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  1. Trader has been freezing up computer. After restart this morning, login failure. Tried resetting password; still can't log in. Please help ASAP
  2. Default syncing of charts

    Worked! Tnx.
  3. Default syncing of charts

    I can sync charts when they are open, but can't get it to work by trying to make chart with chosen indicators the default. Other charts (unopened) in portfolio and new ones I add don't use the default. How can I do that?

    Unable to tab over when inputting a stock into portfolio. Annoying. Adding that feature would be nice.
  5. Freezing/lost information

    Most recent backup was for 7/7/17. Can I manually do a backup if I keep it running?
  6. Freezing/lost information

    Thank you!
  7. My account froze up this morning. Had to do a hard reboot. Came up but lost portfolio with all information. How can I recover it without starting from scratch?
  8. Charts

    Perfect! Thank you!
  9. Charts

    Sent to support per instructions, but couldn't find URL
  10. Charts

    Have no idea where to find that. Send without?
  11. Charts

    where do I find URL?
  12. Charts

    They are set for all day, and work perfectly when pulled up. Sending you a screen shot so you can see what I'm looking at.
  13. Charts

    Only trying to follow your directions: "It is an exact image of a full chart if set to LINE 1 min. " Apparently didn't understand your instructions. I want the charts to show intraday action, whether it's set for 1 min., 3 min., or 5 min. Shouldn't matter.
  14. Charts

    Assume you mean: Inline Chart Period; choose Custom; then Intraday; set to 1 minute? I did that. As of right now all charts are either diagonal or horizontal straight lines. Can't even guess unless I pull up each one individually.
  15. Row highlights

    Don't want them turned off. Currently have one highlighted in green when I don't even have an alert for "Price Above" on that position. The other in pink when it hasn't hit the low it's set for. Re-setting alerts has corrected most of them, but can't correct these two without deleting alerts completely. Notifications working correctly. Didn't get notifications on incorrect highlights.