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  1. Mike Medved

    Bid/Ask Size

    Will do.
  2. Mike Medved

    Bid/Ask Size

    I never exposed that data to the scripts, mostly because not all data sources supply it and when/if they do, it is often not that accurate...
  3. Mike Medved

    RSI seems off

    Try removing "Wilder's Smoothing" in parameters.
  4. Mike Medved

    Demark Sequential

    Yes, I just checked and it works as it should.
  5. Mike Medved

    Demark Sequential

    I will take a look. Thought it was already possible to do it.
  6. Mike Medved

    single regression channel

    You're right. Was a bug. Thanks for the report. Fixed, will be in next beta.
  7. Mike Medved

    single regression channel

    Can you post a screenshot here (or email us)? When I do Single Reg Channel, it gets cut off on the right as it should.
  8. Mike Medved

    Elder Force

    Can you put a snapshot here showing the problem with the price charts?
  9. Mike Medved

    Elder Force

    I looked at Elder Force Index on a few charts and it looks fine. Looked at the code and we didn't change anything for quite a while. How is it broken?
  10. Mike Medved

    Cross on multiple indicators

    Here's a way to do it. Let's say you want to detect it if within 5 candles at least 2 of 3 crosses happened. You define a FIFOQueue of 15 (5 candles times 3 crosses) capacity. (see https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/state_keeping.htm - at the bottom of that page - for how to use FIFOQueue in an advanced paintbar or scan) Then what you do is for each cross you add 1 to the queue if it happened and 0 if it didnt. The FIFOQueue's Sum property will tell you the result. If it is more than 2, you trigger. If it is less, you don't.
  11. Mike Medved

    Fibonnaci Lock Option

    If you press Alt key, it prevents the mouse click from selecting an existing drawing, and always draws a new one. Note: Alt also makes it add an arrow to the drawn line, so release it after you started drawing if you don't want the arrow.
  12. Debugging paintbars is something we're looking at.
  13. Mike Medved

    Scan Optimization

    Interesting question. Will look into it.
  14. If there is only one element in the queue (that is, if you added to it only once), the First and Last would be same. Otherwise (and if the values you're adding are not all the same) they shouldn't be. Please export the paintbar and send the file to support@medvedtrader.com. Will look at it.
  15. Mike Medved

    Trade Ticket

    One thing about trading tickets for "stocks you watch" - you could link the trade ticket via the pin icon to a portfolio you're watching, this way you click on a symbol in the portfolio and the symbol in the trade ticket will change.