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  1. Automated Trading

    We never put in functions for trading because we're not sure about liability issues and it is a big project. I will talk with Jerry again about it.
  2. RSI

    I bet this is the same problem as with your previous mentions of Bollinger Bands and SMA. Basically, it is a question of what is a more representative method - ignoring no-volume gaps as if they don't exist or treating them as no-volume candles where O=H=L=C=previous candle's Close...
  3. Bollinger bands

    The hump is there not because of SMA but, I presume, because the StDev jumped. SMA in MT, as I pointed out above, takes no-volume gaps to have the same value as the previous candle for the purpose of calculating the period's average. So if you have (with - being the no-volume candle) 10 10 12 - - 10 12 - the SMA(5) would be (12+10+12+12+12)/5 = 11.6 while if the -s were skipped, it would be (12+10+12+10+10)/5 = 10.8 I think not skipping the empties presents a more representative picture of the average for the time period.
  4. Bollinger bands

    Hm - the historical charts have days with no volume?
  5. Bollinger bands

    MT was basically counting 0 vol periods as candles at the close of previous with-volume candles, for the purpose of calculating the standard deviation (as well as for the purpose of calculating the central MA). The central-MA calculation is fine for that. But apparently your other sources do not do that for the StDev calculation. I guess that's another way to look at it although I can see merit in our method as well. I changed it in the calc. Email jerry to get the new ver that has that.
  6. Delete key to remove symbols

    We deliberately used shift-del instead of just del. Del is too easy to hit accidentally.
  7. Shrink the dots on PSAR

    Current formula for the size of the box is half the candle width or 9, whichever is smaller, with a min of 2. Any thickness you specify would add to that. I could add -1 - would that do it? You could also try to make the color of the dots dimmer so they do not stand out as much...
  8. Order Book Support

    ? There is support in Medved Trader for Binance order books in two formats: 1. L2 Window 2. Depth Chart window
  9. Create Scanners

    Most exchanges are (mildly put) technically inept. Badly designed APIs, constant glitches, etc. We integrated the two most reliable ones. Will see about others as they improve.
  10. Depth Charts are in the new beta

    Note that even though Depth Charts were pioneered by the crypto exchanges, they are available for any L2 feed. They are not as detailed or extensive on stocks L2 feeds because those only have a limited number of entries on either side... But take a look.
  11. Adding a depth chart.

    Depth chart is in the beta.
  12. Create Scanners

    If your EMA variable is called EMA13, then checking for a 3-candle local minimum would be: if (EMA13[1]<EMA13[2] && EMA13[1]<EMA13)
  13. Nice one there. In general, I find that candlestick patterns are not well defined in the literature, and some are definitely of the "you'll recognize it when you see it" variety with very vague terms.
  14. Create Scanners

    In a simple rule, just compare EMA(13) one candle ago to EMA(13) on current candle. If the one candle ago is less than current, it is moving up. If you want to check a local minimum, you can check if the value 2 candles ago was higher than 1 candle ago, and the value 1 candle ago is lower than current.