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  1. Trial version expiring, but I"m using Ally

    they do not support DAX. Here is a list of futures that are supported by them: https://www.mbtrading.com/futures.aspx
  2. DOM allow remove buy sell colums

    what do you mean? DOM and Level II windows use the same data. If you just want to see the volume broken down by price, just show "Volume By Price" on a chart. You can view it on DOM if you want, but we can't remove the buy/sell columns. They are the primary reason for the screen
  3. DOM allow remove buy sell colums

    that is what Level II is for
  4. DOM allow remove buy sell colums

    Huh? that would defeat the purpose of DOM
  5. clear data for one stock

    thats what we want to hear
  6. Trial version expiring, but I"m using Ally

    from what I can see here, your account still needs to be funded. The free MT Premium access is only available for funded accounts. ($500 or higher)
  7. clear data for one stock

    You can open the intraday chart and hit the Clear button on the toolbar.
  8. How to turn off "!" and lightbulb next to a symbol

    No, if there is an alert or news, those icons show. No turning them off.
  9. Timeframes issue

    as far as any markets not currently configured, please give me exact symbol on Yahoo or Google that is not working, and the trading time of the exchange that should work for it, and if you happen to have it, URL to where those trading hours are defined.
  10. "Show Hidden Indicator" option on Right-Click Menu

    sorry for the late reply - forgot to answer this yesterday. if you hide an indicator on the main chart, the legend is still there, so you can right click on that and select SHOW. what you are describing is if you hide an indicator that has its own panel. Can't really do anything about that - right click menu operates on whatever you right click and if you hid the separate panel indicator, there is nothing to right click on.
  11. Bittrex

    they have streaming data. its just not public and I have not had a chance to try to reverse engineer it.
  12. Timeframes issue

    ahh, I see. that actually means that there is something messed up with the timezones on your computer. This error happens because we added Istanbul definition to MT and that uses Turkey timezone and when MT tries to use it, Windows says it is not there. kind of ironic since I added it for you I put in a possible workaround after the last beta was released. I just emailed you an update. Please check: 1) that the error goes away 2) check the chart that uses the Istanbul timezone (Turkey markets). Let me know if it looks OK with the Istanbul timeframe selected. If not, then we will need to help you reset the timezones on your computer. BTW, you don't need to do screenshots of those errors. Instead, just right click on the error window and select COPY. Then paste that into the post or email - that way just the text is copied.
  13. Bittrex

    the problem with Bittrex is that they do not seem to have a public API for streaming data. They have stuff for trading and snapshot data, but not streaming. We are keeping an eye on it in case it changes, or in case we can reverse engineer their streaming stuff
  14. Timeframes issue

    ok remind me - what exactly is the problem? Is the default timeframe not set?
  15. Timeframes issue

    I emailed you the update that should have fixed it, and there was a beta release since then. Please make sure that you have the beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta if still does not work, let me know