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  1. Sometime over the last week or two I have noticed that my control +scrolling on the chart at times is very slow to refresh. Main chart on 1st screen has pat:vn on it, logs at 200 sent via help. Some times its fine but others its choppy. Cheers, Jeff
  2. Over the last couple of days one of the updates seems to have messed with my raw data windows. They keep resetting to the sunny color scheme even though I always use night. Every time I reset them then restart and its back to sunny. Uploaded via help. I have 3 raw data windows open all of them reset everyttime I restart. Jeff
  3. Backfilling data issue

    Period was probably just on 3 minutes since I was holding control and scrolling with the mouse wheel to see if there was any data. Either way once I changed teh backfill settings it seems ok now. Jeff
  4. Backfilling data issue

    I was playing with it a bit more and it looks like since smart source was set as the default BF source that removes the option to backfill with tick data from the drop down but you can select a check box if you go to backfill using... Also when I hard coded the default backfill source to Stockwatch. I got the correct backfill info to show up correctly like the last chart above. Possibly since Smart source was set something other then Stockwatch was being used even though Stockwatch is the only source set to high priority? Jeff
  5. Backfilling data issue

    Using another family members account with the free version of Medved (same data source) I do see the option to backfill using tick data. When I do it I get these results This raw data above doesn't even match what I originally had in my installation on my machine before I cleared the data and tried to back fill. Pre clear data below. The volumes don't match at all. The pic below (orignal data from my machine) matches what I see on stockwatch.com
  6. Backfilling data issue

    I am having a strange issue with back filling data. Log submitted through help. After clearing the data for NNO:VN and trying to back fill, all I get is a single entry for today with the total volume. I also don't have the option to backfill with tick data. Adn there is nothing in the intraday chart.
  7. Raw data stroke out

    Just wondering why lines are stroke out on the raw data?
  8. News Alerts multiple symbols

    Nevemind I just found that you can set news alerts on the portfolio. Jeff
  9. News Alerts multiple symbols

    Hi, I tried to add an alert for news and add multiple symbols but it wouldn't add, errored out. Is there a way to bulk create alerts for News for a watchlist / portfolio? Jeff
  10. Workspace managment

    It would be great to have a way to manage multiple work spaces to facilitate easily flipping back and forth. I find myself wanting more screen real estate but the only way I can do that is to get more monitors (already at 3). As well if I have more windows open currently there is a performance impact on Medved. Options: 1) Something similar to Questrade where you can have multiple work spaces but only one active at a time. -be able to configure if each work space is fed live data even when minimized -Another option would be to only have the current active work space updating, but I like the first better since you may want multiple to be updated. Especially if you were travelling and working on a laptop where screen real estate is limited. 2) be able to link multiple windows together into a group which you could -enable or disable to be actively updated -Minimize/maximize in a single action Cheers, Jeff
  11. Volume discrepency

    Doesn't look like there is a need to clear data and backfill. Is that correct? Jeff
  12. Alerts going off randomly

    Tried to send again and it said it was too large that must be what happened yesterday as well. I didn't include quote or news data. I posted on dropbox. Jeff
  13. Alerts going off randomly

    Hi Jerry, I just launched Medved and the alerts came up again. Sent logs. Jeff
  14. Alerts going off randomly

    Hi Jerry, I did have 4 alerts setup but the price didn't change since 16:33. why would alerts be going off after 17:XX when they had already previosuly gone off? It happened multiple times. Do they go off bid and ask? Jeff
  15. Hi I have noticed at times I get a bunch of alerts when there is no reason. For DASH:VN I have attached some screen shots of alerts that I recieved after the close today. All occured after the last trade at 16:33:36 1st 3 pics were one instance. Last two have stockwatch trade summary later on and another set of alerts that randomly popped up, notice there are 4 at once as well. that last pic with the 4 pop ups happened well I was looking at the alerty editor window. Thank you, Jeff