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  2. T3 Stoch

    Thanks, and yes it works, better with a space between T3 and Stoch.
  3. T3 Stoch

    It's the same as Full Stoch, but instead of the regular EMA it uses the T3 moving average formula to smooth the final line (the signal line is still EMA smoothed though). I'm not sure what you mean about not being able to use it in a Paintbar - the "T3 Stoch" is one of the indicators available.
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  5. T3 Stoch

    Hi, What is the T3 Stoch indicator ? How to use it in Paintbar editor (I cant get params for a variable of type T3Stoch) It gives good signals
  6. We haven't changed anything in this area and I just checked and it does work as intended right now. NOTE: Sliding Window setting is symbol specific. So if you switch symbols, the chart will change to dynamic. ALSO, if the chart is set to be linked, the setting will also not be saved. If you are not actually changing symbols but do have the chart set to be linked, then just turn linking off.
  7. Sliding y-axis scale always resets to dynamic on restart. MT version 1.1.6030.1802 on Win10 v1703. I never change chart symbols, use same 5 charts every day -- some with candles, some line tick. Never change any chart parameters (how boring, I know) except (1) to enable/disable display of certain indicators and (2) to select sliding window and set the size to what I was using the previous day, since it gets lost whenever I close MT.
  8. Last week
  9. Sorry, I was referring to MT version 1.1.6010.1849 (Please see the fix highlighted by green arrows in the attached figure.) Before this version, the "outline narrow candles" feature, when checked, worked in regular ohlc charts but did not work in candlestick charts for me. After the update it started working in candlestick charts, but now when I uncheck the feature the candles still remain outlined. Note: It is possible that I am confusing "unchanged bars" to mean narrow candles. If that is the case please point me to where in the settings I can change to get the unchanged bars to stop being outlined (i.e. colored yellow.) Thanks in advance.
  10. I am not seeing it. We didn't really change anything with candle outlines either in this version or any recent ones - this has been there from the beginning. if you have a problem with it, send me your settings/logs. Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  11. Hello Jerry; With update 1.1.6030.1802 you made the "outline narrow candles" feature work in candlestick charts - thanks, I like that it works. Unfortunately, now when the feature is unchecked the unchanged candles still remain outlined.
  12. futures mini trading on Free account

    for futures, there are now two: 1) Medved Trader is FREE for Optimus Futures clients with funded accounts (min $500 account value).Optimus Futures is a deep discount futures brokerage that provides via Rithmic high-end quality data for execution and viewing. Optimus Futures clears Rithmic through capitalized FCMs and provides technical support to hook up your data feed and execution. Please call Matt at (800) 771-6748 or local (561) 367-8686 for an exclusive deal with Medved Trader. 2) Ally Invest (MB Trading Clients) - https://medvedtrader.com/allyinvest NOTE: Specifically Ally Invest MB Trading Clients, NOT the other: https://www.mbtrading.com/
  13. futures mini trading on Free account

    So to confirm, if I need live Emini data and trading, what brokers are my options and is this available with a broker who covers the cost of Medved Trader monthly?
  14. Akerts going off pre market

  15. Akerts going off pre market

    When defining the alert, on the NOTIFICATIONS tab, there is an option for "Only trigger during Regular Trading Hours". If checked, there is also an option to ignore first X minutes of the session
  16. Akerts going off pre market

    I started using the alert feature today. I had an alert go off in HOG when the price was hit in premarket. Being the volume being so low in most tickers and spreads being so wacky anyway, I would like to only have my alerts go off if the price is it in the regular session. Is this possible?
  17. futures mini trading on Free account

    Regular Ally Invest accounts do not support futures (which is the one you have). Only Ally Invest accounts on the MB Trading platform support futures. Completely separate accounts at this time
  18. futures mini trading on Free account

    You need to use MT symbol format for futures. The correct symbols are @ESZ17 @NQZ17 this is assuming your datafeed supports futures. Which one are you using?
  19. Preset orders

    In IB you can do similar action but it would be great to have it directly in MT, a 'one click trade' presetted button. @Jerry Medved @Mike Medved is it something envisaged in MT ?
  20. Preset orders

    Not yet as i intended. I hope Jerry and mike will consider to add it. Is a kind of "semi automated" trading. Usually i like to buy shares for 3000 usd and i would like to have a way to do this for every ticket with a preset ordfer (and MT calculate the number of shares as well the bracket order associated) to it). This way its possible to enter a trade with just one button (or two considering the "confirm" option). I saw this feature in another platform and is great.
  21. I'm just using the free account right now. I'm trying trade futures mini like the ESZ17 and NQZ7. Can I do this on the free account. When I try to open a chart with those symbols it won't show any data. But the charts will show Google or Microsoft no problem.
  22. Preset orders

    That is exactly what I was looking to do in MT, is there any way to do it today ?
  23. Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    Thanks, I first tried the Chart Nothing. I then tries the Level II nothing. I however, did not try Time and Sales. Thank you, that worked!
  24. Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    Hi; you can link trade ideas with MT opening the linking feature of TI , create a link and dropping it in one of the "raw data" of MT. Will not work with the chart, but works good with the raw data. I used it last month.
  25. Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    We do not currently have integration with Trade Ideas. We hope to add it in the future. Meanwhile, I know that TI has a feature where it can link to other software by basically sending the keystrokes to type in the symbol into that software. That works in MT if the screen you link it to has a symbol text field to type into. Charts do not. However, what I have seen others do is open one or more charts. Open a Raw Data window. Link all of them. Then have Trade Ideas linked to the Raw data window since it has the symbol text field. Since the charts are linked, any time the symbol changes in the raw data window, the charts will change as well.
  26. Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    How do I link trade Ideas to Medved trader? Thanks Bob
  27. symbol update

    thanks jerry
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