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    Hi, would it be possible to implement an undo feature for drawings placed on charts via a ctrl-z shortcut (or a custom specified hotkey)? Thank you.
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    Note that even though Depth Charts were pioneered by the crypto exchanges, they are available for any L2 feed. They are not as detailed or extensive on stocks L2 feeds because those only have a limited number of entries on either side... But take a look.
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    Depth chart is in the beta.
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    Nice one there. In general, I find that candlestick patterns are not well defined in the literature, and some are definitely of the "you'll recognize it when you see it" variety with very vague terms.
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    I'd add to that request integration with sms alert provider(s). Would be a huge benefit since the platform is only available on your PC. I currently have them with Questrade and its really useful when you are away from the trading platform. Cheers, Jeff
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    Thanks Jerry and LW. LW, that link was just what the doctor ordered. I feel a bit silly for not having figured that out. Best, Patrick
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    Here is a link on how to use the X axis in help. https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/index.html?charts_axes.htm
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    that indicates that the space on the X axis was added either via VIEW / OPTIONS ... "Show Entire Current Day" (uncheck if checked) or if you manually added space on the X axis, in which case, move the mouse over the X axis, then click and drag to the left.
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    Just playing around with this trying to learn. Setting up a Simple Scan like asked in above message. Maybe someone can give a few pointers on what might be right or wrong before I do anything else to it. LW