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  1. merlin8121

    MT with Trade Ideas

    Just go to "external link" ( from tools in TI) and create a link dropping the window on the lvl2 , or raw data. Works without problems.
  2. merlin8121

    Our subreddit

    Mike, why not to create a Discord channel for MT? is faster , easy to use and have screenshare in case you need to help users in realtime. Its possible to post charts, files to dowload and of course a chat for all MT users to exchange ideas. Its free for all
  3. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    Ah Ok! Well yes , is a snapshot every second. But for the purpose is ok anyway.. If i found a symbol interesting, i drag it into the second portflio with IB/IQfeed quotes. The scanner works well even with a 1 second "delay" .
  4. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    The source for quotes is Yahoo, updated each second. Not the best but enough to give signals. Why you think is not streaming? (in that screenshot i used the filter)
  5. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    At the moment of the screenshot, i'm using MT with 4 charts, 2 portfolios (one with 1400 symbols runnng the scanner and one with 10 symbols) . TWS (IB) , Discord Kaspersky etc and some browsers windows. Perfromance is perfect at this moment.
  6. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    I think is not needed two sources. Only one. The idea is in the first place to make a complete scan (for all symbols of nasdaq/Amex/Nyse) to find the 100/200/300 stocks moving at the time (with a predefined parameters as Performance/volume). Once MT find the best candidates it create a list with which will continue running as a scan with the paintbar/scan selected. repeating this every 1/2/3 or 5 min. No need to use more than one datasource. For example IB allow 100 symbols (included), Directa 300, IQFEED 500 and so on, at the same time. If you want i can show how it runs in another platform which use the same datafeeds as MT, via screenshare with Discord, just let me know when you can connect with whats up.
  7. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    As i told Jerry time ago, i think the scanner should be modified a little. The same way Multicharts and others are working. The scanner should have a complete list of symbols (Nyse/nasdaq/Amex) included and a set of basic filters to make a fast check (once in a minute?) to pick the best 50/100 stock matching the basic conditions sets (example performance/volume etc). And automatically generates/filter a dynamic watchlist . Once the "dinamyc" WL is generated the scanner applies the scanner/paintbars conditions made by users. Hope i explained well what i mean. The biggest problems at this time is to have in the WL the symbols that are currently moving. The only solution is to make a monster list, but pc performance suffers. This is why is necessary to find a way for MT to build a WL automatically with the usefull symbols of the day. Jerry told me that could be an abuse of the datafeed, but perhaps not if the "general scan " is done only one time each minute or two , and only for the basic features (quote, performance, volume). After this "big scan" , MT updates the WL (50/100 symbols) and the scanner continues scanning only those symbols for the next minute or two.
  8. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    16GB ram, ssd 128 GB,. Usually i scan one portfolio with about 1300 symbols with the yahoo feed and one with a6/10 (watchlist) with IQFEED or IB quotes. At the same time i run TWS (IB), Darwin (Directa), TI (Trade Ideas) , Karspersky (antivirus) and and some browser pages. All is running ok. Sometimes the performance suffers if i open too many charts, but usually i'm fine with no more than 3 MT charts. Monday i will run all togheter again and will make some screenshotos with the performance of Mem and pcu usage. (Currently the list is 1407 symbols)
  9. merlin8121

    Momentum scanner

    Scanners MT.PBExport
  10. merlin8121

    Swing volume

  11. merlin8121

    Preset orders

    Not yet as i intended. I hope Jerry and mike will consider to add it. Is a kind of "semi automated" trading. Usually i like to buy shares for 3000 usd and i would like to have a way to do this for every ticket with a preset ordfer (and MT calculate the number of shares as well the bracket order associated) to it). This way its possible to enter a trade with just one button (or two considering the "confirm" option). I saw this feature in another platform and is great.
  12. merlin8121

    Linking trade Ideas to MV Trader.

    Hi; you can link trade ideas with MT opening the linking feature of TI , create a link and dropping it in one of the "raw data" of MT. Will not work with the chart, but works good with the raw data. I used it last month.
  13. merlin8121

    Main Window for News and Socials

    I would like one main window with channels, including "all news" , "ticker news" , "twitter stream", "Stocktwitts stream" and possibly a comunity chat (if too difficult , perhaps you could open a channel for MT in Discord, now they have screenshare too . And pls add the Weis Wave indicator , thx!!!
  14. merlin8121

    Development Status

    Each week Jerry and Mike add something new! and much more to come! there is a long long wishlist to deliver for Crhistmas , hehehe.
  15. merlin8121

    Swing volume

    Are you referring to this indicator? It would be fantastic to have this on MT, and yes cost about 500 usd . Weis Wave Volume. The code is from the pine editor of trading view, if is possible to convert.