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  1. Webroot

    Webroot tells us they whitelisted MT and everything should be ok now.
  2. Midpoint of Candlestick

    I will look at adding it as an indicator.
  3. Switch Statement

    C# is not C++ (though some of the syntax is similar) First, saying "top 25% of a candle" is ambiguous. Is the range of the candle High-Low or the absolute value of (Open-Close)? But if you take it as High-Low then: "Candle closes in the top 25% on a green candle condition" would be (Close >= High - (High-Low)*.25) && (Open<Close) the inverse of course would be (Close<=Low+(High-Low)*.25) && (Open>Close) also note that the scan runs on the last candle, which may NOT have completed yet. If you want to run it on completed full candle, you should run it on the previous candle to the last one. Which means all values should have [1] index. Like this: (Close[1] >= High[1] - (High[1]-Low[1])*.25) && (Open[1]<Close[1]) How exactly are you entering it (I presume as an Advanced scan) that it doesn't work?
  4. Switch Statement

    The paintbars (well, Advanced paintbars) are C# code. So any syntax that C# allows can be used. Don't know what you mean by "plot" - we have the function SetYValue (it is documented in Help) with an example here: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/advanced___enhancing_an_indica.htm?zoom_highlightsub=SetYValue
  5. Momentum scanner

    Glad to hear. We really worked to make this as efficient in terms of both CPU and memory as possible.
  6. Momentum scanner

    You're scanning 1000 stocks. How's the speed?
  7. Add column

    Will do.
  8. Horizontal line indicator on historical charts

    Fixed it. Also added "quarterly" period to Historical Horizontal Line. Will be in next beta.
  9. is possible to...

    Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into it.
  10. Screenshot function

    Alt-PrtScrn works (and, unless you turn that feature off, "prettifies" the screenshot of the chart somewhat). Of course, you need to paste it somewhere afterwards. I will talk to Jerry about maybe saving the auto-named PNG somewhere as well.
  11. Transfer MT to a new computer?

    You can rename that to anything you want. There should be a "rename" option in right click menu. Or "Properties" and then you can name it in there.
  12. Transfer MT to a new computer?

    1. Do a fresh download and install on a new computer. 2. In the Dashboard, on the old computer, use the File - Export/Backup option to create an export file. Can include data if you want. 3. Copy that file on a flash drive 4. Run the new computer's install. Log in with same login as on old computer. Put the flash drive into the new computer. Do File - Import/Restore and point it to the flash drive's file.
  13. These are on youtube. Critiques are welcome. Part 1: ... and Part 2 Part 3 is coming explaining Advanced scanning.
  14. Releases of new Tutorials - will post them here.

    Added a new Paintbar Tutorial video - Part 1. If you watched the Scanning tutorial, you will notice it is similar. That's because paintbar and scans are closely related
  15. raw data window symbol switching

    The "raw data" window is passive. It shows what the system has for the stock. It doesn't by itself request data for the stock. The only windows that request data for stocks are portfolio windows, or chart windows if they are set to "Active Subscription" in settings.
  16. Copied line snaps to candle changing the line angle

    Fixed - will be in next beta. The bug was quite insidious and deeply buried. Thanks for pointing it out and providing a way to repeat it.
  17. Copied line snaps to candle changing the line angle

    Hm, I really tried to get this error and couldn't. Next time you get it, please send us your settings (no need for LOG file, just the settings) - including annotations, and indicate which line I should try to copy to get the error. Thanks
  18. Highlight Column

    What color would the column be? Same as highlighted row?
  19. Keyboard shortcuts

    Will add that. Will be in starting in next beta.
  20. Default syncing of charts

    The Set as Default option on the Templates tab of the chart's ribbon menu will make the current chart's settings the default ones for any charts that are opened in the future that have not been opened yet (which means their settings were not saved yet) The Set as Default for All option make the current chart's settings the default ones for all charts that are opened in the future, overriding any current settings saved for those charts.
  21. Freezing/lost information

    Sure - on Dashboard (or Portfolio) click the File menu, go to Help submenu (click the Arrow next to Help) - there is the Export/Backup option there.
  22. Freezing/lost information

    You can restore to the last backup (MT makes a backup whenever it starts). To do that, just start MT, go to FILE / IMPORT… Select BACKUP folder, and then select the most recent backup before the problem started.
  23. SSR Horizontal Line

    Will be an option in "Horizontal Line" parameters in next beta.
  24. Releases of new Tutorials - will post them here.

    Part 3:
  25. Reverse split shares outstanding not udpated

    TD Ameritrade does not send "Shares Outstanding" data in its API feed - which is where we get data from for TDA. You must have gotten it from somewhere else, like Yahoo, and it "stuck". Switch your source to Yahoo, refresh, and see if it is corrected.