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    It would be great to have a way to manage multiple work spaces to facilitate easily flipping back and forth. I find myself wanting more screen real estate but the only way I can do that is to get more monitors (already at 3). As well if I have more windows open currently there is a performance impact on Medved. Options: 1) Something similar to Questrade where you can have multiple work spaces but only one active at a time. -be able to configure if each work space is fed live data even when minimized -Another option would be to only have the current active work space updating, but I like the first better since you may want multiple to be updated. Especially if you were travelling and working on a laptop where screen real estate is limited. 2) be able to link multiple windows together into a group which you could -enable or disable to be actively updated -Minimize/maximize in a single action Cheers, Jeff
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    Add a horizontal line indicator and in the properties, set the value to be last. Or you can specify an absolute value
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    I personally use lots of MA's , vwap and trendlines on my charts and have it set so that there values show up on the Y axis which is very useful for me. The problem is that sometimes they can over lap each other and I am not able to read some of them bc they are covered by others (see picture) Can you make it so that if I move my mouse over the chart and highlight a MA, VWAP, trendline, etc that that value while also highlight on the Y axis so I can read it?
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    Hi, would it be possible to implement an undo feature for drawings placed on charts via a ctrl-z shortcut (or a custom specified hotkey)? Thank you.