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  1. Jerry Medved

    Porfolio + - to expand group postion

    change the "Totals on Top" checkbox setting on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / APPEARANCE
  2. Jerry Medved

    removing vertical lines

    if your computer crashed and you lost settings, you can restore to the last backup (MT makes a backup whenever it starts). To do that, just start MT, go to FILE / IMPORT… Select BACKUP folder, and then select the most recent backup before the problem started. one line is for the start of session. The other is for start of day. You cannot get rid of them, though you can create a custom chart color set and specify the grid color to be the same as the background. Then just select that custom color set on the chart.
  3. Jerry Medved

    Alerts going off for no reason

    tracked it down - the cause is that the 2 points defining the trendline are back in February and the chart only has 10 days max on it. that causes the problem. Will see what we can do.
  4. Jerry Medved

    Huobi pro feeds and trading

    Thanks for saving me the research time. From the looks of it, it should be doable. You will look into it further
  5. Jerry Medved

    Huobi pro feeds and trading

    We can look. Few questions you may be able to answer faster than them: 1) What is the difference between Huobi Pro and HADAX? 2) At the top of their API docs they mention something about minimum 30 BTC "Welcome market strategy users to apply for a market-making account. Please provide the following information to api_service@huobi.com when you have a minimum of 30BTC in your account at Huobi.pro" What's that about? do they require 30 BTC to do API stuff? 3) In general, how big are they? I have not heard of them. Maybe Mike has...
  6. Hmm, that is odd. the alerts are a symptom of the issue, not the cause. basically, some symbols seem not to be streaming. If you see that happen again, please send me the log when you see the situation, and indicate exactly which symbols you saw that happen to.
  7. Jerry Medved

    set default watchlist layout

    you can configure one window the way you want - column views, colors, etc, everything. then, right click on the window caption and select the "Set as Default" option. Same should work for all windows in MT. Settings are stored per window type.
  8. Jerry Medved

    set default watchlist layout

    in MT watchlist is a type of portfolio. They are both shown on a "Portfolio Window". You can set the default for a portfolio window, but not specific to watchlist or "Simple Portfolio" type. Whatever default you set for the portfolio window should apply to both. Columns should be same default, though some do not apply to Watchlist (like the NOTES)
  9. I am not saying you are - that is just one possibility. You can see how many are actually used in MT by looking on the dashboard - SOURCES view. You sure the source is properly selected on top of the portfolio? you have the ribbon hidden so I could not see
  10. stockwatch supports various # of max symbols depending on your account. 100 with Trader ($19.95/month base) 300 with Daytrader ($49.95/month base) 600 with Max ($99.95/month base)
  11. sounds like your portfolio is not getting data. When you click on a symbol, the linked charts switch to that symbol causing backfill, thus the updates that you are seeing. Your screenshot did not show the quote source. Either the source is wrong, or you are trying to track more symbols than are supported by the quote source.
  12. Jerry Medved

    ROBINHOOD is now available for trading!

    You can now trade in MT with your #Robinhood account. Full Trading integration has been added inthe latest Medved Trader beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Currently Stocks only. We hope to add options and crypto once our accounts are enabled
  13. Jerry Medved

    Odd data feed Level 2 and Raw data not matching

    ok I see it now, but this is premarket. doesn't really mean anything. Would be an issue during regular market hours.
  14. Jerry Medved

    Odd data feed Level 2 and Raw data not matching

    sorry, misread. disregard the "not level II" comment
  15. Jerry Medved

    Odd data feed Level 2 and Raw data not matching

    first, it is Level I data, not Level II (raw data comes from Level I). and I don't think reaching out to Stockwatch is going to do anything since the issue is not occurring now.