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  2. Price tab under Account Specific Setting & Defaults

    Bracket stuff is if entering a Bracket order, those settings will be used to default high and low price on the bracket
  3. Price tab under Account Specific Setting & Defaults

    Jerry had posted this link on the YouTube channel: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/index.html?settings_trading_accounts.htm It explains the Price peg and offset nicely What about: Bracket Low PtsHigh PtsBracket Low%High%
  4. Can someone give me a very brief explanation or point me to a user manual for these questions" Under Trading/Accounts, Account Specific Setting & Defaults there are some options: What do these mean or better yet can someone give me an example? Always Price Peg Leave Price Peg Mode Unchanged Peg Offset from Last Bracket Low Pts High Pts Bracket Low% High% Thanks for any help!
  5. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    unfortunately, all these crypto currency sites have VERY limited amount of data available for backfill. However, MT stores the data so for example if you backfill 2 days today, tomorrow you will have 3, and so on.
  6. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    This is fantastic. Is there any way to get more than 2 days of intraday data? My system works off 5-10 days
  7. Clear all bulbs - check box

    the "Don't show again" is doable but we first need to have a way to manage messages. Whenever you have that, you have to have a way to turn it back on. It is on the todo list As for closing box, you mean the news window? that is definitely not an intuitive Default option.
  8. Clear all bulbs - check box

    Things I'd like to see: When I select "Clear All Bulbs" I am asked "Do you want to clear news bulbs on all symbols?". For me, the answer is always yes. Either don't show me the alert or give me the check box "Don't show this alert again". The choice could be settable in settings. Secondly, if I select clear all bulbs then the next thing I always do is close the box. If I clear all bulbs, I ALWAYS want to close the box! Why not do this automatically?
  9. Last week
  10. Google Intraday Backfill

    as always... the fastest support of the world. Tks.
  11. Google Intraday Backfill

    Fixed. Was just a URL change. Select FILE / HELP / Check Updates. Let MT update everything and then restart MT (even if nothing changed)
  12. Google Intraday Backfill

    thanks for the heads up. will check.
  13. Google Intraday Backfill

    please fix Google Intraday Backfill. (recently Google changed parameters)
  14. Previous Day Close line

    Thank you Jerry
  15. Previous Day Close line

    add "Horizontal Line" indicator to the chart. In the indicator properties, select it to show "Prev Close"
  16. Previous Day Close line

    I trade lots of red to green plays and seeing a line that shows me the previous close would be ideal. It is a pretty popular indicator, any chance to add that?
  17. Hot Keys! and One click buttons

    the shortcut buttons will buy/sell whatever QTY and order type is there. The defaulting of that is per account. Go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS, click on your account, and on the right look under the QUANTITY tab for the rules for defaulting the Quantity, and ORDER SETTINGS for changing default order type, TIF, etc.
  18. Hot Keys! and One click buttons

    Thanks Jerry, I meant the trade ticket. I dont see the ability to customize hotkeys other than buy at ask, buy market, things like that. Id like to be able to specify the amnount od shares I want to buy or sell: ie a hot key that buys 50 shares at the ask, another that buys 100 shares at the ask, etc. I've attached the market depth trader box I usually use with IB, I've customized it by share size and trade type. It makes it super easy for me to get in and out of stocks when Im day trading and would love to see this feature in MT. I think others would as well. I think features like this would make MT stand out even more. Thanks for listening
  19. Hot Keys! and One click buttons

    Eric, When you say "Trader Box", are you referring to the trade ticket? NOTE that the QTY is defaulted based on user specified preconfigured rules, as is the default order type. If set to Market, you could send the buy/sell order with ALT+B or ALT+S. The specific shortcuts and others can be user configured on SETTINGS /APPLICATION / KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS, under the Trade Ticket section. Having said that, we would like to expand this area a bit in the future. Also, MT has more trading options on the Charts and DOM window
  20. The trader box is a mess, been using it for a few days and while I like everything else so far, the trade box stinks. I would like to see Hot Keys for trading #1 Second is I would like to option to set up buttons like I can with IB, I have customized buttons so with 1 click I can do things like buy 50 @ mkt or sell 50 @ mkt, etc.
  21. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    no, wasn't a mistake. You should not have to do that. We found the bug. Fix will be in the next update.
  22. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Well looks like it works ok. Once past UTC0 the daily chart just needs to be refreshed/repainted then the last candle draws correctly. So sorry for my mistake
  23. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    by default (if you have realtime updates for historical charts) the last candle is built by MT from intraday data. Will check.
  24. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    I am referring to the last candle on daily chart, using Poloniex (or other exchange). After UTC0 rollover (which is 8pm ET) you start a new day on intraday chart, and you have a new candle on daily chart, but this last daily candle looks to me is still using data before 8pmET. Between 8pmET and 11:59pmET, the last candle is the same as the second to last candle. After 12amET the last candle then uses the new day (i.e.,after UTC0 rollover) hi-low-open-close. Now I don't know if MT is calculating the last candle or get it from exchange, if the latter, then you can not do anything about it. I'll try to get a pic to you tonight. I agree with you that their using last 24hr change make it useless. Should be using UTC0 as a starting point on a day.
  25. Weekly Columns (Open, Close, High, Low)

    Those columns are calculated, so would require historical data and a bit of computation, which can get pretty heavy with large portfolios. We do not plan to add that. However, you can do a "Scan" that just sets the scan result to those values for every symbol and then just show the "Scan Result" column to see the data.
  26. Would it be possible in the future to have the Weekly open, close, high, low columns to choose from in the column chooser? My trading is based more on a per week period so it'd be great to have them as an option.
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