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  1. Ally Quotes not working...

    HI Jerry, Sorry to waste your time but I just realized that, for some reason, the internet connect on the PC that I use for quotes was interrupted. I don't know why I did not check this first! Everything is OK now and thanks for you help!
  2. Ally Quotes not working...

    Now I just received a Medved Trader - Error. "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond" No, I did not check any boxes.
  3. Ally Quotes not working...

    I followed the instructions but the "Send Settings to Support" window seems to be stuck on "Sending File". Did you by chance receive it? Thanks!
  4. Ally Quotes not working...

    Thanks for the reply Jerry. I did not change anything with Ally, or in MT and the quotes have worked just fine as early as last Friday. How can I check to see if I have real time quotes? Thanks!
  5. Ally Quotes not working...

    Thanks for the update Jerry. I am also not getting quotes with Ally. Anyone else noticing this?
  6. Really FAST Quotes

    Thanks for the feedback Jerry. I have not had to visit the forums here lately because MT has been running rock solid without ANY issues. You all continue to do a great job and your support is top notch. I refer as many people as I can to your service. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
  7. Really FAST Quotes

    I totally understand. Thanks you so much for the feedback. I had actually not even heard of Tradier until I saw your video. Looks interesting. I will take a look at them. One last question and I will not bother you anymore today. I noticed, under the Options, Data Sources selections something called "Smart Source Priority". It is defaulted to normal but what is that anyway? Take care!
  8. Really FAST Quotes

    Thanks for the reply! So it appears as though Ally is a bit "faster" than TD Ameritrade since TDA quotes come in bursts. So if you were to choose between Ally, Tradier or TDA, which one would provide the fastest quotes (all other things being equal). Does enabling something called API have anything to do with the speed of quotes? Finally, out of curiosity, why did you use Tradier as your data source in the YouTube video? Thanks!
  9. Really FAST Quotes

    I was watching your YouTube video on setting up MT and one thing that I noticed was that the quotes, as shown in the video, seemed to be posting really FAST. My quotes come through relatively fast but not as fast as what was shown in your video. I would like to replicate what you have set up. Is it related to settings or data source. I am using Ally and TD Ameritrade as my data sources. Any feedback from you is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I noticed that you were using Tradier as your data source in the YouTube video.
  10. Got it! It looks to be working just fine although the market is closed now. A welcome addition. Thanks for your work on this! Charles
  11. Great New! I have downloaded the Beta. Do I need to somehow enable the index panel? It is not showing up when I start MT. Thanks! Charles
  12. Great News! I also have been waiting patiently for the Index panel and will be very happy when it is released.
  13. Thanks for the update. I will keep looking for that feature to be added.Take care! Charles
  14. I know you guys are always hard at work but is there any ETA on the "index Bar" (I REALLY miss this)? Thanks! Charles
  15. Yes, that did it. Thank you so much for your great support!