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  1. Jerry Medved

    Unable to exit program at end of day

    will reply to you in email
  2. Jerry Medved

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    QTY and Paid Price can be added after dragging the options to the portfolio, by going to the portfolio Editor. As for Vertical Spreads, they cannot be quoted in the portfolio. Sorry
  3. Jerry Medved

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    You can use the full option chain window to get the symbols to the portfolio as well. You can just drag/drop the symbols from there to the portfolio. NOTE: since the option chain window does not show the actual option symbols, you have to drag the little area on the LEFT side of each option
  4. Jerry Medved

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    you can add symbols to the portfolio by just starting to type them right on the portfolio. When you do, a window like this will come up: that has the link to symbol formats as well as a button for option chooser.
  5. Jerry Medved

    Virtual Desktops - Definitive Answer Required

    Only thing is - if using different portfolios with different quote sources, make sure that you do not have the same symbol in the different portfolios. Having a symbol getting data from 2 sources at the same time will cause problems.
  6. Jerry Medved

    Virtual Desktops - Definitive Answer Required

    2GB allocated per instance seems a bit low - scans tend to take a lot of memory. But if it works.... It would be way more efficient to run multiple scans in one instance since it would not require having 2 sets of quotes for the same symbols. You cannot do 2 scans for the same portfolio. However, assuming you have a large portfolio with the "universe" of symbols that you are scanning, you can just make a copy of that portfolio then open both at the same time in separate portfolio windows and do a different scan on each at the same time - no problem.
  7. Jerry Medved

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    You can include anything in the portfolio. If the quote source you use supports them, then they will get quotes, be it stocks, options, futures, currencies, Future Options, Mutual Funds, etc. Just make sure you use the MT symbol format. And for options, MT has an option selector that you can use instead of manually typing in the symbol
  8. Jerry Medved

    Options chain data display after selecting equity

    sorry for the delayed response. your main portfolio has 433 symbols. Max streaming Level I symbols for Ally Invest is 250, so almost half of your portfolio already is already not getting data. When you open an option chain window, it can easily add another 100 symbols (depending on how tall the window is - only gets quotes for visible ones). Since you are already maxed out, it ends up not getting any quotes for the options on the option chain. You need to either trim your portfolio list to have less symbols or get another datafeed that has higher limits. Ally Invest for MBT - their separate system, can do 500 for MT users. Subscription sources are available with higher limits as well. If you have other brokerage accounts that MT supports, you can use them in MT too, so could for example use one source for the portfolio and another for the option chain.
  9. Index symbols are different on every site and not every site supports the same ones so it being on Google or Yahoo is irrelevant. It is definitely not a correct symbol on TD Ameritrade datafeed. They either do not support it or use a different symbol for that index.
  10. that is not a valid index symbol on that datafeed.
  11. Jerry Medved

    compare symbol bug

    because the main symbol is never adjusted for dividends on intraday charts. The problem on historical was that the main symbol was adjusted but not the compre.
  12. Jerry Medved

    portfolio intraday chart

    ok I see. fixed. will be in next update.
  13. Jerry Medved

    Coppock Curve

    will be in the next update
  14. Jerry Medved

    RAW data not showing

    just released a new beta that should have the issues fixed. EVERYONE running a beta version should get that update.