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  1. earnings minis

    on minimize i get a few earnings icons/windows showing up behind some charts as per the jpg
  2. aleert log

    Is it possible to make it work like the alert edit window itself as it is a small window , or add it as a tab to the alerts window would be very helpful.
  3. aleert log

    very hard to find alert log when the screen is full of charts
  4. aleert log

    from dash board select alert log, shows up but behind all charts., then dashboard closes
  5. Options form

    on form click 1 next to strike heading. get minimized list of exp dates in heading click save as default does not save setting reverts to maximized list of options
  6. volume columns

    option to have volume columns displayed in xx.xM millions and xx.xk thousands to reduce size of volume column
  7. data format

    To be able to set decimals just in the raw data yet keep the general setting for portfolios. i.e 2 decimals for portfolios and three or 4 for raw data
  8. pivot price

    On charts it is sometime hard to see price of pivot as text gets mangled add price on header when mouse over if possible
  9. strike thru's on raw data

    ok turned it off thanks
  10. strike thru's on raw data

    They are not spike tho' Jerry they are trades at the bid or ask.
  11. strike thru's on raw data

    Any idea what strike thrus on bid,ask,last and volume on the raw data list. I assume they are cancelled trades, wash trades.
  12. historical data clear for one symbol

    Thats why i always read that as 10 sh to : 1sh in the split form not 1 sh for : 10 sh that worked
  13. historical data clear for one symbol

    ok thx cleared split didnt seem to work ARNA split 10:1 june 16th
  14. Is it possible to clear data for one symbol ARNA had a 10:1 split after the 16th but the data doesnt seem to adjust correctly
  15. copy an paste

    Ok great