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  1. AJ7

    Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    I understand this part. I want to create SMA for 200d and 200w, is it possible?
  2. AJ7

    Weekly/Monthly SMA indicator

    How do i create these?
  3. AJ7

    TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Thanks Jerry.
  4. AJ7

    TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Thank you . one more. is there anything to be changed for futures. i dont see consistent updates across all windows. Stock ticks work fine.
  5. AJ7

    TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Hi:Does DOM feature work with ToS streaming?
  6. just sent you logs .. i dont have index panel on. Thanks Jerry.
  7. i have 86 in medved and 10 in IB's TWS and restarted medved . .same ..do you want me to send logs?
  8. i might have .. IB used to give error, when i did in past. I cleared out some old symbols from medved and added same qty. still no dice.
  9. Hi: I noticed that recently added symbols are not updating with prices. i am using IB as my data feed. Thanks, Aj
  10. how can i disable performance log monitoring by medved?
  11. AJ7

    DXZ16 not backfilling data

    sent the export logs. yes, I am able to see the quotes on TWS and enter orders.
  12. AJ7

    DXZ16 not backfilling data

    Tried with IB .. @DXZ16:NYBOT .. same result, not back filling
  13. AJ7

    DXZ16 not backfilling data

    Trying to enter Dollar index DX16 on portfolio and not being able to. I have IB and ToS datafeed.