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  1. Simulator mode for Trading

    Is trading within MT able to use Simulated mode for testing and training. Using the Trading feature in MT in either Live or Sim mode would be great for getting use to the new Chart Trader, DOM, and order entry? If it is not will it be added in the future?
  2. Midpoint of Candlestick

    Can you add a plot of the Midpoint of the Candlestick I have attached a pic of how I have it plot in Thinkorswim
  3. Switch Statement

    ok C# it is I am trying to get all of my Paintbars moved from my Thinkorswim platform to Medved Trader Trying to figure out how to have a rule that a Candle closes in the top 25% on a green candle and the inverse closes in the bottom 25% of a red candle Close >= High - ((High-Low) * .25) works in Thinkorswim, no luck getting it in C# yet any help is appreciated I haven't programmed since C++ in college 20 years ago
  4. Switch Statement

    I was wondering if your paintbars can be written using switch, variable, plot
  5. Volume indicator spike removal/manual chart scaling

    Thanks PaulDee
  6. Volume indicator spike removal/manual chart scaling

    Where is the "Scale by May" checkbox setting located?
  7. Trade-Ideas Market Scanner

  8. Trade-Ideas Market Scanner

    Will you be integrating Trade-Ideas with Medved Trader as you did with QuoteTracker?
  9. Range in Databox and Horizontal Lines with % values

    Yes, need it to be + and - % from Prev close Thanks for the Range data
  10. Can you add Range to the Databox when you hover over a candle? Also horizontal Lines with lines that show percent lines from previous days close (example +1% and -1% / +2% and -2% and so on and so forth from previous days close)
  11. New Bar Alert

    How about if you want a new bar alert you make it Alert at the open and only alert once on the first occurence. Would this work easily. I am looking at the open of the new bar not the close of the current bar.
  12. New Bar Alert

    I was wondering if there is a New Bar Alert that will play a sound at the beginning of every new bar. This is helpful for letting me know when a bar has completed if I am not at my PC or my eyes are not on the chart at that moment.
  13. Medved Trader encountered and Erro

    Sent the log file
  14. Medved Trader encountered and Erro

    Where do I get the log?
  15. Medved Trader encountered and Erro

    I received this error today with TDA market data. Medved Trader encountered an Error ADDTEMPTICK OUT OF SEQUENCE 1: Previous=1/9/2015 5:44:20 PM 635564222600000004 Current=1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM 0 APP VER: 1.0.5947.923 Please contact Medved Trader technical support and provide the error details AppVer: 1.0.5947.923 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator, ShowToUser