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    not yet. will do soon.
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    OK, get the update again - http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta Should have an Indexes tab on the portfolio. It has a checkbox to show the index panel on top left.
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    We have not forgotten about the Index Panel. Just had to change direction internally about how to implement it. In fact, I just got the base stuff working last night:
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    We will have a new real-time (and EOD) scanner in one of the upcoming beta versions. It will use the same code as the Paintbars - will be able to reference indicators, etc. We want to include some common scans with the program so you can have examples, starting point for how to do things.... So.... Please give me some common scans that you would like to see, or that you currently use with other sites, software, etc.
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    Bracket Orders are not currently supported in MT. Once added, we would look at implementing them i the DOM as well. As for VOL column, what is the problem there? Or you just don't want it at all? If the later, just make the window narrower - MT will hide the VOL column.
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    that is something we are considering in the future, but not something imminent. You can setup the auto backup to just go to the Google Drive folder or similar cloud storage. That way you would always have your latest backups available anywhere.
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    As far as the ribbon, that is done intentionally. You can however turn that off. SETTINGS / APPLICATION / General - Uncheck the box toward the end for "Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes window" We don't currently have an index panel. We will be adding it. However, do have something similar to the QT Index panel for the time being. You can do a portfolio with TILE view. Refer to: http://forums.medvedtrader.com/topic/1133-just-released-new-tile-views/#comment-6304 And http://forums.medvedtrader.com/topic/1466-index-panel/?do=findComment&comment=7918 The symbols you can enter into that Index Portfolio are (assuming TD Ameritrade source) $DJI for DJ 30 Industrials $SPX.X for S&P 500 Index $COMPX for NASDAQ Composite $VIX.X for CBOE Volatility Index $DJT for DJ 20 Transportation $DJU for DJ 15 Utilities $TNX.X for 10-YR Note $TYX.X for 30-YR Bond $FVX.X for 5-YR Note $IRX.X for 13-Week Bill
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    On the news screen in the ribbon toolbar, there is a button to clear all bulbs. That would clear all bulbs system wide. Not portfolio specific.
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    I am attaching text files with symbol lists that you can copy/paste into portfolios for use with Scanning. The lists are based on the price of the stocks as of July 20, so keep that in mind. To use, open the attached file, select all symbols (CTRL+A) and then Copy (CTRL+C or right click and select Copy) In MT, either create a new portfolio or open an existing one that you wish to add the symbols to. Then just hit CTRL+V to Paste. You can also go to the Portfolio Editor, create a WatchList, and just paste the symbols in there. List 20 to 50.txt List Below 10.txt List 1 to 20.txt List 10 to 20.txt
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    // Var Name: "BollingerBands_Top" contains Bollinger Bands(20,2).Top // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Top" contains Price Channels(20).Top // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Bottom" contains Price Channels(20).Bottom // Var Name: "BollingerBands_Bottom" contains Bollinger Bands(20,2).Bottom // Var Name: "VWAP_Line" contains VWAP (Intraday)().Line // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Center" contains Price Channels(20).Center // Var Name: "FibonacciPivots_Res1" contains Fibonacci Pivots (Intraday)(def).Res1 // Var Name: "RSI_Line" contains RSI(20,2).Line // Var Name: "CCI_Line" contains CCI(14).Line public void MainCalculation() {DefinePaintbarParameter("MINVOL", "Bar Volume", true,0, 1000000000000, 1000, 15000); if (BarVolume<GetPaintbarParameter("MINVOL")) return; if (Close > BollingerBands_Top) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator2, PBShape.Rectangle); SetScanResult("Boll UP"); return; } if (Close > PriceChannels_Top) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator2, PBShape.ArrowNE); SetScanResult("Donchiian Upp"); return; } if (Close < PriceChannels_Bottom) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator7, PBShape.ArrowSE); SetScanResult("Donchiian Down"); return; } if (Close < BollingerBands_Bottom) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator7, PBShape.Rectangle); SetScanResult("Boll Down"); return; } if (Close.CrossesUp(VWAP_Line, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("Vwap", PBShape.W, SysColor.MainIndicator1); SetScanResult("VWAP UP"); return; } if (Close.CrossesUp(PriceChannels_Center, 0)) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator2, PBShape.ArrowNE_Hollow); SetScanResult("Donchian center cross"); return; } if (Close.Crosses(FibonacciPivots_Res1, 0)) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.Annotations, PBShape.TriangleUp_Hollow); SetScanResult("Cross fib Resist"); return; } if (RSI_Line < 30) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator3, PBShape.Circle); SetScanResult("Oversold"); return; } if (BarVolume > BarVolume[1]) { SetColorAndShape(SysColor.MainIndicator5, PBShape.ArrowUp); SetScanResult("Vol UP"); return; } if (CCI_Line.CrossesUp(-150, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("CCI", PBShape.C, 0xFF0A54FF); SetScanResult("CCI -150 up"); return; } }
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    These are on youtube. Critiques are welcome. Part 1: ... and Part 2 Part 3 is coming explaining Advanced scanning.
