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  1. Akerts going off pre market

    When defining the alert, on the NOTIFICATIONS tab, there is an option for "Only trigger during Regular Trading Hours". If checked, there is also an option to ignore first X minutes of the session
  2. futures mini trading on Free account

    Regular Ally Invest accounts do not support futures (which is the one you have). Only Ally Invest accounts on the MB Trading platform support futures. Completely separate accounts at this time
  3. futures mini trading on Free account

    You need to use MT symbol format for futures. The correct symbols are @ESZ17 @NQZ17 this is assuming your datafeed supports futures. Which one are you using?
  4. Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    We do not currently have integration with Trade Ideas. We hope to add it in the future. Meanwhile, I know that TI has a feature where it can link to other software by basically sending the keystrokes to type in the symbol into that software. That works in MT if the screen you link it to has a symbol text field to type into. Charts do not. However, what I have seen others do is open one or more charts. Open a Raw Data window. Link all of them. Then have Trade Ideas linked to the Raw data window since it has the symbol text field. Since the charts are linked, any time the symbol changes in the raw data window, the charts will change as well.
  5. symbol update

    AD - the symbol is $AD-NYSE As for the RTY future, we don't have it set to auto detect exchange for that one, so you have to explicitly enter it: @RTYZ17:GLOBEX
  6. download problem

    as for the download - I just put up a new updated production version (fixed a bunch of bugs including the icons on task bar) Instead of downloading, just restart MT. It should prompt you to update. Do so. Should work. NOTE: If after the update your icon stuff for the task bar gets messed up again, just change it the same way.
  7. download problem

    the download I gave you should resolve the chart thing. You can manually change it on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - Check or UN-Check the box for showing task bar icon for child windows. Try UN-Checking it. NOTE: After the change, you would need to restart MT for the change to take effect
  8. download problem

    in that case I think I am not understanding the problem. in the email, please send me a screenshot of the issue.
  9. download problem

    Arno, I answered you in email about the error. Chart tabs - go to SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - check the box to have separate icons for child windows
  10. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    Win 10 free update does not invalidate the Win 7 license
  11. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    No, really don't want to do that. The no highlight initially was never actually intended.
  12. Toggle the Highlight Bar?

    No there is not.
  13. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    You can still get it free if you have a valid license for the Windows 7, 8, etc. You can get the download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows NOTE: it is the same Windows 10 even though downloaded from that page.
  14. Development Status

    this page is not the main version history. (originally posted in Version History forum) this is: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/production There were a dozen beta versions in between. We just remove the old beta history once the production version is released.
  15. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    If you are running VM anyway, why don't you update it to Windows 10? Its free. the picture you sent - that would not be an issue on Windows 10 because of the much better handling of Windows font sizing. I will reply to you via email