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    You can now trade in MT with your #Robinhood account. Full Trading integration has been added inthe latest Medved Trader beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Currently Stocks only. We hope to add options and crypto once our accounts are enabled
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    Took me a few days to get this logged in and working but wow what a huge help. Nothing worse then having to grab my phone cancel a stop limit or submit a buy order. Takes way too long and is cumbersome. Right off the charts is so much easier. Just made my trading lightyears more pleasant guys. Thank you so much!
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    Moved the alert lines for HMMJ by a cent and the alerts stopped. So it seems resetting the alert line fixes the problem.
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    if your computer crashed and you lost settings, you can restore to the last backup (MT makes a backup whenever it starts). To do that, just start MT, go to FILE / IMPORT… Select BACKUP folder, and then select the most recent backup before the problem started. one line is for the start of session. The other is for start of day. You cannot get rid of them, though you can create a custom chart color set and specify the grid color to be the same as the background. Then just select that custom color set on the chart.
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    Candlevolume charts? Would be nice.
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    For people other than MTG that are looking at this thread - next release will include "3-touch trendlines" as an indicator. Feel free to try out and comment.