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  2. Hi Guys, Love this platform! Any chance that email alerts will be added soon? Best Patrick
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  4. I answered you via email a few minutes ago Though we support login by advisor accounts, we do not handle any special management or allocation. You can select which account to send trades to in MT and MT sends them there. As far as allocation goes, if you have 3 individual accounts linked, TWS shows the login as having 4 ā€“ the 3 individual accounts, and the master Advisor account. If you send the trades to the advisor account, I believe that gets allocated to the individual accounts by TWS. Not sure what allocation ā€“ most likely whatever default is setup in TWS.
  5. Hi, Iā€™m interested in your program to trade a Master Advisor Account with Interactive Brokers. Below are some questions to help me understand if this will work for my situation. When linked to a Master Advisor Account will all the trades be entered and managed on a single chart or order entry with one click for that symbol? (This pertains to multiple accounts set up in the Master Advisor Account in IB TWS (Interactive Brokers Trader Work Station) with an amount being allocated equally to each account.) Are there any limitations I should be aware of with MEDVED TRADER vs IB TWS in trading this Master Advisor Account as far as entries, management, and exits? Below is a specific example: I create an order in MEDVED TRADER to go long 99 shares of MSFT near the close of the market and hold over night. In IB TWS the configuration is for all orders to be evenly allocated between 3 sub-accounts under the Master Advisor Account. Would each account in MEDVED TRADER go long a position of 33 shares per the configuration setup in IB TWS? Once long in MSFT, I create an order in MEDVED TRADER from a single chart or order entry to close the 99 shares position of MSFT the following day. In IB TWS the configuration is set for all Thanks.
  6. Chart Trade Total Order Value

    Added the total to the capsule - only when you're placing it or when you're dragging it. Also added it to the "info" button. Will be in next beta.
  7. Discussion of how to do Price drop of X % in Y minutes.
  8. We don't track 24 h volume. The volume in MT is for the "session" - 24 hours from UTC0 to UTC0.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use the software for crypto trading on Binance. I would like to generate a scanner that scans for: 1. 24h Volume > 100 BTC 2. price drop of 5% within the last 5 min But I have no Idea how to setup the scanner that way. Best, Robin
  10. Adding a depth chart.

    We thought of that and there is a provision for it in the current code for the depth chart (that is, allowing it to be vertical and the min/max predefined instead of even around the center). Will see what we can do.
  11. Adding a depth chart.

    Thinking outside the box a bit... What if you made a vertical depth chart that was aligned to the y-axis of the regular chart? Hmmm....
  12. Binance Performance

    I actually just Googled "Binance Scanner" and you popped up. Definitely preaching MT to all my friends.
  13. Binance Performance

    thanks. Updated regular version, though it would take effect on 2nd restart. Assume you heard about MT on Reddit? Remember to mention us
  14. 8 Decimal places for Cryptos In Watchlist

    Instead of #'s behind the decimal point you can instead use 8 zeroes. This way all of the price values will always be aligned. Slightly annoying if you have any quotes in USD but I find it helps.
  15. Binance Performance

    Bingo! Amazing support!
  16. Binance Performance

    please update again from the same URL I previously sent
  17. Binance Performance

    Hmmm getting the following error with latest build sometimes when I open DOM. I should mention that I manually enter 8 decimals into the price inc setting in DOM 01/19/18 2:56:24 AM: MT.Util.MTErrorObj: Type=Error Severity=Medium Action=Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser Code=DoStreamingSubChanges Message=Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list. Details=AppVer: 1.1.7177.2351 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser System.FormatException: at System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendFormatHelper(IFormatProvider provider, String format, ParamsArray args) at System.String.FormatHelper(IFormatProvider provider, String format, ParamsArray args) at MT.RScriptBase.RUNTIME.Streamer_BINANCE.DoInitialBook(String scriptSymbol) in c:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile\ujze3pci.0.cs:line 2179 at MT.RScriptBase.RUNTIME.Streamer_BINANCE.SymbolsChanged(List`1 AddList, List`1 DeleteList) in c:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile\ujze3pci.0.cs:line 1406 at MT.Streamer.Streamer.DoStreamingSubChanges() in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\Streamer\Streamer.cs:line 3538 Log sent
  18. Binance Performance

    OK, that works very small lag, but a huge difference.... Thank you guys are GREAT!!!
  19. Binance Performance

    I'm getting a similar issue with Binance. I have about 100 currency pairs in my portfolio and the live data stream was working well last week. Now, the backfill data still works, however live data updates only once every minute or so and I have no access to the level 2.
  20. Binance Performance

    emailed both of you. Let me know if this works
  21. Binance Performance

    OK yes, i am having the same problem with MT using Binance... Please let us know when the fix is ready...
  22. Binance Performance

    Ok we may have found the prob. Will fix it and say where to get the fix here. Only happens when there is a large # of symbols initializing in the portfolio.
  23. Binance Performance

    also, you said stop/start fixes it. For how long? does it get messed up about a minute after? I am looking at the log and seeing some odd stuff.
  24. Binance Performance

    Residential broadband... speedtest.net shows 9ms ping 120/6 Mbps Will test smaller portfolio.
  25. Spin Value Modifier

    Minor request: It would be great if you could hold a modifier to temporarily change the spin value for qty while dragging a capsule. For example when placing a capsule, hold shift to reduce qty spin by a point, allowing finer control. Even better would be an additional modifier to put spin into a multiplier mode so that you could easily halve or double an order on the fly. That could also just be a right-click option. This could also be helpful for price spin but that might get complicated. While on the subject, I feel like maybe the dragging behavior for modifying a capsule should be the same as placing one. ie when you click a capsule already in the chart it sticks to your mouse and then allows you to change qty. I know you can already modify qty by double clicking so this one is really minor. Last idea for today, I promise
  26. Binance Performance

    what type of connection are you on? slow? Satellite? If you do 1/2 the symbols, still a problem?
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