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  1. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    Sounds good. Thanks You might be amused to know that Ameritrade refuses to display the SYMBOL for the stocks in their news feed on the TOS platform. They were asked to do this simple, obvious fix over a year ago. How dumb is that?
  2. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    I don't want to do something that will create a lot of unnecessary overhead, but if I created a ports with 1000's of symbols just to get the news , how does MT get that news? Would it have to poll each symbol? That would be costly in terms of data. ThinkOrSwim simply scrolls the news as it comes in. It's not very busy, so I don't know why Ameritrade wouldn't let you do the same thing.
  3. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    Indeed, you're correct. That explains that, Shame Ameritrade full feed can't be streamed. Not really very active.
  4. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    Its the last option on the portfolio list where you select which ports to monitor. scroll down Actually says All symb (free)
  5. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    I see. I was afraid of that. Any reason you can't retrieve the entire news stream? I thought that's what the last listed option was for "all news (free)"
  6. TD Ameritrade Streaming news!!!

    Getting very little on the Ameritrade news feed. Have it set to all news (free) and only seeing headlines once in a blue moon. Compared to the thinkorswim feed which gets news regularly. Does this sound like a problem or am I expecting the wrong thing.