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  2. download problem

    as for the download - I just put up a new updated production version (fixed a bunch of bugs including the icons on task bar) Instead of downloading, just restart MT. It should prompt you to update. Do so. Should work. NOTE: If after the update your icon stuff for the task bar gets messed up again, just change it the same way.
  3. download problem

    OK by unchecking the box I now get the child windows for my charts so that problem is solved. That is right with the box unchecked it works! Now what about the download error message ? Is simply clicking on ignore solving the problem and am I getting the complete download or is something missing? Turn off my fire wall but that did not change anything. I run MacAfee total protection
  4. download problem

    I did all that and no change and I tried it twice. I will now try it once again
  5. download problem

    the download I gave you should resolve the chart thing. You can manually change it on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - Check or UN-Check the box for showing task bar icon for child windows. Try UN-Checking it. NOTE: After the change, you would need to restart MT for the change to take effect
  6. download problem

    Two issues first I still have the download issue and do not know how to correct it and second before when I minimized a chart I saw a chart tab on the bottom of my window after the download I no longer see it. I do not see how a screen shot of something not here will help!
  7. download problem

    in that case I think I am not understanding the problem. in the email, please send me a screenshot of the issue.
  8. download problem

    That box is check and I did get your email but same problem
  9. Development Status

    That sounds good. Originally I posted in releases forum where I though I can see all changelog, but that was not the right place, I can see this a very active project. Congrats for this tool !
  10. Main Window for News and Socials

    I would like one main window with channels, including "all news" , "ticker news" , "twitter stream", "Stocktwitts stream" and possibly a comunity chat (if too difficult , perhaps you could open a channel for MT in Discord, now they have screenshare too . And pls add the Weis Wave indicator , thx!!!
  11. Development Status

    Each week Jerry and Mike add something new! and much more to come! there is a long long wishlist to deliver for Crhistmas , hehehe.
  12. download problem

    Arno, I answered you in email about the error. Chart tabs - go to SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - check the box to have separate icons for child windows
  13. download problem

    I am getting the following download error message Error occurred while trying to rename file in the destination directory. Move file failed code 183. Cannot create file when that file already exists I type ignore and now my chart tabs do not appear at the bottom of the page. Please help
  14. Development Status

    Stephane, I am confident that these guys are not going anywhere and this product will be around and developed for a very long time. You should check their history with their other product called Quotetracker, which was bought out by Ameritrade. Their level of support and persistence should give you an indication of their commitment to support and development. Again, I am confident that you will keep seeing development and maintenance of this product for a long time. BTW... I signed up for the beta releases which come very often. You can sign up for beta releases ..... SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - there is a checkbox there for it.
  15. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    Win 10 free update does not invalidate the Win 7 license
  16. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    No, really don't want to do that. The no highlight initially was never actually intended.
  17. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    Is it possible in the next update to make it so clicking on an already highlighted row will turn the highlight back off?
  18. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    I had a look at the developers license and it's good until 12/1/2017. So I think that I'll do some testing using the free developers license. I really don't want to upgrade my W7 license as I'm worried about not being able to go back. I do have at least one more W7 license on an old iMac that's been retired and I will try to pull that license and set it up with Parallels and that has the potential for an upgrade to W10 on a permanent basis.
  19. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    No there is not.
  20. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    You can still get it free if you have a valid license for the Windows 7, 8, etc. You can get the download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows NOTE: it is the same Windows 10 even though downloaded from that page.
  21. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    When MT first start there is no highlighted row. Once I click on something that row obviously highlights. But is there a way to turn the highlighted row back off, such as by clicking on something, without restarting MT or going into the options.
  22. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    The original problems that I had with Windows 10 were the Virtual Memory problem and the problem with the large buttons on the Title Bars. The Virtual Memory problem seems to have been fixed as I can run it on my home desktop with no problems (that machine is identical to my former office Windows desktop. The second problem is still there and the limiting factor is the number of realtime charts that I can display on a monitor at a time. It is possible that this is fixed with using the native resolution on the Retina MacBook Pro screen as there are more pixels to work with but I haven't tested this out. It takes me about an hour to setup my environment and I was already pretty busy trying to get Parallels to work. I'm not clear on the cost of Windows 10. Microsoft had a free upgrade program from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 but it only lasted a year so that's not an option for me. Parallels will install a free Windows 10 Developers edition for you to use but I don't know whether or not you have to buy it at some point or prove that you're a developer by joining a program. It's pretty clear that I'm going to buy a Parallels license today as everything is working well (the edit portfolios thing is a minor annoyance). Using Parallels fixes a few other issues with using the Windows 7 Virtual Machine (I have another program that used to only run on Windows but it's been ported to macOS after requests for ten years). So I will get around to playing with Windows 10 as Windows 7 expires in about two years and I'll need a new solution anyways. Other stuff that I don't like about Windows 10 are forced updates, where the forced updates add functionality that I don't want, where updates reset your defaults, etc. I just want an OS that works and that is stable - kind of like an appliance. I don't need new and improved for trading; just stability and bugfixes.
  23. Development Status

    this page is not the main version history. (originally posted in Version History forum) this is: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/production There were a dozen beta versions in between. We just remove the old beta history once the production version is released.
  24. Development Status

    Hi, I'm new user of MT (2 days) and I'm very happy with the trial so far. I see last software update featured here was on 12 October, showing it is still developed, but previous update was 9 months earlier. So my question, is this software is still in a continuous development and going to get improvement like feature requests or cryptocurrency trading as it was introduced in latest version. i am sure there are a lot of potential features to keep customers happy and happier Regards, Stephane
  25. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    If you are running VM anyway, why don't you update it to Windows 10? Its free. the picture you sent - that would not be an issue on Windows 10 because of the much better handling of Windows font sizing. I will reply to you via email
  26. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    I came into the office, fired up the W7 VM on Parallels and then MT and the windows were all scrunched up on the screen. So I tried to figure out what happened and it looks like Parallels uses the resolution of the native Retina display. I tested it last night at home where I run on external displays. At the office, I use the Mac screen for MT and an external display for other stuff. I tried getting it back to 1920x1200 but that didn't work so well so I decided to resize the chart windows and just live with native resolution. It actually works quite nicely as there's a lot more detail available despite the charts being the same size. The title bar letters look better too. So I have everything running and performance seems to be okay though I'll really know once the trading day starts. Only other thing I had to do was to reactivate Windows. So I'm hoping that everything is good with this setup. Just a note that the vast majority of my problems are related to VirtualBox and Windows but hopefully I have a combination that I won't have to worry about for a long time. This might be a solution for Windows 10 too as the higher resolution might fix the issue with the bigger spacing of the title bar buttons.
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