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    volume display question

    Sorry new here trying to figure things out. Looking a the SPY on a 5min chart and the volume is not scaling correctly. It's being truncated at ~450K but doing 1M+ ... I can't find the setting to change/fix this. Is there an introductory video or such which goes through these kinds of beginner issues. Thanks.
  2. Price bars with 65 minute duration, seem to create a labeling problem. The final bar of the day is labeled 14:55, but from my perspective the bar labelled 9:30 should be labelled 16:00. This can be seen on a chart of the SPY. While the chart of IMO:CA is missing the final bar of the day. I use 65 minute bars because they go evenly into the 390 minute trading day for stocks. There would be 6 of them daily. Running windows 10, Stockwatch datafeed. If there's any more info you need let me know.
  3. RedEagle9

    Volume with 50 day average line

    New user, just figuring things out. Can I have a simple moving average of volume. I don't have a use for an EMA of volume. Thanks