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  1. intraday portfolio value

    How can I chart intraday portfolio value?
  2. compare symbol

  3. compare symbol

    It would be helpful if in charts showing a compare symbol value shown is current value instead of yesterdays' close Thanks JS
  4. Anchor disappears

    Personally I'd like it better if the default would be "move to left edge" rather than "disappear" Alternately , Whats the quickest way to restore the anchor once it's lost ? Thanks JS
  5. Anchor disappears

    Do I understand correctly ? If during the day I set the anchor at a time convenient to me ,it may disappear the next day? Do I need reset it to the left edge before I exit.?
  6. Anchor disappears

    I don't understand the question. (I'll be away from my dek the nexr few hours)
  7. Anchor disappears

    In intraday charts with compare symbol.Anchor disappears when market opens at 9:30.
  8. Total return

    http://stockcharts.com/articles/mailbag/2014/01/how-can-i-plot-dividend-adjusted-data-and-unadjusted-data.html http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/perf.php?SPFF,PFF,PGX,PGF
  9. Total return

    Is there a way to get total return historical charts ?
  10. historical charts

    Sorry,forgot how to export log. Please refresh my memory' Thanks JS
  11. historical charts

    Did that .Ok on some,but not all charts use available space. Will send log
  12. historical charts

    How do I (did I ) set the default ? Where do I find what default was set for Y axis/ Thanks JS
  13. historical charts

    Historical charts don't always automatically start with dynamic Y axes( which is where they are set). Only sometimes. Sometimes start with useless scale>
  14. market holidays

    us equity markets
  15. market holidays

    All intraday charts. 2 day, 5 day, 31 days