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  1. I'm running beta .2050, and I can't seem to find the "compares symbols" feature that was introduced a few months ago. Did it disappear in the beta, or do I just forget how to access it? Thanks!
  2. sforce

    I like the new Index Ribbon

    Is, or will there be, a way to pop the index panel out, or is creating a separate portfolio the only way to achieve that?
  3. sforce

    Add, delete volume in charts

    Ok, thanks. I guess what I was thinking of in QT was the "View" portion of the right-click/context menu, which had some useful options.
  4. sforce

    Add, delete volume in charts

    I just noticed right-clicking in the volume portion of a chart allows hiding the volume, but restoring it requires going into "Add/Edit Indicators." It would be nice if I could hide and restore the volume indicator within the overall right click menu. Seems to me QT allowed that. Thanks!!
  5. sforce

    Request for Beta

    Hi Jerry, Long time (and current) QT user. I am using IB (mostly) and TDA (feeds). Would love to try the beta. Thank you!