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    Ripple XRP is offered on the Poloniex exchange. #XRP.USD
  2. Open Multiple charts from a watchlist...

    That's what I do Jerry and it works great. Preset the charts and just link them with the color pin to a portfolio.
  3. Trade Tickets Order Type

    I'm running the most current Beta and have no problem changing to Stop Market. Are you hitting Apply and then OK after changing?
  4. corrupted data message

    Got the data validation popup today. Clicked ok and no problems. Seems to update data fine. Could see where a time count down would be handy, but clicking ok solves the problem fast. LW
  5. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    #BTC.DCR Yes..... Thanks. That works.
  6. Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    How to enter symbols for Poloniex in MT? I have a few alt coins there. One of them is Decerd. I tried #DCR.USD like the Bitfinex way for Bitcoin, but not getting data.
  7. Trade Tickets Order Type

    For the Limit to Market order. Go to FILE. Then go to SETTINGS. On SETTINGS screen go to TRADING menu and click on ACCOUNTS. Click on the account you want to change if you have more than one. At the bottom there will be a menu for ORDER SETTINGS. LW
  8. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Changing the default backfill to "Smart Source" worked. Thanks guys.
  9. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    I think I got this setup correctly, but not getting any back filled data. Live data incoming seems to be working find. Any ideas what I might need to change to fill chart with missed data?
  10. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Wow! This is the Best! Excellent programing guys.. This is why we like this software so much. You are always adding new features and functions. Keep it up and thanks for the Bitcoin stuff.
  11. Time and Sales?

    It's called Raw Data. Right click on a stock and select Raw Data.
  12. Hello, Is there a way to mark all unread News headlines as read for one stock without right clicking on each one? Can all light bulbs be cleared in a portfolio without clicking on each one? Thank you, LW
  13. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    I get my current Bitcoin Charts from here. Not sure if they have a API. https://bitcoinwisdom.com/markets/coinbase/btcusd It looks like they might use many different API's to get data for each different exchange. I have an account with Coinbase and they have a API.: https://developers.coinbase.com/ https://developers.coinbase.com/docs/wallet/guides/price-data
  14. Real-Time Scanner - Give me the scans you want!!!

    50 Day Moving Average Crosses 200 Day Moving Average When the 50 day SMA crossed below the 200 day SMA, it is called a "death cross." When the 50 crossed above the 200, it is called a "golden cross." Thanks