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  1. AllyMBT futures state: faulted

    Any update? Thanks.
  2. I have about 20 coins I watch. But in order to look at the stochastics of each one, I need to open a chart for each one. I would like to just start at the top of my portfolio list and press the down arrow. With each press the current coin will display and change with the chart that is already open, without having to open 20 charts for each coin. Tradingview does this.
  3. I noticed my price wasn't updating when I was looking at my MBT futures. The backfill works, but it doesn't automattically update. Then I got a popup saying that MBT was having problems and it directed me to the Sources window. This is what it looks like. I tried re logging in, but it still is faulted.
  4. There is a funny little tick in the chart. IT works now. I didn't do anything. It just started working Something to do with GDAX I'm guessing.
  5. The portfolio is updating the price. I'm not sure what you mean backfill on the portfolio. That is where my list of symbols are.
  6. Ok I sent it. So I guess if I press backfill on my chart, it fills in that way too, just takes awhile.
  7. Yes. On the portfolio they are updating. If I press backfill on the chart, it doesn't fill. But if I press backfill all on the portfolio, it backfill's. So I think it is something with my chart. The padding isn't the problem. I'll keep messing with it.
  8. If I press backfill all on the portfolio, it brings it up to date, but it doesn't keep up with the price and stochastics on its own.
  9. Hmm. It wasn't the scrollbar. I'm not why there is a gap. Attached is the screen shot. It just isn't updating on the intraday charts. Stochastics too.
  10. yes, I think the scroll bar had something to do with it. Thanks again.
  11. Nevermind. It looks like its updating now Might have something to do with the scroll bar like you said. Thanks!!
  12. oh, and I see I'm delayed about 15 minutes. maybe 8 minutes. yep its 15 minutes. Do I need to subscribe?
  13. I zoomed in and it looks like it working. What threw me off is the moving average lines are going ahead of the current price by about and hour. So it looked like there was a gap of information. So its working, but I've never seen my MA lines do that.
  14. timeframe is 24/7 huh. its btc.usd and eth.usd also. DOM's are working, but not intradays charts. I'll keep messing around.