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  1. Mike Medved

    Fibonnaci Lock Option

    If you press Alt key, it prevents the mouse click from selecting an existing drawing, and always draws a new one. Note: Alt also makes it add an arrow to the drawn line, so release it after you started drawing if you don't want the arrow.
  2. Debugging paintbars is something we're looking at.
  3. Mike Medved

    Scan Optimization

    Interesting question. Will look into it.
  4. If there is only one element in the queue (that is, if you added to it only once), the First and Last would be same. Otherwise (and if the values you're adding are not all the same) they shouldn't be. Please export the paintbar and send the file to support@medvedtrader.com. Will look at it.
  5. Mike Medved

    Trade Ticket

    One thing about trading tickets for "stocks you watch" - you could link the trade ticket via the pin icon to a portfolio you're watching, this way you click on a symbol in the portfolio and the symbol in the trade ticket will change.
  6. As for using FIFOQueue - 1. In order to use it, you have to declare it, initialize it in PaintbarClearState, and handle the saving/restoring it in the PaintbarSaveState/PaintbarRestoreState An example of that is here - https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/state_keeping.htm look at the second example. 2. In the example above, a new value is added to the FIFOQueue at every candle. You can do that only for the first candle of the day. That way you can keep the last 20 days' values in the queue. I am also not sure what is the point of doing vwap[1], vwap[2], vwap[3] in your code. You could just save the previous candle's vwap in the PaintbarState, and just use that.
  7. There is a better way to determine if the current candle is the first one of the session. Your method fails if the first candle's timestamp does not fall exactly on start of session. 1. Define DateTime SessionStart in PaintbarState. 2. In code: if (CurrentState.SessionStart != session.SessionStart) // this is the first candle of session { CurrentState.SessionStart = session.SessionStart; .... }
  8. Mike Medved

    Coppock Curve

    Ok, I love this: " Coppock used 11 and 14 periods because, according to an Episcopal priest, this was the average mourning period when grieving the loss of a loved one. Coppock theorized that the recovery period for stock market losses would be similar to this timeframe." Will add.
  9. Mike Medved

    Add more Crypto tags to your website

    We're doing Huobi next.
  10. Mike Medved

    email alerts

    It's high up on our todo list.
  11. Mike Medved

    email alerts

    It's on our todo list and we will work on this soon. Main problem is that most people do not have a good SMTP server to send email through, or don't know how to set one up, and renting one for this purpose is a bit expensive for us for the volume of emails that is possible. We're resolving this issue. May limit the # of emails sent from a non-subscribed account, for example.
  12. Mike Medved

    Tastyworks support?

    I wouldn't be so sure about Q4. They have been promising and postponing for a while.
  13. Mike Medved

    Heiken Ashi Red to Green Scan Help

    you have to have an } at the end to close the MainCalculation function. Another thing - any SetScanResult overrides the previous one. So you either list them in the descending order of importance or in ascending order of importance, but then add a "return;" right after each. And don't promise this is the last question Questions are good, especially on forums where other people may be helped by the discussion.
  14. Mike Medved

    Heiken Ashi Red to Green Scan Help

    To combine, you would have to switch to advanced mode. if (Close[5]<Open[5] && Close[4]<Open[4] && Close[3]<Open[3] && Close[2]<Open[2] && Close[1]<Open[1] && Close>Open) { SetScanResult("Green after 4 reds"); } else if (Close[5]>Open[5] && Close[4]>Open[4] && Close[3]>Open[3] && Close[2]>Open[2] && Close[1]>Open[1] && Close<Open) { SetScanResult("Red after 4 greens"); }
  15. Mike Medved

    Trying to access Time of bar

    As I said, the Timestamp is a UTC time. Which means that with daylight savings time, it floats, sometimes one hour up, sometimes one hour down. The easiest thing is to compare it to the session parameters as I showed. You can compare to absolute, would have to be something like if (Timestamp.TimeOfDay > new TimeSpan(9-5, 0, 0)) // since 5 hours is the current difference between UTC and CST. Adjust it as you like for other time zones ; // do something
  16. Mike Medved

