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  1. Having issue since this mornings new upgrade when trying to sell a position with market order. My trade ticket comes up with an error saying invalid quantity & leaves the symbol window blank. I have to manually input the quantity and symbol back in back in and then it works.
  2. Dimarco

    BRACKET Orders available in beta

    Hey Jerry - Regarding bracket orders, are the "stops" market stops or limit stops? Is there a location to those default values? (Using MBTrader) Thanks -
  3. Upon opening my Medved Trader this morning, I couldn't get my login to work for data & trading access through Ally MBT. I was able to login on the MBT website site and through the regular MB Trader. It eventually locked my MBT account out after continuing to try (said to many login attempts). I had to call tech support to get a temp password and was finally able to login. I just tried again tonight and I have the same problem and I'm locked out of access to my MBT account again. Somethings going on (maybe with the Ally transfer). Any suggestions?
  4. When using both MBTrader desktop pro and Medved Trader at the same time, I keep losing the data feed on one side or the other, with a window warning, a reload bar appearing, and a re-connection. This goes on continuously, with the disconnection being anywhere from a few seconds to about a minute. Is there a way to configure both platforms to work simultaneously and seamlessly? There are features I would like to utilize on both if possible.
  5. Meaning background highlights yellow at any high, or low of the day, thereby distinguishing it from what would be the normal red/green up and down ticks. I tend to have a lot of watch-lists I monitor and it makes it easy to see what's moving. - Thanks Jerry
  6. A feature I admired on my old Scottrade platforms. An option to enable column 'last' on watchlists to display green/red on up/down movements, just like 'bid/ask' columns currently do. Currently the 'last' column does this at the high/low of the day, but perhaps that can be optioned, or configured, to a color like yellow for high/low.
  7. Anyway a VWAP column option can be added to the watchlist selections?