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  1. T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    is it really impossible to do ? isnt it possible to get the bid and ask from first level in level 2 ? how did ninjatrader managed to do it?
  2. back fill source by symbol

  3. back fill source by symbol

    hi if i choose a symbol btc.usdt:poloniex for example it tries to backfill with the default source which in my case is binance and i need to click manualy on backfill using... and then select poloniex it would be great if the backfill source would change with the symbol thanks
  4. Poloniex trading

    good thanks
  5. Poloniex trading

    Hi is it possible to add poloniex trading ?
  6. T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    this is from ninjatrader: i guess it is possible if they did it
  7. T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    i see thanks for the reply maybe add another option to color green if it was higher then the one before and red if its lower than one before
  8. T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    hi in the RAW Data/T&S the color is always the same.. no different colors for bid price and sell price..