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  1. GlenJ

    NYSE Tick for Stockwatch Feed

    Hi Jerry, can you please add $TICKIXN as an index for the NYSE under the Stockwatch feed. I have added it as a manually entered symbol but as such it doesn't keep any history. Thanks. Glen Jones
  2. RT @BhamDonkeys: Morning #SleepySunday Happy #EasterSunday, the one day it’s okay to eat chocolate for breakfast ❤️ Harvey https://t.co…

  3. @CorsiHL The way they are progressing the Leafs could make the playoffs next year. They've beaten some very good teams lately.

  4. @mirtle @TSNAnalytics Zach Hyman is an author on two books for children, signed up for two more. He will be Leafs next Captain.

  5. @mirtle @TSN1050Radio Leafs to lose the next 3 games, no worries. Should trade Midge Marner's rights for Montreal's 1st. Marner years away.

  6. RT @elonmusk: Sad to hear that David Bowie died. He was amazing.
  7. RT @washcaps: #Gr8est celly of all time. #CapsNYR https://t.co/MwsSxOgT4Z
  8. @NYDailyNews NRA's Wayne LaPierre is a gun wielding coward who chickened out of a debate with Obama. He's a loser.
  9. @NYDailyNews While a terrorist named George W. Bush remains free in Crawford Texas.
  10. @PeterLBrandt Could it be that while you are a very profitable trader, you don't win a high % of your bets. Flip of a coin for average joe.
  11. RT @NYDailyNews: DESPICABLE. Turkish factory made sinking life jackets and planned to sell them to refugees https://t.co/0C6vbjErMH https:/…
  12. @bruceanderson Saudis are paranoid, while they export & fund terror (ISIS=Saudi Wahabism) outside its borders. Despicable, corrupt, liars.
  13. RT @billmon1: .@philtering1 Ryan thinks he can fool the sheeple just by shaving off his jihadi beard. But that just PROVES he's trying to h…
  14. RT @nanexllc: "There's nothing wrong with our towers - they're prettier than the Eiffel Tower" - HFT https://t.co/nYNgA6YCaw
  15. RT @BhamDonkeys: Morning #WonderfulWednesday 12 days of Christmas Obi, all shook up, from Oct 2015 Have a great day https://t.co/A93mXhT…