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  1. Scan result Format

    I can't paste the code .. It's in the txt file
  2. Hi, Is it possible to only show the numbers before the dot for the scan result ? Check the screenshot Is it possible to add % at the end of this number ? Here's the code for Setscan: scan_code.txt
  3. % order for binance crypto

    Hi, Is it possible to add a feature to buy by % of my total funds? Exemple: BTC balance 0.1 Asset value: 0.00001 In the order i want to be able to choose 25% 50% 75% and 100% so it calculate for me the number of asset i can buy. 25%: 250 @ 0.00001 ... 100% 1000 @ 0.00001 I don't know if this option is already in medved, didn't find it.. I have to calculate all manually and it's wasting time when the market is fluctuating rapidly. This option is already in binance app but i prefer to trade with medved. Thank you, Have a great day