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  1. Adding addition items

    THX!! I was also looking to add items not mentioned and found the add manual at bottom it..ALL GOOD!
  2. Adding addition items

    How do i add additional items/indexes to the toolbar across the top were it now shows $DJI $SPX.X $RUT.X etc?? I can't find the instructions on the help page.
  3. Canadian Quotes

    Is it possible to get Canadian quotes? I use Ameritrade.
  4. Portfolio Valuations

    Made the changes-ALL is Good!
  5. Portfolio Valuations

    Ok, I will redo that part of the platform but actually it appears the totals from the column called LAST has at least the correct current value, I think THX!
  6. Portfolio Valuations

    I understand but I now have changed the commission to $0, and the total cost is still showing $2,347,864 for a $25,000 portfolio amount. It appears something else is causing this $695,000 error, any thoughts?
  7. Portfolio Valuations

    Why doesn't the Total Cost & Paid columns match? The P/L is misleading because of this. This is 1st time I have used this and don't know what happened.
  8. SPY Option charting

    All is fine! THX!
  9. SPY Option charting

    Still does not work, this is very frustrating. I DO OPEN the option chart from the IBM Option chain window, is that why it does not work either using Yahoo data? I am unsure how to change a symbol in a Hist. Chart window that is already open, as I have always opened charts by right clicking the symbol from a watch list. I have added the IBM option symbol ((( .IBM_171215C155 ))) into my watch list, right clicked both the Hist & Intraday charts with Yahoo as data source in the chart window and still NO BACKFILL--> do I have to change the data source for my watch list also to make this work? If so, I'll PASS on trying to figure this out. Sorry for effort but if we can't fix this I'll revert back to the TOS charting system for this matter. PS.. I am doing now this AFTER the Market has closed could that be a problem as to the timing and maybe it works tomorrow....just saying.........
  10. SPY Option charting

    This is the IBM Dec15 155 call with weekly data.....still only shows one day ie today only. I only get 1 day at a time regardless of the time frame chosen for ANY option .ibm_171215C155
  11. SPY Option charting

    After using Google & Yahoo for data on IBM, I was still only able to get the current day range only for the option. I was using a liquid option too. NO backfill. Thxs......
  12. SPY Option charting

    I Is is possible to chart the individual options on SPY or any other stock or ETF? All that comes up is a box saying, "There is no data to chart"....I use TD Ameritrade for data.

    Oh I had GDAX running but closed it thinking Ameritrade was all I needed--WRONG I am,............THX!

    Ameritrade data-fed show quotes on BTC ETH LTC & XRP as of today om my watchlist

    Thanks--got it!!