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  1. no, thats not it. You can combine Multiple Paintbars within one the way you indicated only for the most simplistic ones, where each original paintbar consists of only one rule. For anything more complex, you would want to switch to Advanced Mode, were you can write expressions in simplified C# syntax. So using pseudo code, you could do something like: Boolean condition1Triggered = false; Boolean condition2Triggered = false; if (some condition 1) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... condition1Triggered = true; } if (some condition 2 and condition1Triggered == true) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... condition2Triggered = true; } if (some condition 3 and (condition1Triggered == true or condition2Triggered == true)) { ...TriggerAlert or set scan etc.... } In advanced mode, you can have variables, functions, complex conditions, etc. Also, if you set the color in each of the different situations to a different value, you could reference the current color or the painbar, or previous values. NOTE: the easiest thing to do is first define as much as you can in Simple mode, define each condition as a separate rule, even if they don't tie together. Specify all items to be set on true condition - Color, Shape, Alert, Scan result.... then when everything is defined, switch to Advanced mode. That way MT will generate all the code for you so you don't have to start from scratch. You can then just copy/paste to put the pieces, conditions, etc, together.
  2. you cannot link one paintbar to another. However, you can basically implement the functionality of all the paintbars in question in one, using the Advanced mode. Then you can do conditional triggering or triggering differently for different events. Can also track the result of the paintbar from one bar to another.
  3. RSS Feeds

    do not currently support user specified RSS feeds
  4. Range candles QT Vs MT

    ah, then all good
  5. Data

    As I said - TOS uses a different datafeed
  6. Range candles QT Vs MT

    yes, should be the same. I am not sure about the white candle in your screenshot though. That might be a bug. Please send me the settings so I can check Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  7. Range candles QT Vs MT

    ok not sure what you are comparing. The data is completely different. One is in the 1900 range, the other 7000. different symbols
  8. Data

    MT is just showing you whatever the datafeed is returning. if you are comparing to TOS, it is NOT the same datafeed. TOS uses a different one
  9. Data Permanence

    No. IB implemented the continuous symbols in TWS itself and does not support them via their API. IQFeed and Yahoo also have continuous contract symbols
  10. Data Permanence

    that won't work either actually. If the datafeed you use supports continuous symbols, that would allow you to hold data across multiple contract months.
  11. Data Permanence

    MT can store far more data, and thus has to be more aggressive about clearing out old data or the data file gets huge. Any symbol that doesn't have a quote in the past week I think is cleared.
  12. Cannot close ADR Depth chart window

    reinstall will do nothing. can you shut down MT? I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  13. trading quantities

    ok that happens it seems if you have the option set to NOT default. Should be set to 0 (it will not remember your QTY from previous sessions). Will get you an update.
  14. trading quantities

    what symbol? What is the default transaction size and other settings on the default settings screen
  15. trading quantities

    what screen? What symbol? What broker? What are your settings for defaults for the brokerage account?