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  1. Access to Bitcoin Charting

  2. setting application API

    what'is it? thx
  3. account view: column "paid"

    I believe is better to separate the fees in a different column, the same for the column "gain"
  4. I use a java IB api to create my custom indicators and export them in a file txt Would it be possible to create a custom datafeed to import data and indicators and display them?
  5. # Trades

    Howewer, the data feed of IB is snapshot and no tick by tick, so, as it is calulated, NoT is not the Number of Trades/Ticks but only the number of data shot by IB.
  6. # Trades

    I don't know, TWS has the total number of trades
  7. # Trades

    IB return 54 TRADE_COUNT tickGeneric() https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/software/api/apiguide/tables/tick_types.htm
  8. # Trades

    Number of Trades run in the chart, but no in the portfolio
  9. paintbar? custom indicator? other?
  10. IB: delayed data

  11. IB: delayed data

    MT doesn't update the symbols with delayed data, while tws updates them