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  1. makincash

    Exit Medved with X

    Got it thanks.
  2. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    Still needed to manually force re login today
  3. makincash

    Exit Medved with X

    Woudl be great if the X in the dashboard dialog would exit the medved application as most app do. I find every once in a while I accidentally click it thinking it will close the app, as well if you have another tab in the dashboard open eg sources, you have to go back to the main dashboard tab to exit.
  4. makincash

    Alerts going off for no reason

    Forgot to mention when I did that last backup for the random alerts Medved opened up and my color scheme for my two Raw data windows changed back to sunny from night. First time this has happened since we looked at it weeks ago. Jeff
  5. makincash

    Missing news alert

    I see that I can search "news" in the alert window but its not very visual friendly since things are different lengths. ie titles start at different places on each line. All news isn't quite what I am looking for since it has news about all stocks even ones not in my portfolios. Something along the same lines as all news but for all Portfolios news would be great. Using the clear button on the alert pop ups doesn't really fit the bill either since I may leave a bunch of dialog boxes open till I get around to reading them then I miss the news alerts coming after them. A work around is to click news and then always check the symbols current news, but in that case I always get a new news window pop open instead of the one I already have open so I have to close the new one once I look. Jeff
  6. makincash

    Missing news alert

    I see the eraser in the dialog, guess I should just be using that instead of Xing out the dialog box.
  7. makincash

    Missing news alert

    Hold on a sec...thinking about this some more. If I close the symbols popup box for news does that not clear the symbols news flag so new news should pop up currently?
  8. makincash

    Missing news alert

    K this is likely due to me setting my news alerts to only close manually instead of after a period of time. Is there a way to have the alert clear after x minutes but the dialog popup box with the news stay up till closed? Maybe an enhancement request to add another check box in the alerts setup to make this possible? Think I already asked this but is there a way to get a view in the news window of all the symbols news rather then just the active one? Tired control selecting multiple symbols but that doesn't work. Jeff
  9. makincash

    Missing news alert

    So basically if during the day there were many news alerts and I closed the pop up for the first one but didn't go into the alert manager and cleared alerts I would not see another news instance for that symbol? eg stock halted then unhalted New pops up for stock being halted, I close the dialog or the timeout occurs I don't go to alert manager and clear all alerts by clicking clear News comes for the unhalt, I wouldn't get an alert for that stock. Jeff
  10. makincash

    Alerts going off for no reason

    Another instance of alerts going off when I don't have a alert set at that level. Alert was for 8.04 but the alert says price past 8.08 (which is a valid alert just no where near the price) On dropbox 2018-05-03-ACBRandomalerts
  11. makincash

    Missing news alert

    The alert was for a trade halt. Sorry I pasted the wrong new info. Jeff
  12. makincash

    Missing news alert

    Hi Jerry, I have alerts setup for news and one came in for ACB:CA at 10:17 am EST - 7:17am PST (my time) but there was no alert for it. IIROC Halt. Screen shots of my setup in Medved and a backup on dropbox in the folder 2018-05-03-ACBMissingNews Jeff
  13. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    Every morning I need to go to sources and right click ARCASNAP and relogin, (I leave Medved login in overnight usually so its open first thing). Is there any way to make it autologin periodically? Seems like it can't login after hours and then stays logged out unless you force a relogin manually.
  14. makincash

    Medved as a data source

    Would it be possible to have Medved use another instance of Medved as a data source? My thought is I have a couple of machines running and I would like to be able to run a second instance of medved and get some data from my first.
  15. makincash

    Email Alerts...

    Hi Jerry, anywhere we can access the Alerts such as @clockeraser mentioned in a file somewhere? What about the possibility of the api being able to provide alerts then we could port them to our own notification system such as text messages etc.