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  1. Delayed Quotes and Charts

  2. Delayed Quotes and Charts

    Hi Guys On IB i have delayed quotes on TF and VX...i get the contract quotes on my IB system cant seem to get the charts on medved....am i doing something incorrect? LMK thanks
  3. Short Term Transfer

    Hey Jerry i will be travelling for a few weeks and everything at the moment is run on a desktop computer, i was hoping to transfer medved to my laptop for the couple of weeks while i am away them back again to my desktop...can you let me know what i need to do? thanks Wendell
  4. Charts templates

    is there a way to get rid of the space? its just on the nq chart showing the space upto 9am tomorrow morning....no other charts
  5. Charts templates

    i just went to a 60 minute chart...so i can expand it but not narrow it.
  6. Charts templates

    hey jerry im having this issue too...i highligh which highlights the time and date but i cannot compress it. when i highlight it i get a box with padding come up, if i move it left it stays at zero if i go right it increase but no change in the space. lmk
  7. color bars based on macd

    thanks jerry...typical customer...i know you will reply within 15 minutes....thank you...you guys are awesome!
  8. color bars based on macd

    hi guys is it possible to color the price bars to reflect the macd?\ lmk Wendell
  9. slow...

    turned it off....back to normal
  10. slow...

    windows defender
  11. slow...

    hey jerry i dont have webroot...but medved is very slow today tried save and reboot...loading the layout seems to take forever...
  12. Alerts and bringing up the chart with that alert

    ill fire it off shortly jerry....so when i right click and go edit alerts, press show chart it gives me a chart without the alert as well..... thanks again, enjoy your weekend.
  13. wondering if im missing something, i have charts with various alerts, when an alert fires and i choose to open up the chart, it sometimes brings me to a blank chart without the alerts...is there a way to bring up the chart with the alerts on?
  14. error

    awesome service as always!
  15. error

    every chart i pull up give me the same error