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    Any chance or possibility to add Bitcoin to Medved Trader or is it already available? I don't necessarily mean to trade Bitcoin but just to view quotes and charts in Medved Trader? I have not been able to find any charting software to display my system on current bitcoin charting platforms.
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    NEW Medved Trader Production version has been released. This has the w/Real-time Scanner and Scanner alerts with custom formulas, Bracket orders, and many other updates. Full list of changes as well as the download is available at: http://www.medvedtrader.com/download Spread the word!
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    It looks like there's an issue with their data feed today. I will let them know. Note, TOS uses a different data feed
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    FYI - last beta added alerts on scans!
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    @Croesus - Keep in mind that a chart (and thus scanner) can only operate on one Time Period and Frequency at a time. So if you have a chart with daily frequency and one with weekly frequency, You cannot refer to indicators on both. However, as an example, if you have MA 20 on a Weekly chart, that would be basically the same as MA 100 on a daily chart (5 days per week). Same adjustment can be done for other indicators. So in the case of the squeeze you defined, what specific indicators and parameters are you referring to? and what exactly am I checking for? If bollinger high/low bands are both inside Keltner bands? for how many days? with what range? some of this stuff is easy to see visually, but we need to quantify it. If you have an example of a chart with the relevant indicators on it showing the condition you want to capture, email it to me
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    the datafeed is restricted to one connection at a time. You could get a 2nd login (linked to the same account) and use one in MT and one in MBT. However, note that the datafeed subscription is per login, so if you need market data in both, you would need to signup for the datafeed on both logins.
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    We implemented an HTTP Request API to get data out of MT. It is meant for backward compatibility with QuoteTracker, so all the commands are the same. We will be writing a new API for MT which we will document later.
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    Thanks for reporting this (and persisting). I found the bug and fixed it. Will be in next release.
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    We may do that in the future.
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    A minimized chart is an open chart. As for finding them - You can change the Dashboard view to WINDOWS. The open MT windows will be shown in there and you can double click to bring them up or right click and select Close. You can also set MT so that charts and other child windows will have their own Taskbar icon. That is in SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL
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    @Felixml - we just finished the work on making the Index panel resizable. Portfolio Tile View as well. Will email you @sforce - Yes, just create the portfolio and set it to be tile view - it is exactly the same thing as doing an index panel
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    I am making the changes that will allow you to size the index panel tiles (and the tiles on portfolios as well) with the Font+ and Font- buttons
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    We have added the long awaited Index Panel to Portfolio windows. Also added Depth Of Market (DOM) Display and trading interface for Chart Trading, added ability to view filled orders on the chart. Full List of changes can be found at http://www.medvedtrader.com/download
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    released another beta last night. It has a fix for this. http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta
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    There are a few that TDA supports: $NYK.ID - NYSE Financial Index $XBD.X - NYSE ARCA Securities Broker/Dealer Index.
