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  1. TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    Darnnit - TDA servers went down again - can't get L2 anywhere else either AFAIK?
  2. TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    Jerry, not getting any data from TDA -no quotes - all data is from Friday AH - anything I can do on my end short of using delayed Yahoo quotes since I still can't get Ally data to work yet? Edit: Nevermind - literally the second I hit "post" MT updated to real time data.
  3. Reverse split shares outstanding not udpated

    I went to TDA's website and opened up their data page, clicked on fundamentals, and it's showing the correct shrs out, 31.8M - MT still showing 240M - I can't find a way to clear the data for portfolios/watchlists, only for charts - am I missing something?
  4. A stock of mine did a 1:10 RS on June 19, 2017, I manually adjusted the cost basis in my watchlists that I use as portfolios (not actual TDA account numbers), but the shares outstanding column still shows the old share count, 10 times what it should be - I tried backfilling with a variety of sources (all of the one available to me), and no joy - still have incorrect share count.- how do I fix this?
  5. Data not loading

    I don't see a "refresh" button upper left, just a "start quotes/stop quotes" icon in that location - it's like stoplight, green when real time quotes are coming in from TDA. Figured out what I think you meant for me to do though - I clicked on "Main", the "Source", changed it to Yahoo, then MC and shrs out filled in, got the "quotes delayed" icon next to each symbol, then switched source back to TDA for real time instead of delayed quotes. Oddly, two symbols, ARNA and AMRN, still showed "delayed quotes" next to them after the switch back to TDA source, could be some artifact? I assume every time I start MT I'd have to do this temp switch, or will shrs out and MC data be stored and available the next time I start MT? Answer to your last question, which symbols didn't fill from Yahoo, I think I know why those are blank - they're all CEFs or ETFs, and shrs out at a given time of day isn't really a known value - a CEF can issue new shares at any time if they have a DRIP, and ETFs can create new units whenever there's demand for them, and their NAV isn't known until after COB on every day. That's not really a problem from my POV.
  6. Data not loading

    Don't have Yahoo set to use HTML quotes, tried back filling using Yahoo as source, got shrs out and market cap for ~ 1/3 of a watchlist, but nothing filled in my actual account portfolios, although I could see an icon saying "backfilling X Y Z", ran through all symbols then stopped. Weird - can't make heads or tails what stocks/funds that did show shrs out and MC and those that didn't. Don't have access to the others you listed, still working on TK/SP2 problem.
  7. Data not loading

    Jerry, I've tried using multiple data sources available to me - Google Finance, TDA, SmartSource (no idea where that data comes from), and Yahoo Finance - none of them will show shares outstanding for my portfolios. These are the data sources available to me - does the non-green stick pin icon on the right hand side mean these feeds are not available? I did search the forums and find the trick for showing previous volume (or avg. vol?) using historical backfill, but that doesn't work for shrs out. I see TDA doesn't have a column under "change view", for shrs out, so that's probably why using TDA as data source doesn't work - but Yahoo does show the data, at least on the Key Stats page, and Google shows "Shares" and other info directly under the stock name/symbol as shown below - is this data not in a "feed" that MT can read? 3.35 +0.03 (0.90%) After Hours: 3.35 0.00 (0.00%) Feb 8, 4:36PM EST NASDAQ real-time data - Disclaimer Currency in USD Range 3.26 - 3.39 52 week 1.24 - 3.65 Open 3.39 Vol / Avg. 2.05M/1.55M Mkt cap 904.34M P/E - Div/yield - EPS -0.43 Shares 269.95M Beta 0.88 Inst. own 42%
  8. Thanks - that's what I thought - if/when I start trading in TK account, will leave that initial $500 in cash alone.
  9. Jerry, quick question - to gain free use of MT by having a TradeKing account your site says "* $500 minimum balance required in order to get Medved Trader full Premium access for free." - does that mean you have to have assets worth $500 or more, or just to have deposited a minimum of $500 with TK? Reason I ask is I currently have $500 cash sitting in my TK account while still struggling to get my SP2 problems resolved, and I wonder if I bought $500 worth of stock in that account, but the pps dropped, leaving me with < $500 in assets in TK, would that then disqualify me from free access to MT?
  10. Weird error problem

    Ok, thanks, will just ignore it then, doesn't hamper the function of the rest of the app - I assume it actually doesn't have anything to do with the amount of RAM I have, or priority assigned to the MT process?
  11. Weird error problem

