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    I am attaching text files with symbol lists that you can copy/paste into portfolios for use with Scanning. The lists are based on the price of the stocks as of July 20, so keep that in mind. To use, open the attached file, select all symbols (CTRL+A) and then Copy (CTRL+C or right click and select Copy) In MT, either create a new portfolio or open an existing one that you wish to add the symbols to. Then just hit CTRL+V to Paste. You can also go to the Portfolio Editor, create a WatchList, and just paste the symbols in there. List 20 to 50.txt List Below 10.txt List 1 to 20.txt List 10 to 20.txt
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    On the news screen in the ribbon toolbar, there is a button to clear all bulbs. That would clear all bulbs system wide. Not portfolio specific.