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    Virtual Desktops - Definitive Answer Required

    Thank you for the quick reply Mr. Medved. Oh yes I'm quite impressed with the MT beta performance and stability on a virtualized-windows node thus far, with my very economy setup for about 300 symbols. Luckily I can scale if needed. That tip on portfolios will work perfectly, I also wasn't sure if the data source could be adjusted per portfolio but it can so that is excellent. I'm looking forward to the alert-to-email updates as that should really complete all my scanning requirements.
  2. vol_seeker

    Virtual Desktops - Definitive Answer Required

    I have been running the MT beta version on a windows 7 KVM virtualization node and it has been up running a scan for the last 6 days non stop. You made me wonder how I could run different scans concurrently with additional virtualizations or MT installs, but this seems like it would be too resource inefficient for a windows platform. I'm running two cores with 2GB of ram and it is stable enough so far for just scanning. The cpu usage seems to be very low load <20%, but the ram usage is high load. Multiple portfolio/scan support would be a nice feature, unless I'm not aware of another way accomplish this?
  3. vol_seeker

    email alerts

    Okay that sounds great, your platform is the only solution I've found to get customize-able indicator alerts for crypto exchanges, so alert-to-email would be really useful.
  4. vol_seeker

    email alerts

    Hi, I was looking over the alerts section and was surprised to see no notifications with the alert-to-email option. I do wonder if this would be possible through the Medved API somehow? For example as soon as the scanner brings up a result then it pings a notification to the api and then I could use a secondary source to send the email notification? I am not seeing how this would be possible currently.
  5. vol_seeker

    Opening Trade Bracket Order

    Okay no problem that would be very handy. Looking forward to it in the future. Thank you for the quick reply Jerry.
  6. vol_seeker

    Opening Trade Bracket Order

    I am evaluating Medved on the free trial now and I'm wondering if it is possible to initiate a trade with a bracket order. For example LMT buy to open, lower STP and higher LMT sell to close, all in one execution? I appreciate any assistance with this.