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  1. Hello, Trying to create a scan on the historical daily charts using the Heiken Ashi candles. I know there is a checkbox on the scanner to make it utilize HA. But what I want to scan for is a long line of HA candles in a row and today there is a green. This would be a scan I'd run EOD. Because Heiken Ashi isn't a selectable variable in the basic scanner options I'm not sure how I would go about accomplishing this. If I have HA selected in the scan checkbox how could I get the scanner to pick up on a long succession of red HA candles and then a switch to green today? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Soundwave401

    ROBINHOOD is now available for trading!

    Took me a few days to get this logged in and working but wow what a huge help. Nothing worse then having to grab my phone cancel a stop limit or submit a buy order. Takes way too long and is cumbersome. Right off the charts is so much easier. Just made my trading lightyears more pleasant guys. Thank you so much!
  3. Soundwave401


    Not all heroes wear capes... LW... you sir are my hero. Have no idea why I never bothered to try actually clicking the on chart pace... I'll set them both to 9 and see if they sync up tomorrow.
  4. Soundwave401


    Hey Mike, As you can see below the pace% displayed on the chart for XXII here is 46% but the indicator below which I have at defaults shows 101. The second pick is the paintbar scan I'm trying to do. Basically I want to screen out anything that is not trading above the 50% pace that is displayed on the chart. I only want to be alerted for big volume coming in after an EMA crossover. How can I get the indicator on the bottom to match the one on the chart so I can use it effectively in the scanner?
  5. Soundwave401


    I've been fiddling around with the parameters of the pace indicator and can't seem to get it to match up with the view able pace on the chart. And even when I get it close and set it as default for all my charts when I open a different chart for a different symbol the two numbers are way off. Would it be alot of hassle to add the options> view> pace as a select-able column for the portfolio screen?
  6. Soundwave401


    Right so the pace that can be used with the scanner is the exact same one as the enabled indicator that shows up below the chart. But is the pace that can be enabled on the daily chart under view>options>pace shows a different number then the indicator. What parameters is the view>options>pace using? Because I can't get the enabled Pace indicator to match the Pace on the daily charts. Can the view>options>pace be used with the scanner? If not can it be easily added? If not the scanner can view>options>pace be added as a column on the portfolio screen? I find that view>options>pace to be quite helpful when used in combination with an EMA and Macd crossover to catch momentum swings. The Pace lets me know there is a ton of volume coming into that stock. I"m screening hundreds of stocks at a time so adding Pace to it would help me lower the amount of false alerts I get. Thanks
  7. Soundwave401


    So doing more digging I see pace is also an indicator that can be activated on the chart, and that is probably what the scanner is referncing when enabled. What I'm wondering is the pace display that can be enabled on the daily chart under view>options>pace. Can that pace be used with the scanner?
  8. Soundwave401


    Hi Jerry, Two quick questions. In regards to using Pace (intraday) on the scanner I want it to match the Pace that is displayed on the intraday chart. But I can't see the parameters that it's using. Can you please provide them so I can set the scanner to match. Also in the scanner if set it to Pace crosses above 50 would that alert me to when the Pace went over 50% or would that 50 be indicating something different?
  9. Would it be possible in the future to have the Weekly open, close, high, low columns to choose from in the column chooser? My trading is based more on a per week period so it'd be great to have them as an option.
  10. Soundwave401

    Time and Sales?

    Yep. My idiocy is confirmed. Thanks for the assist.
  11. Soundwave401

    Time and Sales?

    I must be an idiot but I cannot for the life of me find a way to see Time and Sales in Medved. I get to the level 2 charts and can see all the current bid/asks but I need to see the live transactions. I know it's probably something dumb I am missing but any help would be appreciated. Having to open TD Ameritrade to see the time and sales is a pain... other then this I'm loving Medved