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  1. Delayed Yahoo data.

    Jerry, Yahoo delayed data hasn't been streaming for me (ticker @ESM17) for the past week. Can update it by back filling only. Any ideas on how I can get this to stream again?
  2. Users who trade options...

    Mike I just noticed you followed up on my post. I sent you an message attachment to your Medved twitter account as to what I am personally seeing on my funded Questrade account.
  3. Users who trade options...

    Apparently only on select platforms. Doesn't work with Questrade for example.
  4. Pivots and Volume

  5. Pivots and Volume

    Thanks, I'll take a look at setting it up in the trade size alert form. While we're on the topic of data may I ask what is your opinion of the Money.net data feed ?
  6. Pivots and Volume

    Ok thanks, and regarding raw data block trade alerts ?
  7. Pivots and Volume

    Jerry, any possibility of allowing Yearly Pivots on intraday charts? Also, raw data block trade alerts, another feature I would love to see. Many thanks.
  8. Options buy sell procedure

    Thanks Jerry. Appreciate the follow up.
  9. Options buy sell procedure

    Just wanted to ask for some clarity in the procedure to purchase options on the MT platform. Could you please explain the 4 buttons (buy open, buy close, sell close sell open) in the trade ticket window. On the Questrade platform we have only the "buy" "sell" buttons . Also please correct me if I'm wrong. To initiate an options trade the procedure would be to right click on the options chain window for the desired call or put option by selecting the trade button. For example the SPY options chain, 213 calls, right click on the 213 call and then select "trade" which initiates the trade ticket window. From the trade ticket window I presume we are clicking the "buy open" to purchase the desired 213 call (or put) and "sell close" to later complete that transaction. Thanks
  10. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    That's good to know, Looking forward to a complete integration sometime in the future. Thanks
  11. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    Mike, I'm new to the platform and we're still getting familiar with things but really like what I see so far. Last week on Twitter I pointed out that open interest was not displayed for Questrade data on the Medved option chain. Just wanted to follow up with you guys on that to see if there is any way to get that resolved. Thanks
  12. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    You got it, thanks for the help !
  13. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    Not sure, I'm not completely familiar with you horizontal lines indi. Does that indi auto draw the lines? I'm not seeing that? I'm not seeing any user toggles that would display those lines.
  14. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    Hi Mike. We are using this script on the TOS Daily and Monthly, but can be adjusted to Weekly and Intraday h/l/c also. Very nice script and especially useful as price likes to gravitate to these areas.
  15. Previous Month/Year H/L/C

    Hey guys, just wondering if we could have a previous Month/Year H/L/C indicator built. I have enclosed my TOS script to give you an idea of what I had in mind. Thanks declare once_per_bar; declare upper; declare real_size; input Pivots = {"Shadows", default "Normal"}; input showOnlyLast = no; input ShowCloud = yes; input showBubble = yes; input ShiftBubble = 5; def n1 = ShiftBubble + 1; input timeFrame = { "DAY", "WEEK", "MONTH", "OPT EXP", default "YEAR"}; def cap = GetAggregationPeriod(); def errorInAggregation = timeFrame == timeFrame.YEAR and !(cap == AggregationPeriod.MONTH or cap == AggregationPeriod.DAY) or timeFrame == timeFrame.YEAR and cap == AggregationPeriod.DAY and BarNumber() < 510 or timeFrame == timeFrame.DAY and cap >= AggregationPeriod.WEEK or timeFrame == timeFrame.WEEK and cap >= AggregationPeriod.MONTH or timeFrame == timeFrame."OPT EXP" and cap >= AggregationPeriod.OPT_EXP; AddLabel( errorInAggregation, "Agregation Error", Color.RED); def IsNewYear = GetYear() != GetYear()[1]; #def IsNewFrame = GetYYYYMMDD(period = timeFrame); def cBar = if IsNaN(close) then 0 else BarNumber(); def LastBar = HighestAll(cBar); def isExtention = BarNumber() > LastBar; def C_ ; def H_ ; def L_ ; if isExtention then { C_ = C_[1]; H_ = H_[1]; L_ = L_[1]; } else if timeFrame == timeFrame."YEAR" then { C_ = if IsNewYear then close[1] else C_[1]; H_ = if IsNewYear then high else Max(H_[1], high); L_ = if IsNewYear then low else Min(L_[1], low); } else { C_ = if BarNumber() <= 1 then open else close(period = timeFrame)[1]; H_ = if BarNumber() <= 1 then open else high(period = timeFrame)[1]; L_ = if BarNumber() <= 1 then open else low(period = timeFrame)[1]; } def C ; def H ; def L ; if timeFrame == timeFrame."YEAR" then { C = if IsNewYear then C_ else C[1]; H = if IsNewYear then H_[1] else H[1]; L = if IsNewYear then L_[1] else L[1]; } else { C = C_; H = H_; L = L_; } plot Cl; plot Hi; plot Lw; if (showOnlyLast and !isExtention) then { Cl = Double.NaN; Hi = Double.NaN; Lw = Double.NaN; } else { Cl = C; Hi = H; Lw = L; } Cl.SetDefaultColor(Color.gray); Hi.SetDefaultColor(Color.gray); Lw.SetDefaultColor(Color.gray); Cl.SetLineWeight(1); Cl.SetStyle(Curve.SHORT_DASH); Hi.SetLineWeight(1); Hi.SetStyle(Curve.SHORT_DASH); Lw.SetLineWeight(1); Lw.SetStyle(Curve.SHORT_DASH); def cond = showBubble and IsNaN(close[ShiftBubble]) and !IsNaN(close[n1]) ; AddChartBubble(cond, Cl, Concat("m cl: ", Round(Cl)), Color.white); AddChartBubble(cond, Hi, Concat("m hi: ", Round(Hi)), Color.white); AddChartBubble(cond, Lw, Concat("m lo: ", Round(Lw)), Color.white); Cl.HideBubble(); Hi.HideBubble(); Lw.HideBubble();