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  1. preopen and post close data

  2. preopen and post close data

    exited and went back in and it updated to next day...do i have to do that every morning?
  3. preopen and post close data

    here are a couple charts....morning data on daily chart is showing on the 1-12 bar...?
  4. preopen and post close data

    hey jerry where do i confirm on i the us equities timeframe setup? I know on the intraday charts just not sure on the historical. LMK Wendell
  5. preopen and post close data

    ill post a chart tomorrow
  6. preopen and post close data

    it works on an intraday chart...but not historical chart
  7. preopen and post close data

    on the tuesday open, a daily chart will be updating the 1-12 bar for equities...is there a way it will start a new bar for that date rather than waiting for the open?
  8. preopen and post close data

    is there a way to set a day chart so that post close and pre-open data show on a new bar on the daily chart? thanks Wendell
  9. charts not updating....

  10. charts not updating....

    Opened my futures charts tonight...min charts not updating....but daily is showing current...??
  11. watch list

    ill try with questrade tomorrow morning as they dont switch to the next day until after the open which screws up the gap screen i do....
  12. watch list

  13. watch list

    looks like changing to yahoo finance will suffice for now...but when does ib start updating?
  14. watch list

    im not looking for historical data, im looking for the close on friday....i cant even get the close for friday in the watch list