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  1. richk

    Freq based linked windows

    OK. I understand.
  2. richk

    Freq based linked windows

    Is it possible to implement a feature to have linked windows based on frequency like 5min, 10min period/candle. So when I change freq on one linked chart (example from 10min to 5min) then also all Freq linked charts will change to the same frequency.
  3. HI, is it possible to add this function to MT? I draw a trendline on a weekly chart. Using a right-click I can select Copy and then on a daily chart I can use Paste and a trendline is pasted into daily chart in correct position (the same position as is on weekly chart). It should work when global chart setting "Trendlines Unique per chart" is selected Thank you in advance. Richard
  4. richk

    Esignal data integration

    Just another feature request. Integrate Esignal as a source for intraday and historical data. Thank you in advance. Richard
  5. There is Backfill All / All Using option in watchlist/portfolio but it backfills only intraday charts. Is it possible to add also option to arrange historical backfill of all symbols (also "Using" another than default source) in portfolio or watchlist? Thanx, Richard
  6. richk

    Request for Beta

    I loved QT. I would like to return to Medved products again. May I use the beta pls?