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  1. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Ahh Ok that's why it's doing that. It's been driving me crazy, I'm pretty sure this fixed it. Thank you!!
  2. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    The stuff in the screenshot doesn't match. Look at the last closing trade for HEMP. The intraday chart shows that it was at 0.2415 (This is the bottom chart, the one before i fixed the data by backfill. This is the accrued data.) Now, if you look at Raw data table, the last trade isn't 0.2415, it's 0.24. In fact, there is no trade showing at 0.2415 at all in the Raw Data Table. The top chart is the one that is backfilled and fixed. The one on the BOTTOM is the messed up one (I swapped the pictures by accident).
  3. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    I sent another set of log files too in case you needed them.
  4. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Here is another example - HEMP. Screenshot 1 after "Clear data and backfill". Screenshot 2 is before that (Sorry i swapped them by accident)
  5. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Oops i thought you meant just the picture of the chart. Derp. It's for every symbol I have too, not just ZN. I will do that now.
  6. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    So, I still have the issue, was hoping it would go away with a fresh install of medved. Here's an example of what im talking about in the pictures below: The first picture is what occurs when the data flows in normally while I'm watching the trading of a security. It's the accrued data from the live feed of TD Ameritrade. It is not correct, it doesn't match the time and sales window that I have running. The second picture is when I click "Clear Data" and then "Backfill intraday data". The chart corrects itself and the data displayed is correctly. This occurs for both TD Ameritrade and Yahoo finance data. Also, medved trader on my laptop seems to work fine without issues. So I'm thinking its a problem somewhere on my medved.
  7. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Ok, done
  8. TD Ameritrade Intraday data incorrect?

    Hello, I have been using TD Ameritrade as a data source for my trading, but the data that it is providing me on the intraday setting is incorrect. That is, I can see the Raw data time and sales being executed in another window, but the chart fails to update this accordingly. As such, the only way to get an accurate chart is to do Clear Data > Auto backfill (which then shows the correct charting). Any idea?
  9. Strikethrough Text in Raw Data?

    Thank you!!
  10. Strikethrough Text in Raw Data?

    Hey, I had a question about the Raw Data tables in Medved Trader. What does it mean when a trade is executed in the Raw Data table, but then a few minutes/hours later, that particular trade gets "slashed" (i.e. the text becomes strikethrough). I attached a screenshot example of what it looks like.