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  1. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    If you are running VM anyway, why don't you update it to Windows 10? Its free. the picture you sent - that would not be an issue on Windows 10 because of the much better handling of Windows font sizing. I will reply to you via email
  2. Amibroker RT Data Error for Index

    MT does not compute those. It just shows whatever TD Ameritrade sends. Depends on what you are comparing to. TOS uses a different datafeed. If you enter the symbols into Trade Architect, you should get same thing as MT.
  3. Amibroker RT Data Error for Index

    We fixed that issue this morning. Please get the download on our website again: https://medvedtrader.com/download Sorry for the trouble
  4. .csv file delimiter

    fixed. download the main production version on our website again and just install. that will fix: https://medvedtrader.com/download
  5. .csv file delimiter

    ok I see. fixing
  6. .csv file delimiter

    how are you exporting it exactly? if you COPY the stuff from the portfolio, it is tab separated, so should be able to just paste into Excel
  7. Problem with charts not updating fixed

    that can be turned off I think
  8. Sync DOM to Chart

    Not quite sure what you are looking for. If the price changes, it would change on the chart same as it does on the DOM already.
  9. Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    sure, just click on the INDICATORS button on the Historical chart's toolbar, add SMA indicator, and in the parameters, set 200 as the period. If the frequency on the chart is 1 day, then the 200 will be 200days. If you change the frequency to week, then it will be 200 weeks. If you want 200 week SMA on a 1 day frequency chart, then just set the period to be 1000
  10. Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    in MT the Intraday and Historical (End of Day) charts are separate. right click on the intraday chart (or row in the portfolio) and select "Historical Chart" and then add the indicators there.
  11. little issue with setting alerts

    Please get the new production version we released today and see if that works OK for you
  12. Open Multiple charts from a watchlist...

    You can save the layout if you want. Also, if you want to view many symbols that way, you can just symbol link all the charts (colored pin on the caption) with the same color, then when you change the symbol in one, all change to the same symbol. You can also link the portfolio as well and then when you select a symbol in the portfolio, all the charts will change. that way you dont have to reopen the charts.
  13. Ally connection

    I will email you.
  14. Open Multiple charts from a watchlist...

    Open one chart - then click on NEW CHART button on the charts's Ribbon Toolbar (MAIN Tab)
  15. Installation process

    If installing manually, you can un-check the box to create the icon. When installing via the update, can't do that. And definitely no way to look for the icon in other folders. Sorry.
  16. Chart Volume Indicator

    The volume indicator has an option to show Projected Volume (on the last bar). that is what you are seeing.
  17. New Medved Trader production version released! Ton of new features TD Ameritrade Streaming NEWS, Futures, and FOREX support added RITHMIC integration for both Market Data and Trading GDAX/Coinbase integration added for quotes, Level II and Trading Crypto Currencies BITFINEX and POLONIEX integration for quotes, Level II on Crypto Currencies FOREX.COM Advantage Trader integration for market data Tons more stuff. full list and download at: https://medvedtrader.com/download
  18. Ally connection

    Hi Bob, what exactly happens when you try to login? Also, I notice you have 3 different accounts in MT. Note that you don't need to do that. You can use the same email/password to log into all 3 computers. Makes it a bit easier to manage.
  19. You can set MT show the same trendline on multiple similar charts for the same symbol, but cannot have Intraday chart trendlines show on historical charts or vice versa. to have the trendlines be shared on similar charts, go to SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL - UN-Check the box for "Annotations Unique per Chart" in the Miscellaneous section
  20. daily candle shows up twice on chart

    We dealt with that issue since the production version. Please get the beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta After updating, clear the data on the historical chart and backfill again. In case it is still happening, let me know which source is used for quotes and backfill.
  21. little issue with setting alerts

    Hmm, yes, need to tweak that
  22. daily candle shows up twice on chart

    which exact MT version?
  23. Trade Ticket

    Not sure what you mean by "Using the ribbon". We don't have buy / sell buttons on the Trade Ticket ribbon. We do on DOM and Charts. You can enter a stop order on any MT window including DOM and CHARTS. Right now that only works if you do NOT have Auto-Transmit on. You would drop an order on the DOM or chart. Then before sending it, right click on it and select STOP LIMIT as the order type. Note that on both DOM and CHART you can drag the price line to be able to change the LIMIT portion of the stop limit separate from the STOP price. Also on the DOM, you can hold down the CTRL and SHIFT together to make the order being dropped a STOP LIMIT. You should see the cursor change accordingly We do plan to make it easier to enter STOP LIMIT as well as Bracket and other orders on the charts and DOM. We have BUY ASK and SELL BID on the chart and DOM already. (on the DOM, it is on the bottom of the window). Trade ticket does not have it BUT assuming you have the quote showing, you can just double click on the BID or ASK in the quote then click the buy or sell button
  24. ABTL now is AUTO, history needs to be combined

    that would be up to the datafeed to do. You can do a workaround on the MT chart. click on the down arrow below the backfill button and select "Backfill As..." and enter ABTL. MT should get the ABTL data into AUTO. NOTE: do that AGAIN and enter AUTO as the backfill as symbol. Otherwise, MT will remember to always backfill AUTO as ABTL.
  25. TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    May be slow or failed login and other requests like positions/transactions/balances updates. Trades. This is not MT an MT issue. I've notified TD Ameritrade.