraday Caption Style <Symbol><Change><Bid><Ask>
  3. Alerts

    Hello, Would it be possible to create an alert whenever a new delta divergence signal is created for specific stocks? Many thanks, Simeon
  4. Not for the way I use it. I change parameters of indicators on several timeframes multiple times during the session. I see your point though, most users set the default & use 'em static for long periods or forever. No need to change this on account of me. Thanks.
  5. Yes but this is just preferences for that one window. There are not that many settings. Even if you changed every one of them, it wouldn't be that big of a deal
  6. Hmm, that doesn't leave room for user to change his/her mind before clicking "OK." That is, change their mind hoping to retain the prior default setting - user can't make a mistake in clicking "set as default."
  7. Last week
  8. IB Level II leaves something to be desired. Even if you have everything setup right, there is no way MT can get all the data that is shown in TWS because of the restrictions in their API Assuming you are looking at NASDAQ stocks and are NOT subscribed to "TotalView", you would wanto to make sure the TotalView and NYSE OPEN Book are NOT checked in settings. Other than that, if it is not working for you, send us the log and we can check.
  9. Okay, after a long time I have had an opportunity finally to revisit this during live trading hours and I'm going to have to say that the issues with the information not matching between TWS and MT are no longer present. I don't understand why there were so many discrepancies before. FNKO is as far as I can tell a regular NASDAQ traded stock and I haven't had any issues receiving data or complete information from FNKO or any other NASDAQ stock through TWS as far as I can tell. But in any case I can't repeat the issues and can't investigate any further. I am still having the issues mentioned in my first post regarding Level II data. As far as I can tell I have everything set up correctly in settings to source Level II feeds from IB but regardless of the symbol I'm looking at the market maker names, sizes and prices do not appear in any MT Level II window that I open. When I click on the "Main" tab in the Level II window it shows a green light next to STOP indicating that MT is receiving data and the information for the symbol.. the Last, Chng, Time, Vol., High and Low fields update properly in live trading hours but that's all that is displayed. Thanks for help.
  10. Vol %

    Granularity until 10:00AM or so. Much easier than putting the raw data volume into a spreadsheet or a calculator for the calculations.
  11. that one was intended to work that way. The defaults are set, and updated until you either close the property editor, or click on set default button again to make it not set defaults. Anything done or changed while it is checked is saved.
  12. Ex div.date

    Well OK. I guess it’s not a feature already available in the program. Just asking. I have 7 different ex dates every month.    
  13. not a problem in GDAX side. Just more of an issue with concurrency - tons of stuff happening on startup and because of GDAX request throttling, it caused some problems in a couple places where we were not checking for it. I just fixed it up and will give you an update (email ) in a minute.
  14. Vol %

    why? that is really not a value that needs that kind of precision
  15. Vol %

    In portfolio, could you please add one or two decimal places in Vol% column.
  16. There is a funny little tick in the chart. IT works now. I didn't do anything. It just started working Something to do with GDAX I'm guessing.
  17. The portfolio is updating the price. I'm not sure what you mean backfill on the portfolio. That is where my list of symbols are.
  18. if you do backfill on the chart, it does a full backfill - probably default 10 days depending on your settings, which is extremely slow with GDAX. On Portfolio, it does update Backfill, meaning it only backfills missing data, so that is much faster. However, when you say the portfolio is updating, you mean with or without backfill?
  19. Ok I sent it. So I guess if I press backfill on my chart, it fills in that way too, just takes awhile.
  20. I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  21. Yes. On the portfolio they are updating. If I press backfill on the chart, it doesn't fill. But if I press backfill all on the portfolio, it backfill's. So I think it is something with my chart. The padding isn't the problem. I'll keep messing with it.
  22. extra space: it is one of 2 reasons. Either you you have extra space added on the X Axis, in which case - move the mouse over the X Axis - then click and drag to the left. or you have the chart set to show entire day, in which case go to VIEW tab, OPTIONS and unselect "Show Entire Current Day" as for quotes, you are not answering my questions - ARE they updating on their own on the portfolio?
  23. If I press backfill all on the portfolio, it brings it up to date, but it doesn't keep up with the price and stochastics on its own.
  24. Hmm. It wasn't the scrollbar. I'm not why there is a gap. Attached is the screen shot. It just isn't updating on the intraday charts. Stochastics too.
  25. yes, I think the scroll bar had something to do with it. Thanks again.
  26. Huh? no way would you be delayed if you are using GDAX for quotes
  27. Nevermind. It looks like its updating now Might have something to do with the scroll bar like you said. Thanks!!
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