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  1. Order on chart bug

    Hi, When I hover over an order on the chart the chart scale automatically changes. See attached video... It won't allow me to attach a video?? Thanks
  2. Volume Indicator

    Hi, Could you make the volume indicator max width configurable as it was in QT? Thanks
  3. Range

    Hi, Is there a way to compare the current bars range to the average range of the last x amount of bars? Thanks
  4. Hi, After the update 1.1.7495.2300 (2018-02-21) "Color Sets" are no longer there. See attached... Thanks, Tom
  5. Volume_EMA

  6. Volume_EMA

    Hi, I'm getting an error when using Volume_EMA in the code below, any ideas on how I should modify it? CS0103 The name 'Volume_EMA' does not exist in the current context Thanks, Tommy test.txt
  7. Stock alert tracking for watchlists not open

    This would be very useful. In QT you had an option for updating quotes for all portfolios. Thanks
  8. Keyboard Shcuts...

    This would be a nice feature
  9. Trendline Alerts

    Hi, It seems trendline alerts aren't triggering correctly. It looks like they are being triggered out on the extension of the line instead of where the current bar intersects the line. In the attached screenshot I was alerted but price never hit the line although you can see the extension did. Thanks
  10. Trendline Alerts

    That's the problem I am running into, price doesn't touch the line but alerts are being triggered. I have it set to alert on "Last"
  11. Portfolio drop down box on the "Quick Access Toolbar"

    Thanks, it works below the ribbon.
  12. Hi I added the Portfolio drop down box to the "Quick Access Toolbar". I like to keep the portfolio window so there are only 3 columns showing, so the entire window is narrow. When I do that the Portfolio drop down box hides itself. Would it be possible to change the minimum length to something shorter so it still displays when the window is narrowed? I attached some screen shots. Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi, When you put the horizontal line indicator (Prev. Period High or Low) on a historical chart and check "Show Current Value" the values do not show. Thanks
  14. Missing Chart Data

    Hi, It seems MT is not displaying all of the data on the chart, there are gaps of time that are blank. I attached a chart of MT and Ninja both using TDAmeritrade data. Thanks
  15. Missing Chart Data

    It looks like ninja filled in the spaces where there was no data?
  16. Portfolio Window Colors

    Hi, When using the "Sunny" color scheme in the portfolio window. If a row has an alert in it and then you click on that row you can't read the text because the text is white and the row is yellow. See attached. Thanks
  17. Decimal Places

    Hi, Is there a way to only display 2 decimal places for all quotes and charts? Right now it's displaying 4. Thanks
  18. Decimal Places

    Hi, are there any updates to show the unrealized P&L on the chart and in account view (instead of the daily P&L) Thanks
  19. Max OHLC Width

    Hello, When "Max OHLC Width" is set to 2 and "Max Candle Width" is set to anything below 6, OHLC bars never get any thicker (they stay on max width of 1). Thanks
  20. Max OHLC Width

    It seems like the update made it worse...
  21. Max OHLC Width

    Hi, I was just checking back in with the platform to see if the issues from above were ever addressed. It looks like the same issues still persist. I also just noticed that the open and close ticks are not the same length, the open tick is longer than the close tick (see attached). Would it be possible to shorten the open tick to make them even? Thanks
  22. Max OHLC Width

    Is the update available? Thanks
  23. Max OHLC Width

    I keep the max candle width to 4 so the open and close hashes are short but the change you just did caused them to get longer. Now 4 is longer then 6...
  24. Max OHLC Width

    Thanks, Something isn't right, when I set the max candle width to 4 the open and close hashes get longer, if I set it to 6 then they get shorter
  25. Decimal Places