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  1. bilmil

    charts not showing events

    I agree with rocarr. I sure do miss the earnings dates on the historical charts ♫ ♫
  2. bilmil

    Cash accounts with Tradier Brokerage experience

    Have used Tradier with MT for over a yr. Had streaming issues at the beginning but no problems now. Always got excellent support when I called them.
  3. bilmil

    earnings not showing

    I have same issue on selected stocks also.
  4. bilmil

    Alarm DST change

    Live on east coast.Have alert set for 9:30am market open. Alert setting has been changed to 10:30 am MT time at bottom rt is correct Time in settings is checked at Eastern time Do I just manually change the time alert back to 9:30 or is there a setting I am missing ? Thanks in advance
  5. bilmil

    more space on chart on top (x?)

    found it Thanks
  6. bilmil

    more space on chart on top (x?)

    this needs to go in the "senior" question area (smile) a historical AAPL chart has all the data mostly at the top of the chart,so the earnings event data box does not show,nor do arrow signals. They are above the chart. In kindergarden terms how do I get these to show. Adjust to scale didn't work. Thanks ♫
  7. bilmil

    Stop/Limit Pending Market Order Indicators

    yea , chart trading ♫
  8. bilmil

    notes column

    how do I type a comment word or number in the "note" column I have added in my portfollio.
  9. bilmil

    NEW DASHBOARD User Interface

    Love the new dashboard Thank You ♫♫
  10. bilmil

    Request for Beta

    Jerry Registered QT user since 8-18-2004. Still have 1 computer that QT and OptX work on Requesting beta Thanks in advance bilmil