    Just got home, noticed that the ribbon status bar showed current time was 13:55, and the portfolio window I have open that contains the 3 major indexes had an error alert icon on it, and while the mouse was hovering over that window the hourglass icon was showing - clicked on the "error" icon and got this - bizarre, says error occurred in the future? Stranger still, nothing wrong with the main app, all other open portfolio windows have last trade times updated correctly, 16:00 for those with no AH trades or whatever time the last AH trade was made - text of error message is below - is this a bug? 11/16/16 10:29:23 PM: MT.Util.MTErrorObj: Type=Error Severity=Medium Action=Log, ShowIndicator Code=FullRecalc - THREAD - EXCEPTION: Symbol=$SPX.X Message=Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. Details=AppVer: 1.1.1710.1558 Err.Flags: Log, ShowIndicator System.OutOfMemoryException: at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.set_Capacity(Int32 value) at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.EnsureCapacity(Int32 min) at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.Add(T item) at MT.ChartDataObject._fullRecalcCandle(Boolean OnlyPartial, Boolean IsTick, Int32 restartCount) in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\ChartDataObject.cs:line 2311 at MT.ChartDataObject._fullRecalcThreadMain() in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\ChartDataObject.cs:line 1308
  12. "Wait" hourglass on watchlist window?

    Got a "system out of memory" error when I tried to close/restart MT - that's the problem with the hourglass icon - haven't seen that problem before. Where do I email the logfile?
  13. "Wait" hourglass on watchlist window?

    Have noticed occasionally one of my watchlist windows appears sort of hung - it's not, quotes are updating on time, but when I put the focus on that one portfolio window I see the Windows hourglass "wait" icon hovering over that window, but not on any other open windows/tabs - what's the app doing that's causing this? Also get a warning from a Task Info app I run saying "This digital signature is not valid", certificate for MT.exe is invalid - doesn't appear to affect the function of MT, but my PC isn't happy about running what it thinks is an insecure app. - thoughts or comments on what might be causing either problem and how to diagnose or fix them?
  14. Average Volume and Vol % not filling

    Jerry, I have been dealing with the same issue, but an even more bizarre one. I login to TDA automatically when MT starts, and use custom watchlists set up as portfolios for my TDA accounts, also have a "real" watchlist of stocks under consideration for buying. That watchlist had an empty column for avg. volume, and trying historical backfill like you suggested (using Smartsource) locked up the data feed to the watchlist, clicking on "cancel hist. backfill" did nothing, had to close and restart the program, which is when I noticed something different - I have the ribbon minimized for the two windows showing my TDA accounts, but it was visible in the watchlist window - I noticed the "source" item just below the portfolio name showed TDA, so I clicked on it and switched it to Yahoo Finance - voila! Avg. volume instantly backfilled. The oddity is that I have TDA as source for my two "faked" accounts as well, but avg. volume shows up on those windows - how can this be? TDA doesn't appear to supply avg. volume, or at least it's not available when you try to customize your portfolio view on the TDA webpage. In any case, for others who might experience this problem, maximize the ribbon and try selecting a different data source - Yahoo worked for me. Oops - wait a second - just went back and looked at that watchlist, noticed that there was a tiny icon next to the symbols showing data was delayed, because the source was Yahoo - changed it back to TDA, got back real time data, and avg. volume is still there, but I'm guessing it won't be updated over time? Won't really know for a while, as Yahoo uses 3 months to calculate avg. volume. P.S. Still working on updating to SP2, think I may have found a solution - ran the Vista System Readiness tool I found online yesterday, discovered I was missing an update needed to install SP2, will try again this weekend. One critical other thing I discovered - if you have backup apps running in the background that use Windows System Restore files like I do (Macrium Reflect), Vista SP2 will fail at the third stage and revert back to SP1. Closing those processes prior to running the SP2 upgrade doesn't help, because the PC reboots between each stage, which restarts them on the first and second reboot - you need to run MSConfig.exe, go to Services tab, click on "hide MS services", then disable what's left - the backup app I use starts via the registry, not the Startup group directory, so you have to disable it in this manner, it's the only way that works. Will see if this method works this weekend - I assume TradeKing data feed provides avg. volume w/o the delay on real time quotes like Yahoo has?
  15. ex_hacker202