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  1. Unable to bring Watchlist to front

    Ah, you're right - I do have the taskbar manager set to group similar tabs to save space - was forced to do that because Win10 won't let me change the fix the size of the taskbar tabs like Vista did, when too many tabs are open it automatically shrinks the icons to tiny ones I can't read instead of going to multiple rows like Vista allowed you to do. Anyway, just discovered a fix for the group tabs issue - if I right click on the MT tab I see three things - pin to taskbar, close all windows, and the 3rd is just the MT icon - clicking on that opens all windows like the old Vista "restore all windows" command did. For those unhappy with default Win10 taskbar options/behavior, the app I use is "7+ Taskbar Tweaker" - pretty cool piece of software (if you don't forget how you set it up, duh!). BTW, I posted several times here over the last few weeks about "Previous Volume" not filling in anymore - they were in some old threads, so you probably didn't see them - doesn't matter which data source I choose for real time or historical backfill, nothing gives me previous day's volume - I know this worked sometime back, perhaps before a new version of MT came out - any ideas what's causing this issue?
  2. Unable to bring Watchlist to front

    Jerry, finally moved over to a Win10 machine, Vista PC died on Sunday - and in Win10 MT runs very differently - when you left click on the MT tab in the TaskBar there is no option to "Bring to Front" - what I see is the four different portfolios I have open, and clicking on one only brings that window to the front - is this behavior caused by Win10? I use a taskbar manager app, same one I used on the Vista PC, and this problem didn't exist on that PC.
  3. I noticed last week that for an ETF on my watchlist (created as a portfolio), AMZA, MT was displaying an incorrect dividend of $2.60/yr, 29% yield - I know the real div is 52 cents/Q, and it's been that amount since inception, which is $2.08/yr 24% yield. Today I noticed the CEF DMO on the watchlist is also displaying incorrect data - shows div is $0.66/yr, 2.57% yield, while in reality current div amount is $0.225/mo, $2.7/yr, 10.3% yield. For DMO, over the last 3 months they declared a special div of 50 cents for Dec, and changed regular div from $0.235 to $0.225, so I can understand some data sources giving weird or bad data, but it should be the other way - too high because of the special div, not too low. Using Yahoo as data source gives correct yield for AMZA, but doesn't show div amount, and Yahoo does not return CEF divs or yield - so TDA is currently the problem, but when I go online to my IRA account at TDA and pull up those symbols, the correct divs and yields are displayed, which is weird - why is the data MT is getting from TDA wrong? On my Win10 box, using Ally Invest as the data source, the divs and yields are correct. Also, something appears to have been broken by the last update - previous volume no longer shows up regardless of what data source I choose on either PC - what happened to that data - did it depend solely on Yahoo, and is now broken for good because Ally and TDA don't report that data?
  4. Data not loading

    Similar problem - now that Yahoo has cut off downloading historical data (at least into Excel), I'm no longer seeing previous day's volume in MT - actually, I think this may actually be a new issue? I'm getting Volume and Avg. Volume (a problem I had last year, solved in this thread above), but not Previous Volume, doesn't matter which source I choose. TDA doesn't appear to provide prev. vol. - does Ally Invest give that data? Actually, something odd just happened - I switched the data source to Yahoo as shown above, backfilled all, and indeed, new numbers popped up in the avg. vol. column, but still nothing in prev. vol - any idea why?
  5. "Free Version of MT" now has serious limitations?

    Nevermind Jerry - I installed the latest update, and now everything is fine on the Vista box, "free" restriction stuff is gone and my 30 symbol watchlist portfolio is restored.
  6. "Free Version of MT" now has serious limitations?

