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  1. AMTD feed slow at market open

    Got it latest beta yesterday. Works very well this morning open. No blocking at all. Appreciate it very much. Sent my settings.
  2. AMTD feed slow at market open

    Thanks very much. In the meantime, currently my chart Extended Hours is set to Last Two Days, would picking other choice help to speed it up?
  3. AMTD feed slow at market open

    Yes I do have lots of symbols and lots of trendline alerts too. Is that the price I have to pay? So MT is doing something at market open I guess. Other than closing down some portfolio windows, what else can I do to speed it up at the opening?
  4. AMTD feed slow at market open

    Yes I do have lots of symbols and lots of trendline alerts too. Is that the price I have to pay? So MT is doing something at market open I guess.
  5. AMTD feed slow at market open

    I am not sure this has been covered before or anyone else experienced this also. AMTD real-time data does not come through at the market open at 9:30AM ET, pretty much all stocks time-stamp stuck at 9:30 for like 4-5 mins, and then at about 9:35, you can see all the data begin to pour in. After that all data are updated normally. Pre-open data seems getting fed through ok too. Seems there is a delay of data from AMTD at the 9:30 open. I have noticed this delay before but the delay is getting longer now. Stop/Start feed during this 4-5mins does not help either. Is that AMTD problem? anything can be done there. Thanks
  6. Latest Beta 1.1.5150.2036 (2017-07-27) may have a bug. Clicking minimize all windows on top of MT Dashboard, then click the MT icon from Toolbar will only open up Dashboard but not all other windows. All other versions before this one will open up all windows. Right click top of Dashboard to click "Bring Medved Trader to Front.." seems fix the problem. Also, how to get previous Beta 1.1.5070.0432 (2017-06-26) ?
  7. Not solving the problem even after removing space after ";". I emailed you pics and file. Hope you can find something.
  8. Latest beta 1.1.3615.0346 (2017-02-13) gives me problem in font size or style in grid display. I have customized my grid display and have been using it for last 6 months with no problem. This latest beta looks like changed default font type or size such that grid window has to be enlarged to display everything I want to display, I have tried to change font size, type etc through TESTING tap without success. Now I am back to latest production release and things back to normal.
  9. ALLOWDUP????

    Yup, I can see MT is quite different from QT. Wait for the group function then. BTW, do you know if QT will stop working all together or just AMTD quotes will stop but QT still works with other quote source?
  10. ALLOWDUP????

    Hi Jerry, This is the situation where multiple MT would help. For example, I can two QT's, one for stocks, one for futures, I have multiple charts open for each instance. I can minimize stock instance so all charts and portfolio are cleared off my screen, or minimize futures instances. It is difficult to minimize a set of charts & watchlist with ONE Click under MT now unless there is a group function where I can minimize a set of charts and watchlist at once.
  11. Customizing Font Type/Size

    It is really the font style that I wan to change, trying to make it just like settings I have on QT. Can I add font type to the file? Email me the file please. thanks.
  12. Hi, QT has a way to customizing font type and size to portfolio grid. For grid, MT currently only has a set of color sets to choose from and only A+- font size. All of them with font type are either too large or too small. It would be very nice to add capability to customizing one of those color sets and save it as my own (like chart settings currently have edit color sets) with my choice of font type and size. I am using Tahoma 7 under QT which is very good on my eye and screen real estate.