    Trying to access Time of bar

    It would have to be done in Advanced mode. The variable is Timestamp, and it is a UTC DateTime of the beginning of the current candle. There are also session variables that are also DateTime. You do a GetTradingSessionInfo call, which would return a TradingSessionInfo structure. So - this is how you would check if you're half an hour or more into current session: var SessionInfo = GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp); if (Timestamp>SessionInfo.SessionStart.AddMinutes(30) && Timestamp<SessionInfo.SessionEnd) { // do something }
  17. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    Ok, this functionality will be in next beta.
  18. Mike Medved

    Delta Divergence Scan

    I looked at our code and we screwed up on Delta Divergence. Currently it is not returning values in paintbars. I fixed it. Starting in next beta, it will return 1 for buy signal, -1 for sell signal and 0 for no signal. Email us mentioning this post and Jerry will make an install for you that will have this fix.
  19. Mike Medved

    Heiken Ashi Red to Green Scan Help

    Ok well, that can definitely be done, even using a simple scan editor. This is for 5 red candles followed by a green one (don't forget to set the HA checkbox if you want this done on HA candles)
  20. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    Yes, the coloring is by the bid/ask at the time of the trade, not by the bid/ask after the trade - that is what I said. But - when you use something like TD Ameritrade feed, the bid/ask/last row that you see in the Raw data is: last = trade price bid/ask - the bid and ask AFTER the trade so the color of the price is by the bid/ask of the preceding row. Because that bid/ask is what was there at the time of the trade. I will think about how to do this for binance. It may take some kludging to make it fit into the current way the quotes are stored.
  21. Mike Medved

    Heiken Ashi Red to Green Scan Help

    I am not sure what you mean by "Heiken Ashi is not available in basic scanner options"... If you check that box in the scanner options, then the values for the candles that the scan receives will be for HA candles. If you don't, those values will be for regular candles. Do you mean you want to mix HA with regular candles? See past candles as HA but the current one as regular? If so - no, that cannot be done. I mean, maybe it could be done if you write the code in the scanner (advanced scanner) to build the last candle yourself...
  22. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    To expand on it a bit more - I think the confusion here is because MT can color the prices based on comparing the trade price to the preceding bid and ask in the raw data window. That's how all the other feeds do it. When you get a trade you don't know if it was a buy or a sell. You just get a trade price and the new bid/ask. Binance does the feed differently (and AFAIR it is the only one) - it tells you that it is a buy or a sell. Which is fine, but MT is geared to the way everyone is doing it and not to this particular way of doing things. The screenshot from ninja - note that they do not show you the bid/ask for every trade. They show you the current best bid/ask. That can be deduced from the Level II (book) feed, but then you have to run that feed for every symbol, which would be hugely demanding both on bandwidth and on CPU.
  23. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    Ok, let me expand on it - what other feeds send you is: 1. Trade price 2. Best bid *AFTER* the trade was executed 3. Best ask *AFTER* the trade was executed also, if the best bid/best ask change without a trade being executed (by someone canceling their book order, for example), that is also sent. Knowing what the best bid or ask (note - not both, but just one or the other) is right before the trade was executed is not sufficient information and cannot be presented in the raw data window. Yes - let's say a trade is sent at X, as a buy. Which means that X was the best ask at the time right before the trade. But - what is the best bid *and* the best ask right after the trade? We don't know. Maybe the trade took out the best ask completely and now there is a new best ask and an unknown best bid. What can I display to the user? Our "raw data" window shows more information than just the trade price and trade volume, red or green. It shows the best bids/asks, which binance does not send.
  24. Mike Medved

    T&S binance - bid/ask colors

    They do specify that but they are not sending best bid/ask together with the trade quote. Note: the best bid/ask that is sent together with the quote is (at least for all sources we use that do that) the best bid/ask *after* the trade is executed, not before. So even though they send whether it was bought by maker or taker, that does not provide enough information to deduce what the best bid/ask is at that moment (which is what the raw data in MT is supposed to be recording)...
  25. Mike Medved

    automatic trend lines

    Email me the algorithm for finding the "major fractal turning points" I will take a look.