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    1) no - annotations on historical charts will not show on intraday 2) as for horizontal trendlines - just hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a trendline.
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    please add the K.Scuts to select type of chart (Line, candlestick, ohlc, etc...) Is useful to change chart on the fly, pressing only 2 or 3 Keyb button. Both for intraday and Historical. Thanks...
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    GDAX and Binance for now. Others will be added if their API permits. Working on making a Depth Chart (we like to call it Canyon Chart) in MT. Here's a sneak preview.
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    if you have quotes coming in on the symbol in the portfolio, then having the chart up doesn't matter. Otherwise, if you open (and backfill) the chart at least once within the max period of the backfill, it also shouldn't matter. NOTE: If using GDAX, the last beta increased max backfill from 2 to 10 days. Slow as molasses, but works.
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    sigh. I keep re-posting - cant get it right. How about this:
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    Actually, merlin, that indicator doesn't work right (yet, I guess) in MT. It is problematic because the zigzag indicator is backwards-changing. That is, if the current candle changes, the indicator may change to be different completely starting many candles back. So the weiss wave will change accordingly - not just on the last candle but on the last N candles where N can be big. Frankly, not only is it problematic to calculate (because MT really tries to calculate all indicators as state-machines), but it detracts quite a bit from its usefullness, if the indicator's overall shape may suddenly change not just for the current candle, but for the last N candles.