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  1. Intraday Caption Style

    Is there anyway you can add an Intraday Caption Style <Symbol><Change><Bid><Ask>
  2. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    after I posted it seems to be working again now. Will post if trouble returns
  3. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    Trade Tickets quantities are not adjusting according to amount I have entered in the setting for trading accounts quantity tab. this was working previously
  4. Membership not showing

    FIXED. No apology necessary. thanks for the quick fix.
  5. Membership not showing

    I was charged m monthly subscription to my credit card on Dec 1st and now it says I have a free account today. I will PM you about this
  6. Shares Outstanding column

    Since I only need the info every once in a while I did a back fill using Yahoo Finance for intraday backfill and it populated. Is there any chance you can add the Float Column? Thanks you, sir
  7. Trade Tickets Order Type

    Thank you very much, sir
  8. Shares Outstanding column

    I use Yahoo Finance for Historical Backfill. On the web page it shows shares outstanding, however it does not populate that column in the watchlist. I have also tried Google finance, TDA and IB with no luck. Is there anyway to get this info to fill because I do not trade low float stocks and shares outstanding is good enough unless you can make a float column and have it update which is on Yahoo FInance webpage
  9. Trade Tickets Order Type

    Is there anyway to make the default order type Market. It defaults to Limit and I have to change it every time and sometimes the stock is moving fast and this slows me down and costs me extra on an entry Also is there anyway to have a midpoint entry button like in the order entry of TWS for IB
  10. Top List

    Does MT have top list ie. NASDAQ Top % Gainers, Top % Losers, NYSE Top % Gainers, Most Active......
  11. Simulator mode for Trading

    Is trading within MT able to use Simulated mode for testing and training. Using the Trading feature in MT in either Live or Sim mode would be great for getting use to the new Chart Trader, DOM, and order entry? If it is not will it be added in the future?
  12. Midpoint of Candlestick

    Can you add a plot of the Midpoint of the Candlestick I have attached a pic of how I have it plot in Thinkorswim
  13. Switch Statement

    ok C# it is I am trying to get all of my Paintbars moved from my Thinkorswim platform to Medved Trader Trying to figure out how to have a rule that a Candle closes in the top 25% on a green candle and the inverse closes in the bottom 25% of a red candle Close >= High - ((High-Low) * .25) works in Thinkorswim, no luck getting it in C# yet any help is appreciated I haven't programmed since C++ in college 20 years ago
  14. Switch Statement

    I was wondering if your paintbars can be written using switch, variable, plot
  15. Volume indicator spike removal/manual chart scaling

    Thanks PaulDee