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    Alerts on Indicators

    Thank you!
  2. WhaleBro

    Alerts on Indicators

    I would like to put in a request to have alerts as an option on indicators. I am not a coder / scripter and I think this feature would be easy to implement in the lines of something similar to a trend line. I am specifically making this request for bollinger bands as many people use them. It could extend to other indicators as well. For BB you could have an option for when the price closes on the windowed time frame an alert would go off. Thanks
  3. You are correct. You can "modify" the trade via the trade sheet which cancels and submits a new order but not the case for the pill visually. I am using Binance exclusively at the moment so that is my only experience here. I would be happy to send over a report today if you'd like now that Binance has re-opened.
  4. I also have a problem with the capsules not updating that an order is closed out. If an order is filled the pill stays green, there is no "Close" option though you can see I've had a trade filled via the trade sheet. Also, when you move a capsule to update an order, it just puts a new order in and leaves the old order outstanding. Same with the sells. Not a major issue as I have a work around but I would love this to work so that I can update trades on the fly. This is a great program!