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  2. merlin8121

    Screenshots for the Gallery.

    It could be useful for the community to share some screenshots and ideas about the setup each one uses on MT . And maybe to help others to understand how to use it at the best. There is a section for that (Gallery). I would like to encourage all of you to post yours! thx!
  3. merlin8121

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    No idea for the exchanges As for the lvl 2, Jerry said is an administrative issue. Dont know more. But once lvl2 will be active, Nyse,Nasdaq,Amex with lvl 2 should cost about 48 usd only for 120 symbols (you can choice how many symbols you want). Just for comparison, IQfeed cost with lvl 2 about 140 usd (for 500 symbols yes, but who needs so many symbols in portfolio?)
  4. Hi Mike; its possible to create a condition to spot block trades which specifically hits the ask or the bid?
  5. merlin8121

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    Hi! Look there, but under subscription. you will see quotestream connect New!. Click the link and it will open a page for sign up, with choices and price. If you as me was using IB and IQfeed in the past, you will certainly enjoy with Quotestream pricing and quality.
  6. I woul like to share my impressions of the new datafeed fo MT. I was trying it yesterday after the signup. My choice was Nyse/Amex/Nasdaq quotes , for 120 symbols (they have several choices up to more than 1200 symbols) Until last week i was using IB quotes. My first impression is QT quotes are much more faster than IB quotes, maybe even faster than IQfeed . Quotes cover all day long of trading (from pre to post market included) and are tick byt tick. I was trying them connecting Trade Ideas with Medvedtrader (with the external link directed to the time and sales of the MT platform). The speed loading charts was fantastic compared with the speed of loading them with IB. Considering the cost (28 usd ) , i think is a must for those who use MT and strongly recommend to try them. The savings comparing with IQfeed are enormous. Plus, once they will activate the lvl 2 feed service and news, with just 15/20 usd the circle will be complete.
  7. merlin8121

    Brothers Medved

    Thx to you both for the splendid work and dedication building and improving MT , listening and trying to satisfy our wishes!!!
  8. merlin8121

    New section for the Forun .

    Maybe could be usefull a new section for the forum , like "General" , to share ideas between users and/or open discussions on general topics about MT related use. For example, i would like to share with the comunity my impressions on the new Quotestream datafeed for MT, but doesnt fit in any section a topic like this.
  9. Forgot to include mmid.
  10. Done, but no mmid in MT to compare..
  11. I have all subscriptions , but as you can see in the image, something is wrong. In the IB lvl2 you see how many shares/levels . And in MT lvl2 just some .
  12. Hi Jerry! yes, now Directa is running good! thx! I know you have many projects , but dont forget IB news
  13. yes i was thinking about holidays
  14. Done Jerry; Take a look at Directa too pls; it seems the Time and sales repeat and repeat quotes, adding volume and volume several times. Arca snapshots dont show quotes as well.
  15. Hello Jerry; i continue to have the same problems, with IB not showing information in lvl2/dom and with the time and sales/ charts/volume with the Directa feed. As you can see: