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  1. airrun76

    Viewing Help crashed MT

    MT.CHM is there and it opens fine when clicked on directly.
  2. airrun76

    Viewing Help crashed MT

    Jerry, this is all I'm seeing:
  3. airrun76

    List of All Indexes for TDA

    Is there a way to see all indexes provided by TDA (TD Ameritrade)? In particular, I'd like a list of the Select Sector Index (Examples: $IXY.X, $IXV.X, $IXR.X, etc..) but be great to see ALL index list. I can't find a list anywhere online for these or on TDA website.
  4. When trying to view help menu (from file menu or clicking something that opens Help menu) MT crashes. Version:1.1.77750.2025 x64 OS:Windows 10
  5. I know you can delete all trend lines for a chart. Is there a way to delete all trend lines ever created at once across the board? I want to clean up old/style lines I'll never need again.
  6. It would be helpful when placing any pending orders (stop market, stop limit) etc..., to see this order on the intraday charts as an amount and line indicator and maybe a color coded indicator of some sort on the watch list as well for an equity.
  7. airrun76

    Request for Beta

    Long time fan of QT. I would like to request Beta release of MT. TD Ameritrade feed. Thanks!