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  1. Intraday chart not updating

    No the scroll bar does not have a red outline. Just now I was short ABBV and then I tried to flatten the trade with the flatten action button and it would not work so I used Buy Ask action button to close the trade. I now notice that the chart is no longer updating. I brought up ABBV on another chart and it is updating. I am using TD Ameritrade for datafeed and IB for broker.
  2. Intraday chart not updating

    I have three charts open with TWTR symbol. I am using TD Ameritrade for data feed. two of these charts are not updating and 1 is updating real time. The two that are not updating, if I slide the time back and then forward it will update the chart but not continue updating. IF I change the symbol to another in my watch list the chart will not update. I have to close the chart and open another intraday chart, and sometime I have to due these more than one to get it to update.
  3. Volume BUG

    ok, I see the same problem with two different data feeds, TD Ameritrade and IB. If I subscribe to IQFeed will the problem not be there. If so I will look into using another datafeed.
  4. Volume BUG

    Any progress on fixing the HUGE Volume bug, it has been two months
  5. Shortable Shares

    Is there any way you can show shortable shares for IB. Maybe on the Trade Ticket, or the watchlist. I have to bring up TWS and put the symbol in to see if there are any shares to short and that takes time.
  6. Midpoint of Candlestick

    Would that be easier than having it show in Databox under Range and can be checked or unchecked
  7. Midpoint of Candlestick

    It is for me I use it in Thinkorswim for almost every trade It does not have to be an indicator if it is an option to show this in the Data box below Range
  8. Midpoint of Candlestick

    I was thinking about this and I was wondering if you add this to the data box when you hover over a candle, as an option to use M:=Midpoint
  9. Horizontal Line Indicator Upper Study

    Thank you, sir
  10. Horizontal Line Indicator Upper Study

    Can you add the Value for PreMarket High and Low, and PostMarket High and Low to the study, please sir Not sure why this double posted sorry
  11. Horizontal Line Indicator Upper Study

    Can you add the Value for PreMarket High and PreMarket Low to the study, please sir
  12. Top List with Scanner running

    You said you were going to do Top List in the future. GREAT! I was wondering if you will be able to have a scan run on Top List like you run scans on watchlists ie. Top % Gainers from NASDAQ with a Scan running
  13. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    Jerry, Any thoughts on this issue
  14. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    Any thoughts on this yet???
  15. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    This issue is still there I think I realize how it happens If I click on a stock in a watchlist that has and it fills in my trade ticket it will fill the quantity correctly. If I put in a stock symbol from a scanner that I use from IB TWS that I have not had data streaming prior it just keep the quantity that it previously had For example I seen that in a watchlist the symbol YY comes up as a scan alert and I click on it and it populates in m Trade Ticket, Historical chart, Intraday 5 minute chart, Level 2, and populates the quantity on the Trade Ticket as 300 shares according to the settings I have Then I have a stock popup in a Market Scanner I use from IB TWS on a stock that has not had data streaming and I enter the symbol into the chart linked to my Trade Ticket and it takes a moment to backfill intraday data for example RIOT which is a $27 dollar stock as opposed to YY that is $121 stock, the 300 share quantity will remain. I have to enter YY symbol again and then RIOT and the Quantity will then change to 1000 shares. So this happens when a symbol is not having data streaming and the quantity does not wait until the backfill is complete best I can see, this happen every time I look at a symbol I do not have in a watchlist with datafeed Hope this is clear what I am seeing happen