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  1. IB Level II leaves something to be desired. Even if you have everything setup right, there is no way MT can get all the data that is shown in TWS because of the restrictions in their API Assuming you are looking at NASDAQ stocks and are NOT subscribed to "TotalView", you would wanto to make sure the TotalView and NYSE OPEN Book are NOT checked in settings. Other than that, if it is not working for you, send us the log and we can check.
  2. that one was intended to work that way. The defaults are set, and updated until you either close the property editor, or click on set default button again to make it not set defaults. Anything done or changed while it is checked is saved.
  3. not a problem in GDAX side. Just more of an issue with concurrency - tons of stuff happening on startup and because of GDAX request throttling, it caused some problems in a couple places where we were not checking for it. I just fixed it up and will give you an update (email ) in a minute.
  4. Vol %

    why? that is really not a value that needs that kind of precision
  5. if you do backfill on the chart, it does a full backfill - probably default 10 days depending on your settings, which is extremely slow with GDAX. On Portfolio, it does update Backfill, meaning it only backfills missing data, so that is much faster. However, when you say the portfolio is updating, you mean with or without backfill?
  6. I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment. Do not check any check-boxes.
  7. extra space: it is one of 2 reasons. Either you you have extra space added on the X Axis, in which case - move the mouse over the X Axis - then click and drag to the left. or you have the chart set to show entire day, in which case go to VIEW tab, OPTIONS and unselect "Show Entire Current Day" as for quotes, you are not answering my questions - ARE they updating on their own on the portfolio?
  8. Huh? no way would you be delayed if you are using GDAX for quotes
  9. if the chart is scrolled away from the right edge, the chart will not update. scroll bar will have a red outline when that happens
  10. ok DOM doesnt matter - that is Level II. Do you have the symbols on the portfolio? Are the quotes updating in the portfolio?
  11. only thing I can think of - check the timeframe. Which one is selected on top of the chart - VIEW tab.
  12. I am looking at that chart right now - had it running. no problems. Are the quotes updating? Is this with GDAX or another?
  13. Bitcoin Futures Format on Interactive Brokers

    I will send you the update in a min.
  14. Bitcoin Futures Format on Interactive Brokers

    the correct symbol is @GXBTF18:CFECRYPTO I will update MT so it will internally auto assign the exchange, so you won't have to. And the timeframe.
  15. Not right now, at least not directly. it is something on my todo list
  16. Trading LTC.BTC

  17. SPY Option charting

    NOTE: If you still have a problem, email us and I can connect to you with TeamViewer and guide you through it and any other questions you may have.
  18. SPY Option charting

    changing symbol in a chart window that is already open - you can just type the new symbol. Or if the symbol is in a portfolio, option chain, etc, you can drag it to the chart window Backfill - first off, Historical chart will NOT work, at least not with Yahoo and and no option backfill (intraday or hist) with TD Ameritrade. This is not our restriction. That is just life with those two datafeeds. If you need Historical chart backfill for options, you would need to get a subscription datafeed such as IQFeed. I know they have it. Now, I didn't tell you to switch any data source on the watchlist. Leave that on TD Ameritrade. All you need to to is on the Intraday chart, click on the dropdown portion of the Backfill Button, Select Backfill <symbol> Using... and select Yahoo (Picture below) that will backfill the chart. If you have it set to 1 min candles, you may want to switch to line charts or longer frequency candles. In the next update of MT, I made it so the default "Smart Source" will know not to select TD Ameritrade for option backfill, which should make it work without having to explicitly select Yahoo
  19. How to? Is it possible?

    1) no - annotations on historical charts will not show on intraday 2) as for horizontal trendlines - just hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a trendline.
  20. found. fixed. will email you
  21. SPY Option charting

    that is showing just data since you started getting quotes on it. Not backfill. I tried backfill with Google - no data. Yahoo however got data. Do Backfill Using... and select Yahoo
  22. y, the error is due to duplicate entries on your account settings, Price Spin section. I am fixing it now. will email you
  23. Trade Ticket Quantity not working

    I have not touched that in a while. Can you give me specifics? What are the exact settings, exactly is not working...
  24. I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add the Post URL in the comment, along with which broker was selected on the chart window. Do not check any check-boxes. thanks