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  2. Fundemental Data Link

    Sort of. We currently have a simplistic HTTP API available. One of the things it has is the ability to get or set the Linked Symbol for any of the color groups. So, lets say in MT you open a chart and set the linked symbol to Blue Pin. Via API, you can specify the symbol for the Blue symbol group, which would change that chart and any other window linked to to blue symbol group to that symbol. You can also poll (no notifications, sorry) the API to get the current symbol for a particular color group. https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/HTTP-API#GetLinkedSymbol https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/HTTP-API#SetLinkedSymbol
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  4. Fundemental Data Link

    When I look at a chart I'd like to see all the fundamental data (sales growth) also. I have access to this data and was thinking of building a personal system so when I click on a ticker in my system it opens a panel with the fundamental data and a place to take some notes. Would it be possible if I click on it in a desktop software system to send the ticker to medved trader to change the active ticker in medved? if not, would it be possible to go the other way... that if i click on a symbol in medved it can tell send something out so my other system changes ticker symbols?
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  6. Stock alert tracking for watchlists not open

    that causes all kinds of problems. We are not going to do that. you can have the portfolio minimized
  7. # sign in biance

    No. That is a requirement to identify crypto currency symbols
  8. # sign in biance

    Is there anyway to not have to type # sign before a ticker for a crypto in binance?
  9. windows 10 update problem

    Hi Jerry ! I reloaded the Defender exclusions as you suggested . After running update for windows 10, MT is working fine. Thanks for your help.
  10. Stock alert tracking for watchlists not open

    This would be very useful. In QT you had an option for updating quotes for all portfolios. Thanks
  11. New Chart Feature Requesting

    Hi Jerry Medved, Can you expand the New Chart list to 25, and have an option to make the New Chart list fixe, instead an triangle pull down.
  12. windows 10 update problem

    Not aware of any issues with win 10 update other than having to update Windows Defender exclustions again. Please refer to the following page for instructions to exclude MT from being scanned by Windows Defender: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/Windows-Defender-Exclusions-CU let me know what problems you are having.
  13. RBC DI Login Failed

    Done. Sent again
  14. I updated windows 10 three weeks ago .to fall creators version 1709. I couldn't get MT to work after the update so reverted windows back to version 1703 where everything works right. I plan to try updating again this weekend.. What should I do to prevent problems or to help in fixing them in case it happens again ?
  15. Symbol won't backfill

    First time I have had this problem. I did update to the latest version yesterday, would that have anything to do with it? Just tried with tick enabled and 40 days, no luck, 10 days worked. Jeff
  16. Symbol won't backfill

    After I unchecked the tick backfill it populated. Jeff
  17. Symbol won't backfill

    or reduce # of days for backfill and try backfilling again
  18. Symbol won't backfill

    Looks like i was just able to clear and backfill the historical chart data but the intraday is still stuck with only today's data. Jeff
  19. Symbol won't backfill

    I see 2 attempts. to backfill that symbol. Both timed out. Try turning off the option to get TICK quotes for Canadian symbols, then try backfilling again
  20. Symbol won't backfill

    HI Jerry, I am having a strange issue todya where ACB:CA won't backfill. MedVed was slow launching today (I started it as the markets opened) so I assume it was backfilling all the symbols and trying to get all the live data coming in. However ACB stuck. I tried clearing the data and backfilling a couple times but it didn't work. It seems like its working as the box pops up on the chart top right but the data never loads. Log posted on dropbox. jcolter-2018-02-16 06.51-ACBwontbackfill.MTExport Thank you, Jeff
  21. RBC DI Login Failed

    Not sure if I did it right...Log 200, login, failed, Log 10 and send log to support.
  22. RBC DI Login Failed

    yes, please send
  23. RBC DI Login Failed

    Good morning. Another failure at RBC DI Login on 2/16. Let me know if you need me to send you a log.
  24. Shortable Shares

    No, MT does not have that info (very specific to IB)
  25. Shortable Shares

    Is there any way you can show shortable shares for IB. Maybe on the Trade Ticket, or the watchlist. I have to bring up TWS and put the symbol in to see if there are any shares to short and that takes time.
  26. Extended hours

    on time based charts, no. You can switch to using Tick charts or Volume charts.
  27. Extended hours

    Hi Jerry, Is it possible to have an option to not show the empty spaces between trades on charts during extended hours trading? thank you.
  28. RSI

    Jeff, can you compare the RSI on daily charts - that would not have the missing bars issue,
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