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  1. Time and Sales?

    It's called Raw Data. Right click on a stock and select Raw Data.
  2. Hello, Is there a way to mark all unread News headlines as read for one stock without right clicking on each one? Can all light bulbs be cleared in a portfolio without clicking on each one? Thank you, LW
  3. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    I get my current Bitcoin Charts from here. Not sure if they have a API. https://bitcoinwisdom.com/markets/coinbase/btcusd It looks like they might use many different API's to get data for each different exchange. I have an account with Coinbase and they have a API.: https://developers.coinbase.com/ https://developers.coinbase.com/docs/wallet/guides/price-data
  4. Real-Time Scanner - Give me the scans you want!!!

    50 Day Moving Average Crosses 200 Day Moving Average When the 50 day SMA crossed below the 200 day SMA, it is called a "death cross." When the 50 crossed above the 200, it is called a "golden cross." Thanks