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  1. Ex div.date

    Well OK. I guess it’s not a feature already available in the program. Just asking. I have 7 different ex dates every month.    
  2. Ex div.date

    Hi Jerry & Mike Would there be a way to show the next ex dividend date in the portfolio column rather than the last date? I think it would be more useful for planning purposes. If one of my holdings sells off much more than the distribution on ex div date I’ll add some shares.....so having the next date rather the last date would be a big help.
  3. TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    Working now..10:46
  4. Close all windows

    Sorry...Operator error.
  5. Close all windows

    Icon from portfolio window is gone.
  6. Webroot

    Works as advertised now! Thanks Mike...Thanks Jerry
  7. Webroot

    Upload reported good.
  8. Webroot

    Okay Jerry. Should this be with MT running and WR re-enabled ?
  9. Webroot

    I'll be back in about 2 hours. Take care of it then. Thanks.
  10. Webroot

    Good morning Jerry. No love yet. Tried again about five minutes ago.
  11. Webroot

    Great Thank you.
  12. Webroot

    Hi Jerry. Could you please whitelist MT with Webroot Secure Anywhere again. Latest production version updates are not playing well together. Other than that all’s just right. Thank’s....Dave
  13. Time and Sales?

    Try the Raw Data feature. That may be what you're looking for.
  14. WebRoot again?

    It's all good Jerry. Thank you.
  15. WebRoot again?

    Thanks Jerry.