    Well, that's the problem - on Vista SP1 I can't log in to my Ally Invest account, so can't pull up the Ally account view - appears something got broken somehow, although things worked fine after I installed the latest update you sent me on 12/21/17 for the TDA data source problem - which reminds me of something - it happened again this morning, TDA real time data wasn't updating, showed yesterday's close, and when I restarted MT that's when I saw the free portfolio restrictions. And as I mentioned above the same thing happened this morning on my Win10 box, where I do log in to Ally Invest on startup - only when I installed the latest update did the "limited portfolio view" stuff go away on the Win10 box. Guess I should try installing the latest update on the Vista PC and see if that helps, or do you want me to email you the log file again first?
  7. MT locked up overnight, and when I restarted this morning I got two warning/error messages: Free Medved Trader accounts cannot have more than 20 symbols displayed in each portfolio. Please change your account one of the get paid subscription plans to get rid of this and other restrictions. And the attached screencap saying "free accounts cannot have more than two portfolio windows open" - this is intolerable - who instigated this change? I will close my Ally Invest account (just added more cash in it to started trading, now this?!?) if I cannot view my entire IRA holdings in a portfolio view, and my portfolio watchlist had at least 30 symbols as well. Wonder if this is possibly related to me still running MT on VIsta and not being able to log in to Ally Invest from the VIsta PC? Wait a second - to test that theory I just opened MT on the Win10 box, it asked to install an update, so I did it, now on Win10 box no warning messages or limits on portfolios - so is this an update issue (have not updated main app on Vista box), or an Ally login problem? I'm still a week or two away from moving to the Win10 box at a minimum, been much more difficult than I expected, plus spending way more time on other things than normal.
  8. Is TDA API down this morning, or just me?

    Just sent the log file to you.
  9. Is TDA API down this morning, or just me?

    Literally as soon as I sat down at my PC a few minutes ago got the error message TDA data wasn't updating - but it was actually frozen from yesterday, so MT was probably throwing the error for > 12 hrs, i just wasn't at the PC to see it. Restarted MT and the data was there immediately - but the 3rd time this week I had to do that. Appears the data stream gets interrupted when AH trading stops from what I'm seeing - timestamps for last trade are always 20:00 EDT, which is official close of AH. I hope this isn't a permanent change for TDA's API - I like to leave MT running 24/5, never close it until COB on Fridays. Just had a thought - is it possible to log off from TDA within MT, then log back in? I don't really see a way to do that at first glance.
  10. Is TDA API down this morning, or just me?

    TDA servers have gone down almost every day this week - I have to close MT and restart it, then for some odd reason the data comes through ok - what's up with that?
  11. Data Accuracy, StockCharts.com vs MT

    Edited my post, didn't expect you to answer in seconds, LOL. Good to know MT still has access to Yahoo data! BTW, finally bought a Win10 PC, just starting to move files and apps over to it - can I run MT from 2 PC's simultaneously while testing the new one (going to take > 1 month to migrate), and will the monthly payments stop automatically once I'm able to log in to Ally Invest on the new PC, or do I need to contact you to cancel the payments?
  12. Data Accuracy, StockCharts.com vs MT

    Wow - this Yahoo data embargo has wrecked damn near every historical data website on the net - just checked a bunch I have bookmarked for CEFs I own, every single one of them is returning "no data available" or has a diverted web page that something like " XXX is not currently available" - going to affect MT somewhat too, since IIRC a previous question I had for you was how to fill in "Avg. Vol" column, and solution was backfill with historical Yahoo data - I assume that's no longer going to work, and there's no replacement for the data unless you work out a deal with Yahoo to pay for it? Went to Yahoo Finance historical data for one of my stocks, and the "download to CSV" link is no longer at the top of the page, so this data embargo is not limited to Excel macros, it's a total embargo for all stock data downloads - I could still copy/paste into Excel, but that ain't gonna happen, too time consuming.. Can't download CEFConnect data either, which is really my biggest need - daily CEF premium/discounts.
  13. Data Accuracy, StockCharts.com vs MT

    "NAV - I think we get that now - shows in LAST" Last = last trade price, not NAV, AFAIK?
  14. Data Accuracy, StockCharts.com vs MT

    Thanks Jerry - the update fixed the missing ex-div dates. Another question - are you aware that Yahoo is now blocking very popular Excel macros from downloading delayed stock quotes and other data, some of which are very important to me and I'm sure many others - data for NAV, BV, P/B, or CEF discount/premiums - that stuff is critical to me, especially premium/discount #'s or calcs using BV to MP. I see MT does not have columns for that data either - any way to implement it, and more importantly, create the ability to export daily data into a CSV file Excel can read?
  15. Data Accuracy, StockCharts.com vs MT

    Late to this thread, but I also only see one entry for Dividend(s), for adjusting historical charts, which brings me to my own question - I have my charts set to show events earnings and dividends, but for one of my stocks that went ex-div on 10/27/17 the chart is not showing that one, historical backfill using a variety of sources didn't help - where does that data come from and how long should it take to show up in a chart?