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  1. tedd

    Trend line value missing

    By the way, all my trend lines were drawn using saved default setting as "Show behind Chart". There are countless trend lines on multiple symbols. Is there a way to change default settings and retroactive for all existing trend lines? Basically I want to change default settings and be retroactive to all old trend lines.
  2. tedd

    Trend line value missing

    Looks like "Show behind Chart" is hiding it. That was not the case before where line was behind the chart but value still shows. I think the old way is better.
  3. tedd

    Trend line value missing

    Latest production version: Trend line shown value on Y axis is not showing value. Last production version worked just fine.
  4. tedd

    Can I stop Crypto symbol warnings

    --- creates a subgroup which I don't want. I want a blank line. If I use other character than #, i guess it still will warn?
  5. When a layout is saved, the position and size of windows are saved but the minimization state of windows are not saved. Can MT save that state so that when switching between saved layouts not every window is opened even though some windows were minimized when a layout was saved? I notice minimization state is saved when exiting MT so when it restarts whatever was minimized stay minimized.
  6. So it keeps warning me about wrong symbols. I am adding a blank line between symbols by doing this in my portfolio: #KNC.BTC, #EDO.BTC, #, #ADA.ETH, #BCD.ETH. I think it is warning about # by itself. Can I stop the warnings?
  7. tedd

    Critical error

    Got this this morning.
  8. tedd

    Portfolio windows position on taskbar

    just tried. so what I am talking about is to stick one portfolio on top of another portfolio, or one chart always stay on top of another chart. that's not doable I guess.
  9. tedd

    Portfolio windows position on taskbar

    Yup, there is trade off I guess. Another issue, is there a pin-to-the-top function for each windows? chart or portfolio So it stays visible always.
  10. tedd

    Portfolio windows position on taskbar

    how about when restart MT, it opens each portfolio window in the order of they are listed in the portfolio list? The order can moved up/down the list looks like. possibly with some time delay in between each windows
  11. So I have multiple portfolio windows open, is there a way to organize the position of these windows' icon on the bottom task bar in certain order? For example, I want "P1-social", "P2-biotech", "P3- crypto" "P4-energy" .... etc in this particular order on the taskbar every time MT restarts. Right now every time MT restarts the order is reshuffled randomly seems..
  12. Would be nice to add this option to turn them off. It would save some space on my screen.
  13. If an alert is set or there is a news item on a symbol in a portfolio window, there is a "!'" for an alert or light bulb for a news item. I still want the alert be set and news feed on, but I do not want "! "and light bulb to automatically show up. Can I do that?
  14. tedd

    Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    Well looks like it works ok. Once past UTC0 the daily chart just needs to be refreshed/repainted then the last candle draws correctly. So sorry for my mistake
  15. tedd

    Support added for RITHMIC and POLONIEX

    I am referring to the last candle on daily chart, using Poloniex (or other exchange). After UTC0 rollover (which is 8pm ET) you start a new day on intraday chart, and you have a new candle on daily chart, but this last daily candle looks to me is still using data before 8pmET. Between 8pmET and 11:59pmET, the last candle is the same as the second to last candle. After 12amET the last candle then uses the new day (i.e.,after UTC0 rollover) hi-low-open-close. Now I don't know if MT is calculating the last candle or get it from exchange, if the latter, then you can not do anything about it. I'll try to get a pic to you tonight. I agree with you that their using last 24hr change make it useless. Should be using UTC0 as a starting point on a day.