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  1. alert log

    Or use short the date format i guess we can clear data and just see todays alerts. with multiple days the width of the date/time column is too wide
  2. alert log

    split date/time into 2 separate columns and stop new alerts adjusting width of columns
  3. set stick pin to a color. close form open form, pin setting deleted
  4. Add google finance options data feed for options form
  5. corrupted data message

    The ok button does work fine if there is someone there to click it. Sometimes I am away and can't get to vnc my pc.I have algos that run using the api and need Mt to be up and running. A time out on the message would be fine so Mt boots up completely. Thanks
  6. corrupted data message

    no rush
  7. corrupted data message

    when MT is not shut down correctly the data gets corrupted On the next boot there is a message to the fact with an OK button Could you add a timeout on the OK so that MT will boot up Or add an argument in the boot string to ignore data corruption messages
  8. earnings minis

  9. earnings minis

    on minimize i get a few earnings icons/windows showing up behind some charts as per the jpg
  10. aleert log

    Is it possible to make it work like the alert edit window itself as it is a small window , or add it as a tab to the alerts window would be very helpful.
  11. aleert log

    very hard to find alert log when the screen is full of charts
  12. aleert log

    from dash board select alert log, shows up but behind all charts., then dashboard closes
  13. Options form

    on form click 1 next to strike heading. get minimized list of exp dates in heading click save as default does not save setting reverts to maximized list of options