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  1. makincash

    RSI seems off

    Not sure if I am doing something wrong but RSI seems off in Medved when I compare to other platforms for hourly and 4 hr. Stock ACB:CA I've added I;'
  2. makincash

    Easier way to delete Alerts in the Alert window

    Gotcha. I was trying to select a bunch of ones out of order..... but since that works its pretty easy...
  3. makincash

    Easier way to delete Alerts in the Alert window

    For some symbols I am trying to clear out many items so you would have to click each then click delete, just a pain. Was hoping to at least be able to use the delete key on the keyboard but ideally be able to select multiple with control then press delete to get rid of them all. Cheers, Jeff I find having the ability to easily add alerts to charts means I create a lot but then need to clean things up once in a while...
  4. Is there an easy way to delete multiple alerts in the alert window. The only way I can find is right click and delete for each alert. Would be nice to be able to just click and an alert and press delete, and once deleted the next would be selected. I tried shift delete, also tried holding control and selecting multiple alerts but that didn't work either. Cheers, Jeff
  5. Would be nice to be able to save the default layout for the depth charts.
  6. Hi Jerry, I am seeing some weird stuff going on with the bid and ask. I think we dealt with this a while back...
  7. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    No luck with Refresh. Had to relogin to Arcasnap again after open. Logs sent via help
  8. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    If I don't do anything it has previously stayed logged out and the Depth charts I have open all the time don't have any data even after open. I will try tomorrow to leave it till after open again and do the re-login after 9:30 EST.
  9. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    logs sent via help.. Also added backup to dropbox left Medved open overnight .. Arcasnap was logged out and red.. Right click relogin and its fine now.
  10. makincash

    News not showing up in alerts

    oh ya the lag after clicking things also occurs when I click exit now.
  11. I noticed today that a few stocks didn't have volume data in my active watch list till I clicked on it. I also found some news came out for a stock in my active watch list that didn't produce an alert even thought I have news alerts setup for that watch list. I "think" one of the ones which didn't have volume data until I clicked on it was NNO:VN, and there were only a couple like this. RTI received multiple news items today and I don't have any alerts in my alert history. I have created a backup and posted to dropbox. jcolter-2018-06-05 11.20-missingnews.MTExport As a side note I have noticed dialog boxes hanging not sure after what update this started. When I created the backup the dialog hung for like 15 seconds before it started after I clicked Yes. In the screen shot I had already clicked it.
  12. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    missed it today as I didn't leave Medved open last night.. will try again tomorrow.
  13. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    Damn. was gonna make a backup too but didn't. Will do it again tomorrow. Jeff
  14. makincash

    ARCASNAP failing login

    Just sent in logs via help regarding this after I force relogged in
  15. makincash

    Questrade api blocking order entry??

    Hi Jerry, Just wondering if you have seen this, sounds like questrade is going to/has blocked order entry via their api. https://community.questrade.com/f/119/p/3064/12399.aspx#1239 Did some more more reading and it sounds like partner apps are not losing order entry functionality. So does this mean Medved is ok and gets to keep it? Jeff