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  1. I answered you via email a few minutes ago Though we support login by advisor accounts, we do not handle any special management or allocation. You can select which account to send trades to in MT and MT sends them there. As far as allocation goes, if you have 3 individual accounts linked, TWS shows the login as having 4 – the 3 individual accounts, and the master Advisor account. If you send the trades to the advisor account, I believe that gets allocated to the individual accounts by TWS. Not sure what allocation – most likely whatever default is setup in TWS.
  2. Binance Performance

    thanks. Updated regular version, though it would take effect on 2nd restart. Assume you heard about MT on Reddit? Remember to mention us
  3. Binance Performance

    please update again from the same URL I previously sent
  4. Binance Performance

    emailed both of you. Let me know if this works
  5. Binance Performance

    also, you said stop/start fixes it. For how long? does it get messed up about a minute after? I am looking at the log and seeing some odd stuff.
  6. Binance Performance

    what type of connection are you on? slow? Satellite? If you do 1/2 the symbols, still a problem?
  7. Binance Performance

    ok I think something else is at play here. What security software are you using? if its Windows Defender, you need to do this: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/Windows-Defender-Exclusions-CU If it is a different one, let me know which.
  8. Binance Performance

    when running their app, how many symbols are you tracking? their API (well, frankly, the APIs for ALL crypto exchanges) sucks. BAD. We have to open a separate streaming connection internally for EACH pair vs just opening one and subscribing to quotes for whatever symbols we want. This is drastically inefficient. However, didn't see significant performance issue before. Will check.
  9. Binance Performance

    there should definitely not be any difference - we use the Binance stuff regularly for very time sensitive trading. No problems. If you are seeing an issue, please send us the settings/log file: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) Do not check any check-boxes. Add the Post URL in the comment, as well as what you are seeing - how much of a lag? Level I? Level II?
  10. STockwatch news feed data

    ok, first of all, if you have multiple entries, only ONE will get the quotes. stop the quotes remove all MJN except :CA one then, once you do that, right click on MJN:CA and select NEWS. When the screen comes up, it should fill in with headlines after a second. Reason is - MT gets streaming news, which applies only while MT is running. But if you open symbol specific news, MT requests the history for that symbol right at that time.
  11. Paintbar Editor - Advanced

    for PB, would be better to just reference the MA directly
  12. STockwatch news feed data

    MJN - I checked. MJN:CA should work as well as MJN:V (use CA - better) News - I checked with MJN:CA and when I brought up the symbol news, MT got the news history and showed a bunch of news items. Are you not seeing that? If still a problem, I will need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  13. Preferred Share Symbols

    NOTE: you want to use MT symbol format. SYMBOL:CA or SYMBOL:TO
  14. STockwatch news feed data

    @makincash - sorry for the delay. A bit swamped this year I checked here and everything is OK. Pretty sure the key is that you are not using MT symbol format. You have to sue ACB:CA not ACB.CA. please change ALL instances of the symbols where you use a period as a separator, and then restart MT and let me know if it fixes the issue.
  15. Preferred Share Symbols

    First of all, if you still have access to the files on the computer before the issue happened, you can restore to the last backup (MT makes a backup whenever it starts). To do that, just start MT, go to FILE / IMPORT… Select BACKUP folder, and then select the most recent backup before the problem started. As for preferred shares, that would be dependent on the datafeed. Which one are you using?