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  1. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Thanks Jerry.
  2. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Thank you . one more. is there anything to be changed for futures. i dont see consistent updates across all windows. Stock ticks work fine.
  3. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Hi:Does DOM feature work with ToS streaming?
  4. just sent you logs .. i dont have index panel on. Thanks Jerry.
  5. i have 86 in medved and 10 in IB's TWS and restarted medved . .same ..do you want me to send logs?
  6. i might have .. IB used to give error, when i did in past. I cleared out some old symbols from medved and added same qty. still no dice.
  7. Hi: I noticed that recently added symbols are not updating with prices. i am using IB as my data feed. Thanks, Aj
  8. how can i disable performance log monitoring by medved?
  9. DXZ16 not backfilling data

    sent the export logs. yes, I am able to see the quotes on TWS and enter orders.
  10. DXZ16 not backfilling data

    Tried with IB .. @DXZ16:NYBOT .. same result, not back filling
  11. DXZ16 not backfilling data

    Trying to enter Dollar index DX16 on portfolio and not being able to. I have IB and ToS datafeed.
  12. is it possible to add few blank period on right side of chart so we can see pressure and other options bit clearly?
  13. Somehow my cursor has disappeared ..