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    The Index Panel has been released in the latest beta: http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta
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    ok you said chart. The above is the portfolio quote grid, not the chart, thus the confusion. Hit CTRL + or CTRL - to increase/decrease the font size on that screen
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    Medved Trader has all the indicators that were in QT, and then some
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    Crosshair (Trace) will be shown if you hold down the SHIFT or CTRL+SHIFT keys. If you want it always on, go to FILE / SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL - and check the "Always Trace"
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    Do a search for "Scrollbar Height" Anyway - the setting is in Settings / Charts / Display - under "Dimensions/Sizes". What other frame elements? The window borders and caption height are set by the OS...
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    Don, please email support@medvedtrader.com for this. Do indicate in the email which security software you are using, even if not Microsoft
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    Could you please remove the histogram from EFI lower indicator. This was done in QT with a check box. This allows the EMAs not to be overwhelmed by the histogram.
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    I just started work on that. It is the next big project to be released after paint bars
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    They cover the cost of the subscription for their users. So it is not that we are giving it for free to you. They are. So, every TK client that gets it free is obviously beneficial to us, but then so is any regular paid client as well. However, note that we give the same high level of support to everyone, regardless of how they signed up, or if they are paid or free. Best advertising is word of mouth and nothing says more about you than the quality of your support.
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    first stuff is correct. As for the last item - if you choose to go with the original platform, you CAN use it to place trades in MT as well. MT supports both. It is just different than the MB Trading system. Once they do integrate, then we will no longer have 2 different options in MT. We will merge them here as well.
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    Xin, TradeKing bought MB Trading so all MB Trading clients are now TradeKing clients. Right now the MB Trading system and the TradeKing original system are still separate with the accounts being separate. They will be merged in the future at which time we will combine stuff in MT as well. The requirement to connect via trading for MB is a technical one because of how stuff works internally in MT. Basically, bringing up anything related to trading would be sufficient for the "Trading Login" in MT - Balances for example. MT will at that point do the eligibility check. There is no requirement to actually trade via MT, though you will definitely want to do that. With the MB Trading accounts you do not trade on the web site. The default mode is to use their software (MBT Desktop Pro), so it would be either using that or MT. Trust me - you want to use MT
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    do not have email alerts yet. Emailing will be part of the Sharing sub-system that we will be adding (along with FB, Twitter, etc)
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    Note that we have a number of different options with the ribbon toolbar: 1) Always visible.... 2) Minimized - so only the tabs are visible and the ribbon itself doesn't show until you click on the tabs. To get this, double click on one of the tabs. 3) Hidden entirely (Hit F11 or the Show/Hide ribbon button on the chart caption in the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) Also, particularly if using Minimized or hidden ribbon, does not mean you can't access the buttons on that ribbon easily. Lets say you use some particular button frequently. Add Indicators for example. Right click on it. Select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". Now hide the ribbon. note that the button is now in the QAT available for you even when the ribbon is hidden. Same can be done for almost anything on the ribbon. Many people do that for the drawing tools for example.
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    custom datafeed is not something that can be created by the user. Indicators - we plan to allow the user to do custom ones in the future.
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    Oh be joyfull, Have relogged in to IB, restarted MT and all is working again. There was a problem with IB's update this morning, AVG doesn't like these updates and gives a virus warning blocker. This time I got fedup with the wait and relogged in again to IB. I'm sure that sounds garbage but is what the problem was. So much for these antivirus gizmos. Thanks so much for your prompt attention, this old fart is appreciative. Have a good day
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    I'm kinda surprised the ticker tape is missing A one stop glance at all the indices is pretty helpful, so add me in w/ ydfah
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    Added Research to the right click menu. It points to Yahoo. MT does needed symbol conversions when bringing it up
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    Well, right now the next stuff out is Paintbars, Index Panel, API
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    Do you think we can get rid of the pop up yes/no warning box that appears in the news window whenever the mark all read button is pressed, or at the very least have a tick box to not show this message again? It started getting rather irritating after clicking Yes roundabout the 12th time today.
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    we plan to add alerts on indicators in the future.
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    We're working hard to appease you with visual trading from charts. But yes, ticker tape in on the list.
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    Hi Jerry, I have been a big fan of yours since (2000) I got involved with QT and if possible would be great to see the Indexes available with ^vix as well. Cheers Aj