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  1. Development Status

    this page is not the main version history. this is: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/production There were a dozen beta versions in between. We just remove the old beta history once the production version is released.
  2. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    If you are running VM anyway, why don't you update it to Windows 10? Its free. the picture you sent - that would not be an issue on Windows 10 because of the much better handling of Windows font sizing. I will reply to you via email
  3. Amibroker RT Data Error for Index

    MT does not compute those. It just shows whatever TD Ameritrade sends. Depends on what you are comparing to. TOS uses a different datafeed. If you enter the symbols into Trade Architect, you should get same thing as MT.
  4. Amibroker RT Data Error for Index

    We fixed that issue this morning. Please get the download on our website again: https://medvedtrader.com/download Sorry for the trouble
  5. .csv file delimiter

    fixed. download the main production version on our website again and just install. that will fix: https://medvedtrader.com/download
  6. .csv file delimiter

    ok I see. fixing
  7. .csv file delimiter

    how are you exporting it exactly? if you COPY the stuff from the portfolio, it is tab separated, so should be able to just paste into Excel
  8. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    that can be turned off I think
  9. Sync DOM to Chart

    Not quite sure what you are looking for. If the price changes, it would change on the chart same as it does on the DOM already.
  10. Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    sure, just click on the INDICATORS button on the Historical chart's toolbar, add SMA indicator, and in the parameters, set 200 as the period. If the frequency on the chart is 1 day, then the 200 will be 200days. If you change the frequency to week, then it will be 200 weeks. If you want 200 week SMA on a 1 day frequency chart, then just set the period to be 1000
  11. Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    in MT the Intraday and Historical (End of Day) charts are separate. right click on the intraday chart (or row in the portfolio) and select "Historical Chart" and then add the indicators there.
  12. little issue with setting alerts

    Please get the new production version we released today and see if that works OK for you
  13. Open Multiple charts from a watchlist...

    You can save the layout if you want. Also, if you want to view many symbols that way, you can just symbol link all the charts (colored pin on the caption) with the same color, then when you change the symbol in one, all change to the same symbol. You can also link the portfolio as well and then when you select a symbol in the portfolio, all the charts will change. that way you dont have to reopen the charts.
  14. Ally connection

    I will email you.
  15. Open Multiple charts from a watchlist...

    Open one chart - then click on NEW CHART button on the charts's Ribbon Toolbar (MAIN Tab)