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  1. 1) you can highlight all the rows now. Just click on a row and then hit CTRL+A or right click and select "Select All", then copy/paste 2) I am working on the "Sharing" system now which will let you "Share" either image or text of the various windows (all or selected text). Sharing targets can be Clipboard, File, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. Jerry Medved

    ameritrade reconnect after loss of internet

    because of the internet connection issues you were having, at one point MT tried to relogin and that caused an error (some new code in beta version) which is what blocked it from retrying. I sent you an update.
  3. Jerry Medved

    ameritrade reconnect after loss of internet

    I do not see any log. Please resend. Make sure you do NOT check any boxes
  4. Jerry Medved

    ameritrade reconnect after loss of internet

    I would need to see the log to see the issue.
  5. Jerry Medved

    IB - Show filled transactions on chart older than 7 days?

    MT should be able to show up to 20 days with Robinhood
  6. Jerry Medved

    IB - Show filled transactions on chart older than 7 days?

    I don't think their API gives that option. And in general the MT transaction display is intended for short term. We do not store that data (that isn't going to change).
  7. Jerry Medved

    backfill on all data

    Best you can do is backfill all for each portfolio
  8. Jerry Medved

    Data gap in chart display

    In MT, the Intraday charts and End Of Day charts (1 day frequency or higher) are separate. You are trying to kludge it to show daily data on intraday charts. Don’t do that. Instead, right click on that chart, or on any row in the portfolio and select “Historical Chart”
  9. TD Ameritrade never had a 20 symbol limit. Assuming you have Premium Access subscription for MT, the TD Ameritrade limit is 1,500.
  10. In general, we need the broker's cooperation. We have tried Fidelity and Schwab, but no luck. Schwab may be added in the future if they add an API. Fidelity - not no traction at all. We can add them without cooperation if someone gives us access to an account or if we have one, but that would be only for snapshot quotes, not streaming, and not trading. Because of that, we have avoided doing that.
  11. Ah, right - they are connected through Rithmic. As for Level II, their Level II/Market Depth is for futures only
  12. Yes, MB trading is for existing clients only now. New accounts are on the regular Ally invest system. Discount trading? I don't remember it being on our list. However if they use rhythmic or gain systems, then sure you can use that. As for different sources, sure you can do that. You can even have one level II window getting data from one source and another from another. Or two portfolios getting data from two different sources. The only thing is if doing that with portfolios, make sure they do not share any symbols or that will cause problems
  13. Jerry Medved

    Alert Log

    sigh - no, still nothing there. had too many balls in the air..