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    You can save the layout if you want. Also, if you want to view many symbols that way, you can just symbol link all the charts (colored pin on the caption) with the same color, then when you change the symbol in one, all change to the same symbol. You can also link the portfolio as well and then when you select a symbol in the portfolio, all the charts will change. that way you dont have to reopen the charts.
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    New Medved Trader production version released! Ton of new features TD Ameritrade Streaming NEWS, Futures, and FOREX support added RITHMIC integration for both Market Data and Trading GDAX/Coinbase integration added for quotes, Level II and Trading Crypto Currencies BITFINEX and POLONIEX integration for quotes, Level II on Crypto Currencies FOREX.COM Advantage Trader integration for market data Tons more stuff. full list and download at: https://medvedtrader.com/download
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    You can set MT show the same trendline on multiple similar charts for the same symbol, but cannot have Intraday chart trendlines show on historical charts or vice versa. to have the trendlines be shared on similar charts, go to SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL - UN-Check the box for "Annotations Unique per Chart" in the Miscellaneous section