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  1. Email Alerts...

    Why is it not imminent? We can't always be glued in front of our computer screens.
  2. Unopened Portfolios

    Bring back QT.
  3. Unopened Portfolios

    Well that seems kind of strange. The reason I don't leave portfolios opened and minimized is because I don't always need to view them and they take up space on the taskbar.
  4. Unopened Portfolios

    Is there a way to keep unopened portfolios up to date with quotes? Whenever I open a portfolio in the middle of the day I have to backfill it.
  5. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    Sweet, that works perfect.
  6. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    Sorry, I should've been more specific. How do I set the inline chart to display $Gain?
  7. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    How do I do that?
  8. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    Yes I want it to track, I'm just looking for a way for the Total row not to get thrown off the chart each time I buy or sell something intraday. Kind of like what the spike filter does for a chart. I can use Sub-Total rows to track intraday trades, so I guess I'm really only trying to get the Total row to stay more in-line and not have to clear it every time a trade is made.
  9. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    If the tracking isn't for tracking the portfolio value, then what is it for?
  10. Rows for Total and Sub-Total

    I add them so I can track them intraday and I only use one portfolio.
  11. Can you add an option each to disregard intraday trades from being added or subtracted from the Total and Sub-Total rows? When buying, selling, daytrading, etc. these totals get thrown for a loop and end up being meaningless. For me, at least for the Total row and not so much the Sub-Total rows, I'd like to lock in my positions at the start of the day in the Totals and not let it make any changes until the start of the next day, regardless of what I buy or sell.
  12. Pressure Indicator

    So it's mainly working off the bid and ask values and has nothing to do with the actual up or down tread of the last price?
  13. Pressure Indicator

    Could you give the "Pressure Indicator for Dummies" explanation as to how this indicator works? It just doesn't seem to make any sense to me.
  14. Solid Row Highlight Option

    For anyone else with this issue I was using custom colors which caused the highlight bar to not be solid. It's fixed now.
  15. Solid Row Highlight Option

    Sent again.