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    the problem with Bittrex is that they do not seem to have a public API for streaming data. They have stuff for trading and snapshot data, but not streaming. We are keeping an eye on it in case it changes, or in case we can reverse engineer their streaming stuff
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    TD Ameritrade fixed their data. I just backed out our fix, since that would again cause the data to be an hour off. Same instructions to get it as in the original post. NOTE: After restarting, clear the data on the chart(s) and backfill again. Existing data will NOT be fixed.
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    Hi, I have just subscribed to premium version of MT after trying it few days. MT is really a gem in the world of trading platforms and the responsiveness of the team is amazing. I didnt know the previous tool but seems to have a lot people praising Medved's products. It became in few days my central dashboard for day trading, yet it is not perfect and I would like to share some wishes about what I would like to see or improved in MT: - first of all, and the most important are the trading actions. I use IB as a broker and it offers a lot of different ways to submit orders, I dont want all but the most important for me is to be able to send an order with an attached stop and optionally a profit target. As on IB (and other software) i d like to have options to setup dynamic stops based on % or ticks, and also trailing stops. In the same topic, I dont know if it s a limitation of MT or IB API, but I m not able to submit out of trading hours orders to IB (they are hold until market opening) - another feature i d really like to see, is to be able to add indicators to portfolio / watchlists with numeric or graphical results. Very similar to the scanner. - now, something less important, on the DOM ia nice add on would be to have a column showing PnL for each price level when having active positions. - A break even line on the graph (maybe it s already possible) when having active positions would be nice I know it is not yet xmas, but I wanted to share this wish list. Congrat to the team for this great tool and I m looking forward to see it even better