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  1. Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in next beta.
  2. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    GDAX and Binance for now. Others will be added if their API permits. Working on making a Depth Chart (we like to call it Canyon Chart) in MT. Here's a sneak preview.
  3. Our subreddit

    Problem with Discord (if I understand what Discord is) is that it is a live chat. We really don't have time to sit in the live chat, unfortunately. Someone has to program all these nifty new features.
  4. Timeframes issue

    ... and market holidays for it.
  5. Our subreddit

    I started a Medved Trade subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MedvedTrader/ Feel free to post. And subscribe
  6. Mix timeframe in formula

    I will have to think about how to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Mix timeframe in formula

    No, not possible as it stands today. Basically it has a set of data it is working on (like a chart) and what you suggest would require two (or more) sets.
  8. Momentum scanner

    I thought it was not streaming (updated every second is "snapshot" not streaming) because you mentioned before you were using Yahoo.
  9. How to see more of my chart

    https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/charts_axes.htm at the bottom, the Vertical Axis section. Easiest way - click and drag on the vertical axis to adjust. Right-click and choose "Dynamic" to return to normal. To add space on the right - click and drag on the horizontal axis.
  10. Momentum scanner

    That's good - but the source is not streaming MT only recalculates the scans when new data comes in. If new data comes in 10 times a second, that will eat up CPU. Of course, there are only a few stocks that are that liquid, so...
  11. Momentum scanner

    Here's the big problem with that idea: the stock data is shared among all windows in MT. That is why it is problematic to have two sources get data for the same symbol - it clashes. In the case you describe, the big port, after it creates the little port, will continue running the scans on the stocks in the little port if the little port is connected to a real time source, and any data that will come in big port will conflict with the data on the same symbol collected by the little port. But - what we *could* do is allow a button to create a portfolio or a watchlist from the results of a scan on another portfolio - manually. Then you could conceivably open a big portfolio/scan, run that preliminary scan on it, generate another portfolio from it, turn off/close the big portfolio and place whatever scan you want on the newly generated one.
  12. Momentum scanner

    merlin: that's a fairly intense scan - and you're running it on a lot of symbols. Can you tell me what your CPU and memory consumption is when you're running this (and with what feed?)
  13. Swing volume

    Actually, merlin, that indicator doesn't work right (yet, I guess) in MT. It is problematic because the zigzag indicator is backwards-changing. That is, if the current candle changes, the indicator may change to be different completely starting many candles back. So the weiss wave will change accordingly - not just on the last candle but on the last N candles where N can be big. Frankly, not only is it problematic to calculate (because MT really tries to calculate all indicators as state-machines), but it detracts quite a bit from its usefullness, if the indicator's overall shape may suddenly change not just for the current candle, but for the last N candles.
  14. Momentum scanner

    itsmadvil: note that the variables used in the code FIRST have to be defined in the top table for the advanced code. How to define these was explained in the comments in the code above: // Var Name: "BollingerBands_Top" contains Bollinger Bands(20,2).Top // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Top" contains Price Channels(20).Top // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Bottom" contains Price Channels(20).Bottom // Var Name: "BollingerBands_Bottom" contains Bollinger Bands(20,2).Bottom // Var Name: "VWAP_Line" contains VWAP (Intraday)().Line // Var Name: "PriceChannels_Center" contains Price Channels(20).Center // Var Name: "FibonacciPivots_Res1" contains Fibonacci Pivots (Intraday)(def).Res1 // Var Name: "RSI_Line" contains RSI(20,2).Line // Var Name: "CCI_Line" contains CCI(14).Line

    TD Ameritrade datafeed does not support Crypto Currency quotes. You would need to select a source that does. Assuming that you are tracking regular stocks at the same time, create a separate portfolio for just crypto currencies. Add #BTC.USD and any other crypt currencies you want to it. . Open it in a separate portfolio window (OPEN PORTFOLIO tile on the dashboard). Set that portfolio's quote source to be one of the crypto currency sites. All are free and do not require login. For example, you can use GDAX