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  1. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    They do specify that but they are not sending best bid/ask together with the trade quote. Note: the best bid/ask that is sent together with the quote is (at least for all sources we use that do that) the best bid/ask *after* the trade is executed, not before. So even though they send whether it was bought by maker or taker, that does not provide enough information to deduce what the best bid/ask is at that moment (which is what the raw data in MT is supposed to be recording)...
  2. Mike Medved

    automatic trend lines

    Email me the algorithm for finding the "major fractal turning points" I will take a look.
  3. There is a "New Chart" button on the chart window's ribbon menu. Using it, open another chart and then change its parameters.
  4. Mike Medved

    pins increase

    It is hard to find that many distinctive colors.
  5. Mike Medved

    Trendline Alert on Indicator

    You can (kinda) do this yourself. All you have to do is do a paintbar or scan that would look at the indicator and compare it to the trendline formula. The trendline formula is Y=X*A+B where Y = Y value of the trendline X = X value - basically the timestamp A = slope B = offset if X1, Y1 and X2, Y2 are the anchor points of the trendline then you precalculate the slope and offset thus: A = (Y2-Y1)/(X2-X1) B = Y1-X1*A Of course, X1 and X2 are also timestamps of the anchor points.
  6. Mike Medved

    Trend line value missing

    Will be fixed in next beta.
  7. Mike Medved

    Pre market horizontal lines

    Will be in next beta release.
  8. Mike Medved

    Scan result Format

    You can set the scan result to a number or to a string. So you can format a number into a string any way you like, for example adding the % to it, then set scan result to it.
  9. Mike Medved

    VWAP on Heiken Ashi charts

    Interesting. I ran it on a few charts and could not get it to happen. If this happens on backfilled charts, tell me what the backfill source is, what symbols and what frequencies... If it happens on collected data, you'd have to send us the data file. To do that, email our support email and we will get it thru.
  10. Mike Medved

    VWAP on Heiken Ashi charts

    When you say VWAP value line, do you mean the VWAP indicator or the VWAP horizontal line?
  11. Mike Medved


    Yes, but you would have to do it with the Advanced paintbars/scans. Create a FIFOQueue of length x, add the current bar's range to it, and take the Average of it. See this thread for an example of how FIFOQueue is used:
  12. Mike Medved

    Lots of bugs in PNF

    Rob, as I already mentioned, when we see bugs, we fix them. When someone reports a bug and we can see what he means, we fix them. We definitely appreciate bug reports and have stated that numerous times. Saying "P&F is screwed up" is not enough. Tell me, specifically, how it is screwed up. Preferably in a language I understand and with snapshots. I definitely don't need your proprietary trading secrets. But give me a snapshot of a P&F chart (remove all your proprietary trading stuff from it) and tell me what you see in it that is wrong.
  13. Mike Medved

    Lots of bugs in PNF

    Rob, just like we did with QT, we try to fix the errors that are reported. We are the same exact people that did QT, and MT uses much better and more modern programming techniques than QT did, because software development tools and techniques definitely improved in the last decade and a half. To your concerns - it is a bit overwhelming when you just list all the bugs together. In general: * Is all your writing referring to P&F charts only? * Some of what you write (" AAPL did not drop to $173.8 during the "day" session of 3/6/18") I cannot see on my chart. It would help if you posted your chart snapshot or emailed it to us so we could compare what you see with what we see. * One example: you write that AAPL did not open at 174.9 on 3/7/2018. No, it didn't. It opened at 174.94. Which you would see on a candle chart. But on a P&F chart with a box size of 0.1, it would show the open of 174.9. That is the nature of P&F charting and how it should be. * "Days" refers to the time period from rollover to rollover, or, in AAPL case, from midnight to midnight EST, if you choose the right timeframe for the chart. On MT charts, you see a double solid vertical line that separates days on intraday charts. * If you can, please email our support email with each bug, and, if possible, illustrate it with snapshots. Thanks Mike
  14. Candles that close higher than open are green in MT and that close lower than open are red. In your example, they are green or red, hollow or solid. So if the color in MT is replaced by being solid or hollow, what does the color of the candle in your pic signify?
  15. Mike Medved


    There is a table of defined variables up above the code in the Advanced editor. You have to define the Volume_EMA there. If it isn't defined, you'd get the error you're showing.