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  1. Trade Ticket-cant read bid and ask

    That made all the difference, thanks
  2. Hi Jerry Can you fix the trade tickets color scheme so that it is easier to read the bid/ask etc on the top row? The light gray backround with white text makes it impossible for me to read.
  3. I use Interactive Brokers and I have been noticing that on the Account View/Positions tab, that a # of times the shares amount that I actually own versus what is showing on this tab are incorrect. THe # is usually higher in Medved then in my action IB account.
  4. Akerts going off pre market

  5. Akerts going off pre market

    I started using the alert feature today. I had an alert go off in HOG when the price was hit in premarket. Being the volume being so low in most tickers and spreads being so wacky anyway, I would like to only have my alerts go off if the price is it in the regular session. Is this possible?
  6. Jerry Could you tell me if there is a way to have a trendline that I draw on 1 chart to sync to another chart? example: I draw a trendline on IBM on the daily chart, I want it to show up on the intraday chart as well. I couldnt find a way to do this and really need it, thanks
  7. Trade Ticket

    Hey Jerry COuld you tell me what improvements are being planned for the trade ticket or the trading? I prefer to trade directly through MT since it cuts down errors of typing in the wrong symbol on my IB platform, especially when day trading. I have been trading through MT but it is very simple and is missing some basic features. For example when I buy or sell at the ask using the (using the trading ribbon which is how I have been trading using MT) how do I put in a stop order? What I do now is right after I open a position I immediately have to open my IB platform to put in the stop order. As far as the trade ticket, I really wish there was a simple buy ask and sell bid button alongside the buy and sell button. Can you add that?
  8. Sync cross hairs accross charts

    That is too bad, bc on TOS it does run smoothly. If my corss hairs are on the daily chart and I hover over, lets say the mid point of the daily candle, then it will also be on the intraday 5 min at the same price point. if I nudge higher on the daily, it follows that price on the intraday. Its a really nice feature
  9. Sync cross hairs accross charts

    So I linked the crosshairs like you showed above. So what happens now is when I move the cross hairs on my daily up and down to different prices, the cross hair on the intraday is static, it is not moving it juist kind of shows up and stays at the same price. Id like it to move smoothly on both
  10. Sync cross hairs accross charts

    Hey Jerry Its not happening, Imy daily and 5 min intraday are linked, yet when I have the crosshairs over fridays daily candle, I am only seeing the cross hairs on the daily chart, not on the intraday chart as well. Am I missing something or am I asking it the wrong way?
  11. I have a daily chart and a 5 minute chart running at the same time, is it possible to have the cross hairs syc accross both charts? IE. when I am moving the cross hairs in the daily chart and it is hovering over $100, the cross haairs will also be moving on the 5 minute chart over $100?
  12. Previous Day Close line

    Thank you Jerry
  13. Previous Day Close line

    I trade lots of red to green plays and seeing a line that shows me the previous close would be ideal. It is a pretty popular indicator, any chance to add that?
  14. Hot Keys! and One click buttons

    Thanks Jerry, I meant the trade ticket. I dont see the ability to customize hotkeys other than buy at ask, buy market, things like that. Id like to be able to specify the amnount od shares I want to buy or sell: ie a hot key that buys 50 shares at the ask, another that buys 100 shares at the ask, etc. I've attached the market depth trader box I usually use with IB, I've customized it by share size and trade type. It makes it super easy for me to get in and out of stocks when Im day trading and would love to see this feature in MT. I think others would as well. I think features like this would make MT stand out even more. Thanks for listening
  15. The trader box is a mess, been using it for a few days and while I like everything else so far, the trade box stinks. I would like to see Hot Keys for trading #1 Second is I would like to option to set up buttons like I can with IB, I have customized buttons so with 1 click I can do things like buy 50 @ mkt or sell 50 @ mkt, etc.