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    You can save the layout if you want. Also, if you want to view many symbols that way, you can just symbol link all the charts (colored pin on the caption) with the same color, then when you change the symbol in one, all change to the same symbol. You can also link the portfolio as well and then when you select a symbol in the portfolio, all the charts will change. that way you dont have to reopen the charts.
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    New Medved Trader production version released! Ton of new features TD Ameritrade Streaming NEWS, Futures, and FOREX support added RITHMIC integration for both Market Data and Trading GDAX/Coinbase integration added for quotes, Level II and Trading Crypto Currencies BITFINEX and POLONIEX integration for quotes, Level II on Crypto Currencies FOREX.COM Advantage Trader integration for market data Tons more stuff. full list and download at: https://medvedtrader.com/download
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    You can set MT show the same trendline on multiple similar charts for the same symbol, but cannot have Intraday chart trendlines show on historical charts or vice versa. to have the trendlines be shared on similar charts, go to SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL - UN-Check the box for "Annotations Unique per Chart" in the Miscellaneous section
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    Not sure what you mean by "Using the ribbon". We don't have buy / sell buttons on the Trade Ticket ribbon. We do on DOM and Charts. You can enter a stop order on any MT window including DOM and CHARTS. Right now that only works if you do NOT have Auto-Transmit on. You would drop an order on the DOM or chart. Then before sending it, right click on it and select STOP LIMIT as the order type. Note that on both DOM and CHART you can drag the price line to be able to change the LIMIT portion of the stop limit separate from the STOP price. Also on the DOM, you can hold down the CTRL and SHIFT together to make the order being dropped a STOP LIMIT. You should see the cursor change accordingly We do plan to make it easier to enter STOP LIMIT as well as Bracket and other orders on the charts and DOM. We have BUY ASK and SELL BID on the chart and DOM already. (on the DOM, it is on the bottom of the window). Trade ticket does not have it BUT assuming you have the quote showing, you can just double click on the BID or ASK in the quote then click the buy or sell button
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    Thank You, I've been with you a very long time Jerry. Great work. Have a nice day.
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    Here are the two paintbar files. Add these two underneath your RSI and link them together. One is for upper BB line, the other is for lower BB line. You can change the parameters in the paintbars to modify the Bollinger Bands. Make sure to make the paintbar widths minimal (2) and make the shape something like a triangle so that they don't interfere in drawing the lines. This is not the best or most elegant solution. Paintbars are really not fully suitable to create new indicators. But the custom indicator editor is not there yet. BBforRSI.PBExport
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    If you mean bollinger bands that have the oscillator as an input - yes, it is possible to do with Advanced Paintbars. See https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/advanced___enhancing_an_indica.htm For Bollinger Bands you'd have to basically calc the SMA and add/subtract mult*StDev If you are not a programmer that could be difficult. Later today I guess I can post detailed instructions on how to do that here.
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    It will be in next beta. In Chart Display settings.
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    Bracket stuff is if entering a Bracket order, those settings will be used to default high and low price on the bracket
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    Thanks Jerry, I meant the trade ticket. I dont see the ability to customize hotkeys other than buy at ask, buy market, things like that. Id like to be able to specify the amnount od shares I want to buy or sell: ie a hot key that buys 50 shares at the ask, another that buys 100 shares at the ask, etc. I've attached the market depth trader box I usually use with IB, I've customized it by share size and trade type. It makes it super easy for me to get in and out of stocks when Im day trading and would love to see this feature in MT. I think others would as well. I think features like this would make MT stand out even more. Thanks for listening
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    hold down the SHIFT key