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  1. Create Scanners

    hmm, weird I guess it may be my internet connection. Could that have a lot to do with it
  2. Create Scanners

    Hello, My Level2 is not working properly, all the prices and amts are blank. I am using Binance is there a reason for this, and can you fix?
  3. Create Scanners

    Hello, Are there any plans of adding more crypto exchanges?
  4. Ok i found it now it works so far so good
  5. Hello, I am also trading Crypto and need more places after the decimal, how do I fix this pls... Because I would like to start trading and see the correct full prices on level II.
  6. Create Scanners

    Hello, How do I add number placeholders to the prices in level II? Because right now for crypto i only see 0.003 and I need the full price like ex: 0.0032547
  7. Create Scanners

    oh ok i see now so we have to add the alert trigger in the script so it will show in the log???
  8. Create Scanners

    LOL this has nothing to do with alerts, I am talking about a Scan Log History not alerts...
  9. Create Scanners

    no isnt there a log that shows what symbols have been scanned??? Not the Alert Log...
  10. Create Scanners

    No the Scan Log meaning that shows all the symbols that were scanned, or maybe its the scan history log?
  11. Create Scanners

    Hello, How do I show my scanner alerts log???
  12. Create Scanners

    ok do you have an example.... is it like this: EMA13[1]>EMA13[3]
  13. Create Scanners

    Yes i have them thanks, 1. Do you know a way that I can scan if a symbol is in an uptrend ex: i have an EMA13 and EMA34, I want to scan when the EMA13 starts moving up???
  14. Create Scanners

    1. ok so how would I code candle body is less than 30%, which would make it a hammer or an inverse hammer candle in the above image??? Ok you mean the body vs the high/low range? (Math.Abs(Open-Close)<0.3*(High-Low)) 2. also how would I code if there is a gap between 2 candles like the morningstar 3 candle pattern in the above image? for going down: (Open<Math.Min(Open[1], Close[1])) 3. Also, how would I code a Doji or Spinning Top Candle. You would have to clearly define what Doji candle is. If it is one where there are wicks, but no body, it would be something like (Open==Close && High>Close && Low<Close)